Case Sharing: Remote Pulse Oximeter Monitoring at Taikang Elderly Community

Pulse oximeter remote monitoring may monitor real-time changes in patients' or the elderly's blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, and automatically transfer the data to the remote healthcare management terminal for hierarchical management. If the patient is hypoxic, it can alert physicians in time to make non-contact and precise diagnosis, boosting productivity while lowering the risk of clinical infection. Patients can enjoy the companionship of family in a cozy house while remaining in a healthy state of sickness and rehabilitation, without going to hospitals repeatedly.
IoT Pulse Oximiter
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Background Introduction

Taikang Community is a brand under Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd. who focuses on the professional operation and innovative services of elderly care, nursing, and rehabilitation entities. Dusun IoT has used Bluetooth gateway to made an IoT remote patient monitoring solutions for it and has been put into operation already.

In December 2022, China made adjustments to its epidemic prevention and control policies. As a result, the demand for epidemic prevention products, mainly pulse oximeters, are skyrocketed. 

Blood oxygen saturation refers to the ratio of hemoglobin combined with oxygen to the total hemoglobin in the blood, which is normally 95 or higher (data from: If the blood oxygen value becomes low, it means that he/she does not have enough oxygen in the body, and there may be some problems with his/her heart and lungs. If the oxygen in the body cannot keep up with use, it will affect the operation of other organs. Therefore, for the elderly, especially those with underlying diseases (such as diabetes and respiratory diseases), it is best to equip an pulse oximeter to monitor their blood oxygen saturation at every time.

Elderly care is the main business of Taikang community. Therefore, Taikang Community contacted Dusun IoT to seek a real-time remote pulse oximetry monitoring solution.

User: Taikang community

Market Segment: Remote Health Monitoring

Project Time: December, 2022

Product: Bluetooth Gateway


In the field of IoT health monitoring system, the continuous remote vital sign monitoring has become more and more important. Bluetooth® health and wellness wearables experience strong growth. (data from:

Bluetooth blood glucose meter, Bluetooth smart ECG meter, Bluetooth blood pressure meter, Bluetooth infusion pump, etc. are not brand new things. However, due to the limitations of Bluetooth in the transmission range, the application of Bluetooth technology in IoT medical care is somewhat stretched. When an elderly moves freely in the nursing community, his pulse oximeter may face unstable data communication from one location to another.

Technically speaking, in the BLE wireless communication system, the Bluetooth slave node can send a Bluetooth signal to the Bluetooth master node by broadcasting and exchanging data. In this process, if the signal strength of the Bluetooth master node becomes weak, or the distance between the Bluetooth slave node and the Bluetooth master node exceeds the wireless signal range, it will cause the communication between the Bluetooth slave node and the master node is disconnected and needs to be relinked. Assume that there is data transmission between the Bluetooth master node and the Bluetooth slave node during the disconnection gap, the data will be lost, which will affect the normal communication between the Bluetooth master and slave nodes.

Dusun IoT Solutions

Dusun IoT has been committed to promoting the development of telemedicine for long years, and has very rich experience in health monitoring system using IoT. In response to the needs of Taikang community, Dusun IoT has proposed a solution including pulse oximeter and Bluetooth gateway.

Firstly, wear an Bluetooth pulse oximeter for each elderly who needs to be monitored blood oxygen saturation, and Bluetooth pulse oximeter upload the data to the Bluetooth gateway.

Further explore: sample code – BLE gateway reads data from a BLE RPM pulse oximeter

Secondly, the Bluetooth gateway organizes and uploads the data to the cloud server of the nursing community, so that the blood oxygen data of these elderly can be monitored in real time. Thirdly, if the oxygen saturation is lower than 95%, it will automatically remind the nurses to carry out relative treatment.

Meanwhile, Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth gateway adopts Bluetooth roaming technology, allowing the elderly to move around in the nursing community and Bluetooth pulse oximeter to upload data without the need to repair. The user’s service connection is always maintained during the Bluetooth roaming process, without human intervention or changing the Bluetooth protocol and terminal.For high-end nursing communitys like Taikang community, the real-time data transmission is of vital importance. When the BLE data of the pulse oximeter roams in each Bluetooth gateway, the seamless link mechanism of the Bluetooth roaming technology can upload health data to the cloud server with low latency, even if the elderly is moving in every corner of the nursing community. See detailed Bluetooth Roaming Gateway introduction Here!

Dusun IoT’s pulse oximeter + Bluetooth gateway solution realizes the large-scale and real-time dynamic blood oxygen RPM health care in Taikang community. By connecting with the pulse oximeter through the Dusun IoT Bluetooth gateway, the pulse oximeter device will automatically detect and collect the elderly’s blood oxygen data. The edge computing capability of Dusun IoT Gateway collects data and uploads it to the cloud platform or hospital server, and automatically forms a data report. In this way, the medical care staff can monitor the elderly’s blood oxygen data in real time on the terminal without entering each house, which greatly improves the productivity of healthcare providers.

Remote Patient Monitoring System Benefits of Dusun IoT

Quickly Put into Use

The productized IoT gateway developed by Dusun IoT can be directly put into use, only by installing the application program according to the needs of the nursing community

Support Multiple Protocols

Our IoT Gateway hardware supports multiple protocols, including Celluar LTE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE, Z-wave, Sub-G, LoRa and other protocols

Open API

The open API supports MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, uTP, making it easier to connect to the customer’s private cloud platform.

Bluetooth is Easy-to-operate and Safe

The BLE device is small in size, convenient for patients to wear, and has extremely low radiation, which is safer for the human body


Through the telehealth monitoring solution of pulse oximeter + Bluetooth gateway provided by Dusun IoT, Taikang community has realized real-time dynamic remote monitoring of blood oxygen, and plans to add blood pressure meters, thermometers and other application scenarios in 2023, continue to strengthen cooperation with Dusun IoT. If you want to make your own real-time remote patient monitoring telehealth solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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