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The future of Bluetooth: Roaming to make staying connected easier than ever

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What is Bluetooth Roaming

Bluetooth roaming is a technology supporting seamless, high-quality connectivity throughout the entire Bluetooth communication process. Compared with regular Bluetooth communication, Bluetooth roaming technology is helpful to ensure stable Bluetooth data communication while the sub-device is moving from one location to another.

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Technique background

In the Bluetooth low-energy wireless communication system, the Bluetooth secondary node can send Bluetooth signals to the Bluetooth master node by broadcasting or exchanging data with the Bluetooth master node.

In the Bluetooth master node and the process of Bluetooth connection from the node, if the Bluetooth master node signal strength is weak, or Bluetooth from the position of the mobile node with the Bluetooth master node distance beyond the scope of the wireless signal can lead to Bluetooth from node and Bluetooth connection between the master node link disconnected, needs to be connected.

Change Bluetooth Link Key

The Central’s Host (Host A) may change the connection link key using the HCI_Change_Connection_Link_Key command. A new link key will be generated and the Hosts will be notified of this new link key.

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However, suppose there is data transmitted between the Bluetooth master node and the Bluetooth slave node in the gap between the connection disconnection. In that case, the data will be lost, affecting the normal communication between the Bluetooth master node and the Bluetooth slave node.

Therefore, Bluetooth seamless roaming technology is introduced. This way, the Bluetooth device’s data uploading will not be affected while switching between different gateways. The connected medical Bluetooth terminal seems to be dealing with the same Bluetooth gateway all the time.

In the process of Bluetooth roaming handover, there is no need to re-secure the handshake and re-Bluetooth pairing. The user’s service connection is maintained during Bluetooth roaming without human intervention or changes to the Bluetooth protocol and terminal.

Ble roaming is featured with the following characteristic:

Ensure continuity of service connections during roaming

Ensure seamless, fast, and secure Bluetooth roaming without any people intervention

No need to change the Bluetooth protocol and terminal device

Always ensure safety and ensure system security

Bluetooth Roaming can be applied to any Bluetooth IoT application that needs to be roaming

Dusun application on Bluetooth roaming

For some advanced hospitals requiring high real-time performance, the traditional Bluetooth gateway may not fit the demands. Dusun developed a seamless Bluetooth roaming network mechanism to obtain the patient’s real-time body status. It would upload the health data to a cloud server with low latency in less than 1s, even the patients moving in the building’s every corner.

During the process of Bluetooth roaming, there is no need to re-handshake or re-pair Bluetooth, and the user-device connection is still maintained without any manual intervention or changes to the Bluetooth protocol and Bluetooth terminal. Thus, the RPM devices require no manual operation to migrate from one gateway to another.

At the same time, patients move into the hospital, and their physiological status of patients would be uploaded to the cloud server in real-time.

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DSGW-021-6 is a Bluetooth gateway based on DSGW-021. It supports the roaming function of Bluetooth. BLE beacon can be switched between gateways. It can copy the complete link information of Bluetooth to ensure that the data can be continuously uploaded to the cloud when the beacon moves between the gateways. It is mainly used in continuous vital signs monitoring.

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Dusun proposes an RPM system centralized with a gateway for monitoring patients in remote areas, aiming at the increasing demand of the health care industry. Currently, three different gateway models for the different scenarios are ready for implementation: the standard RPM gateway, Bluetooth roaming gateway, and Parkinson gateway.

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Plenty of commonly used health devices have been integrated with the gateways, part of them are listed below,

Bluetooth Thermometer

Bluetooth Oximeter

Bluetooth Blood pressure monitor

Bluetooth Glucose meter

Bluetooth Weight scale

Bluetooth heart rate Straps

Bluetooth heart rate bracelets

Bluetooth ECG devices

SOS button

Bluetooth Temperature monitor bracelet

Smart pill box

Fall detector

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