Remote Cardiac Monitoring Using Bluetooth Roaming Gateway

Remote Cardiac Monitoring
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Remote cardiac monitoring plays an increasingly critical role in IoT healthcare. Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, etc.) have the characteristics of long course and complicated causes. For patients with such chronic diseases, doctors and experts suggest that telemedicine monitoring at early stages including detecting, diagnosing, and treatment must be carried out to prevent chronic diseases from getting worse. For hospitals, building a telehealth monitoring system that extends beyond the hospital is an effective way to improve its level of chronic disease prevention and treatment.

With medical wearable devices enabled by IoT technology, data can be captured by sensors and shared with medical professionals in real-time. While monitoring the progression of chronic diseases, making data analysis can effectively prevent the development of serious diseases.

remote cardiac monitoring devices

Not long ago, Zhejiang Qiushi Cardiovascular Hospital (Xingrong Healthcare)contacted Dusun IoT to seek a remote patient monitoring device solution for building its own remote vital sign monitoring center.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring Case Study Background

Under the influence of epidemic in recent years, the medical care demand in hospital has grown rapidly. Especially for aging patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, their health status need to be monitored in real time after they are discharged from the hospital. Using IoT technology to build an efficient smart hospital so as to make up for increasingly tense demand for medical human resources is an important issues to solve for Zhejiang Qiushi Cardiovascular Hospital.

remote cardiac telemetry monitoring

Therefore, building a remote cardiac monitoring center as soon as possible is such an urgent task. This idea was born out of clinical patient care. “Patients with heart disease, such as those with arrhythmia who have undergone radiofrequency, may relapse after surgery. As long as an ECG chip is attached to the chest, the data will be sent to the remote cardiac monitoring center, and the medical team can monitor health data in real time. For patients with chronic diseases such as blood pressure, we can see whether the blood pressure is well controlled through the remote connection program of the sphygmomanometer, one end is connected to the patient, and the other end is connected to the monitoring center. If the blood pressure exceeds the warning line, a reminder will be issued.” said by the hospital director.

A professional medical and nursing team was equipped with the remote cardiac monitoring center, which has a 4K ultra-high-definition large-screen display to accurately and real-time obtain every data of the user for medical team interpretation and treatment solution planning. In this way, the transformation from “in-hospital medical care” to “home medical care” is realized, which greatly reduces the pressure for hospital professionals, and makes it easier for doctors, nurses and patients to fight against chronic diseases.

Dusun IoT’s Remote Patient Monitoring Device Solutions

Aiming at the needs put forward by Zhejiang Qiushi Cardiovascular Hospital, Dusun IoT offered the RPM hardware solution of Bluetooth roaming gateway+wearable medical devices. After patients with chronic diseases discharged from the hospital, their health indicators need to be monitored in a long-term way, installing Dusun IoT’s DSGW-030 Bluetooth roaming gateway in their daily activity area is a good choice to realize remote cardiac monitoring.

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For Hospitals

By wearing Bluetooth body temperature stickers, ECG stickers, pulse oximeters and other Bluetooth-enabled vital sign monitoring devices, patients’ vital sign data will be automatically collected by the Bluetooth gateway, and the Bluetooth gateway will send the data via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G or 5G to the server, and then the data will be sent to the remote vital sign monitoring center, so that the medical team can monitor these health data in real time. Meanwhile, medical staff can check these vital sign data on the computer or handheld device. In this way, any minor disease variation can be identified and juxtaposed for the most effective care.

For Patients

Relying on the Bluetooth roaming technology on Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth gateway, patients can move freely within the Bluetooth coverage without worrying about the loss of real-time data when moving and roaming. When a Bluetooth terminal moves from the coverage of a Bluetooth gateway to the next Bluetooth gateway, seamless Bluetooth roaming technology can make it automatically switches to the next Bluetooth gateway with a stronger signal. Process without interruption between APs. This technology is very suitable for some places have very large areas and have very strict requirements on communication quality. During the Bluetooth roaming, the entire process of real-time collection and transmission of patients’ vital sign data is safe, stable, and easy to use, and does not require any manual intervention at all.

Benefits of Dusun IoT’s Remote Cardiac Monitoring Hardware Solution

Quickly Put into Use

The productized Bluetooth gateway developed by Dusun IoT can be directly put into use directly, only need to install the application program according to the needs of the smart hospital

Open API Interface

Our IoT gateways‘ open API supports MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, uTP, making it easier to connect to the customer’s private cloud platform

Compact and Safe Bluetooth Device

Our BLE device is small in size, convenient for patients to wear, and has extremely low radiation, which is safer for the human body

Bluetooth Roaming Technology

Bluetooth roaming keeps medical wearable devices connected all the time, providing seamless, fast and secure data transmission

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