DSGW-340 BLE Medical LTE CAT1/Wi-Fi Gateway Portable with Li Battery

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DSGW-340 is a power-efficient BLE LTE/WiFi gateway with compact design for easy carry at home and the outside. It is designed with ARM Cortex-M33-based EFR32BG24 Bluetooth 5.3, and equipped with LTE CAT 1 and Wi-Fi 2.4G module, perfect for remote patient monitoring solution and connecting medical wearables like blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters.

DSGW-340 Bluetooth Cellular WiFi gateway allows patients and the elderly to walk in different networking environment. It can be used in buildings with good Wi-Fi connectivity, or outdoors with only Cellular LTE signals, aiming to providing uninterrupted data transfer to the cloud platforms.

When the BLE wearable device is turned on, the DSGW-340 BLE LTE WiFi gateway will immediately captures the device signal and collect data in real time and uploads it to the cloud server, making it easier for physicians to review patient medical data in their dashboard and make accurate diagnosis.

Quick View of DSGW-340 Portable BLE LTE/WiFi Gateway

  • Uplink data transfer: LTE CAT 1 and Wi-Fi;
  • Downlink: BLE 5.3 (backward compatible);
  • SDK Quick Start Guide offered for Second Development;
  • MQTT API reference offered for docking with platform;
  • USB 5V Type-C for power supply, data printing and device configuration;
  • Support Li battery for long-time working;
  • Bulk order ODM supported!

Block Diagram of DSGW-340 BLE LTE/WiFi Gateway

block diagram of dsgw 340 ble ltewifi gateway

BLE WiFi Cellular Gateway, How it Works in Medical Term?

Due to its low cost, less power consumption and compact design, BLE-enabled devices is ideal for medical applications. In medical term, Bluetooth plays a significant role in enriching digital health scenarios, expanding the range of remote health monitoring, and enhancing patient comfort. 

For Remote Health Monitoring

Even though the pandemic is over, it helped telehealth become more popular. Doctors frequently instruct their patients to perform “remote health monitoring” at home. How can dependable vital sign data transmission and collecting be achieved? Take Blood Pressure Monitoring as an example, although the BP monitor plus mobile app is well-liked in the market, this mode may necessitate the killing of background APPs in order to conserve energy, which may interrupt the data transmission.

A BLE WiFi gateway may aid in the steady and continuous transmission of vital sign data, give clinicians more precise illness information, and manage Bluetooth wearable devices from many manufacturers simultaneously. This is the key to converting routine hospital-initiated treatment into home health monitoring is this. 

For Pre-hospital Medical Support

An AED is an on-site first aid tool that can instantly evaluate a patient’s cardiac rhythm, shock them with electricity, and perform defibrillation to stop any irregular or uncoordinated electrical activity in their heart.

The BLE-enabled defibrillator may transmit real-time patient status to the Bluetooth Cellular gateway within the ambulance while paramedics treat a patient when traveling to the hospital, and the gateway can send data to the hospital cloud platforms. As a result, hospitals will be more ready to receive patients who come at the emergency room.

For Blood Mobile Temperature Monitoring

Since BLE provides consistent wireless communication, uses the least amount of power, and supports placement of blood bags within the vehicle, it is a good choice for mobile blood donation vehicles. Because blood must be maintained within a certain temperature range, BLE humidity sensors may be used to monitor blood temperature in real-time.

The data is then sent to a Bluetooth gateway. A customized software may determine how much time the blood has left in storage based on the recorded temperatures kept in the sensor.

working principle of lightweight dsgw 340 medical ble gateway

Parameters of DSGW-340 BLE Gateway for Medical Wearables

CPU Silicon Lab EFR32BG24
eMMC 256 MB Flash
OTR 0℃~40℃ Commercial Grade
Dimension 113mm*73mm*18mm
Protocol Uplink: LTE Cat1, Ethernet Downlink: BLE 5.2
Power Adapter ● Input:100V~240V AC/50~60HZ
●Output:5V/1A, USB type C
Indicator LEDs ● Power light blinks at 0.2Hz after power on.
● BLE working light, 2Hz blinks during the process of network distribution, 0.5Hz blinks after finishing network distribution. Scan lasts 180S without action and then stops, light goes off.
● WIFI working indicator working state 0.5Hz blinking. No connection state extinguished.
● LTE working indicator light, 0.5Hz blinking.
● After the emergency alarm button is pressed (3S), all lights blink continuously at 5Hz for 30s.
● Usually the light is off, wake up the light state by the power button, all off after ten seconds.
Reset Button ● Wi-Fi, LTE Dipswitch
● Device wiring button*1, hole button protocol reset, long press for 5 seconds to achieve all protocol reset.
● Emergency alarm button, button, long press for 3 seconds.
Installation method Portable
SIM card micro SIM
Operating Temperature -0℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃

