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Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM) Hardware Solution

Provide healthcare hardware solution to make smart healthcaresolutions easier

Introduction of RPM Hardware Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) strengthens a patient’s support system to keep them in optimal health. It provides an engagement and empowerment tool that optimizes community patient care. As a comprehensive solution, RPM provides a communication platform for patients and care teams to collaborate. It enables the ability to take preventive action, to reduce Emergency Department (ED) visits, hospitalizations, and the average hospital length of stay, reducing the cost to the healthcare system. The RPM solution enables care providers to tailor a personalized monitoring plan for individual patients by offering the most complete set of tools and data connections to power effective virtual care across multiple settings.

RPM uses the most advanced Internet of Things technology to realize the interaction between patients and medical staff, medical institutions, and medical equipment, and gradually achieve informatization, especially the management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

The device connects to the customer’s health platform through the gateway, which can monitor the patient’s health data in real-time and analyze it in real-time.

The Value of RPM Hardware Solutions

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Prevention and detection

Realize online diagnosis, follow the medication process, effectively record and analyze changes in the condition, perform chronic disease detection.

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Real time monitoring

Based on the IoT technology and smart equipment products, it collects and monitors human body characteristics and home environment to realize real-time monitoring of the health status and abnormalities of the elderly.


Wearable temperature measuring equipment

Wearable temperature measuring equipment is effectively used for tracking and protecting suspected cases of new crowns.

Block Diagram of RPM Hardware Solution

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Introduction of RPM Hardware Kit

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Smart Bluetooth roaming gateway

Support Bluetooth roaming, with 4G LTE function and spare lithium battery function, open API interface, can be connected to customer private cloud platform and shared platform

Blood glucose meter

The self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) levels helps in controlling diabetes with thorough planning. Self-monitoring is also helpful in avoiding white coat hypertension, which occurs in people who are severely affected by hospital environments

Blood pressure meter

By using a smart blood pressure device, a person can record the blood pressure in an app and can check the patterns through the produced graphs. The result of the blood pressure can also be e-mailed to a doctor to get the detailed information regarding the treatment if required. Smart blood pressure monitoring devices primarily use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as connectivity technology.

Blood oximeters

Pulse oximeters are used to track oxygen levels in a person’s blood. Major trends in the pulse oximetry market include the use of pulse oximetry screening for detecting critical congenital heart defects (CCHDs)

Body fat scale

Track body composition data records, including weight, fat level, body water percentage, bone mass

Smart watch

The watch has daily activity records, including step counting, calorie consumption, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure detection functions, and body temperature measurement functions.

Smart pill box

The smart pillbox is a smart medication management device developed around medication reminders, records, and real-time data upload. With 8 medicine compartments, you can put 8 medicines at one time, which is convenient for taking multiple medicines. Realize the supervision and care of patients by doctors or family and friends.

Fall detector

A fall detector is a type of monitoring device that can detect a fall and send out an alert signal when a fall is sensed. A fall detector can be essential for the elderly and hikers/bikers who can send alerts and call for help using this device

Advantages of Smart RPM Hardware Solution

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Standard certification

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Open API interface

The gateway opens the API interface to facilitate connection with various systems and platforms

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Bluetooth health protocol

Standard Bluetooth health protocol, easier and easier to connect

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LUCI configuration page

The gateway is with a standard LUCI configuration page, making it easier to cloud on the device


Bluetooth roaming

Automatically match the appropriate gateway; Switch between different gateways with low latency; A full copy of link information to ensure continuous data stability

RPM Hardware Device API Interface

  • All devices have open API interfaces, which can be connected to customers’ private and shared cloud platforms
Equipment name Device model Device interface document
Smart gateway DSGW-030 DSGW-040 BLE2Mqtt of blood pressure meters V1.0
Blood pressure meter DSBP-010 BLE2Mqtt of blood oximeters V1.0
Blood oximeters DSOM-010 BLE2Mqtt of Blood glucose meters V1.0
Blood glucose meter DSTH-040 BLE2Mqtt of body fat scales V1.0
Body fat scale DSSA-010 BLE2Mqtt of smart watch V1.0
Smart watch DSSW-010 BLE2Mqtt of smart watch V1.0
Smart pill box DSS-040 BLE2Mqtt of smart pill dispensers V1.0
Fall detector DSS-050 BLE2Mqtt of fall detectors V1.0

Customer Feedback

James James, CEO of American health and medical solutions provider:

Since most of the devices currently use Bluetooth protocol to directly connect to the mobile phone APP, the elderly or patients generally do not actively use mobile phones to collect data, which makes the experience very bad. We use Dusun’s smart gateway to connect to healthy medical equipment to make data collection insensible and easier for patients to accept. And the API provided by Dusun is easy to connect. We shortened the project time by 3 months and let us quickly launch the plan during the new crown epidemic, which gave us time to occupy the market.

CTO, a healthcare solution provider from Thailand:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, personnel tracking has become very important. We use Dusun’s temperature measurement watches to track personnel’s body temperature in real-time to ensure effective isolation of suspected patients with COVID-19. And Dusun helped us connect with the amazon platform and provided effective services so that our solution quickly became government license and promotion.


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