Hardware Kits of DSGW-340 BLE Gateway for Medical Wearables

Dusun IoT has integrated a variety of mature hardware kit to connect the BLE gateway. Meanwhile, with open API interface, DSGW-340 is easy and quick for medical device manufacturers and digital healthcare solution providers to integrate. Our specialized FAE technical support team will join to help the docking process if necessary.

hardware kits of dsgw 340 ble gateway for medical wearables

Benefits of Using DSGW-340 Portable BLE LTE/WiFi Gateway

Multi-Protocol Compatibility

Supporting multiple protocols used in various IoT devices, including BLE5.2, Cat1, and Wi-Fi2.4.

Optimized for Real-Time Applications

Providing real-time access to patient data enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

dsgw 340 multi protocol compatibility
dusun dsgw 340 medical portable ble gateway compatible with multiple ble medical devices

Compatible with Multiple BLE Medical Devices

Facilitating the exchange of information between different medical devices and systems, such as blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and electrocardiogram machines makes it easier for healthcare providers to access patient data and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

Highly Programmable

Featuring high programmability and enables secondary development from the hardware layer through our comprehensive documentation, allowing the creation of custom applications tailored to specific needs.

Global Compliance

Our Gateway has obtained certifications including FCC, CE, IC, WPC, NTC, KC, RCM, and SRRC, ensuring compliance with various countries’ requirements and enabling a quick and smooth path to market for your solution.
dsgw 340 highly programmable gateway
dsgw 340 empowering healthcare on the move with enhanced portability

Empowering healthcare on the move with enhanced portability

Portable medical gateways enable healthcare providers to access patient data from anywhere, outdoors or in motion. This is because they are designed to be lightweight, compact, and portable, allowing healthcare providers to carry them and use them in various scenarios easily.

Dimension and Package List of DSGW-340 Portable BLE LTE/WiFi Gateway

dsgw 340 dimension
Model LTE Cat1 Bluetoth5.2 Wi-Fi

Successful Cases of DSGW-340 BLE Cellular/WiFi Gateway

Remote Cardiac Monitoring Using Bluetooth Roaming Gateway
Home Health Monitoring LTE Gateway For Digital Healthcare Solution Vendors
Remote Patient Monitoring (IoT Pulse Oximiter) at Taikang Community

ICM insertable cardiac monitoring

blood oxygen monitoring

FAQs of DSGW-340 BLE to LTE/BLE to WiFi Gateway

BLE SoC empowers gateways with Bluetooth capability. As you can see from the Silicon Labs’ introduction, EFR32BG24 uses using Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and is intended for portable medical products. It features high performance 2.4 GHz RF, low current consumption, an AI/ML hardware accelerator and Secure Vault™, easily for IoT device makers to create the smart, robust, and energy-efficient products that are secure from remote and local cyber-attacks. For more info, you can explore here.

Both Bluetooth and Zigbee are good options for medical wearables. Bluetooth is widely used in consumer electronics, like mobile phones, and has low-cost advantages. It is the priority choice for medical devices to connect with users’ mpbile phones. Zigbee does not enjoy such high level of interoperability, although it is widely used in smart home gadgets. On the other hands, compared with Zigbee, Bluetooth has faster transmission speed in small data packet. Get to know more IoT remote patient monitoring solutions here.

Bluetooth gateway is used for continuously uninterrupted data transmission, which is hard to be done by a single medical wearables, because these devices usually use Bluetooth or Zigbee, failing to generate its IP (Internet Protocol) address, which means no direct access to the Internet. Bluetooth gateway help build a bridge for medical wearables, so their sensed data can be send to cloud platforms of healthcare providers for further analysis and diagnosis. Learn more about What is a Bluetooth Gateway here.

The DSGW-340 Bluetooth WiFi LTE gateway has two modes: unidirectional and bidirectional. The undirectional Bluetooth gateway captures the broadcasting data of Bluetooth medical device and uploads it to the cloud server through WiFi or LTE 4G. While bidirectional Bluetooth gateways can connect Bluetooth devices such as blood pressure monitors and thermometers (up to 32 at the same time). In this situation, the Bluetooth gateway and Bluetooth medical devices are in connection mode. The vital sign data can be transmitted to the cloud platform via the gateway, and the cloud platform can also send commands to various medical sensing devices via the gateway to make operations such as turning them on and off.

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