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Z/IP Gateway

Support Z/IP and Z-Wave
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Voice control
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Mobile control
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Scene linkage
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Gateway Introduction

Z/IP gateway is a z-wave gateway based on the DSGW-030 gateway. The Z/IP Gateway is an application that allows internet Z/IP clients to contact and control nodes in a Z-Wave

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Home Kit Voice Control

Waking up Home kit by voice to control intelligent devices in your home

More Equipment More Imagination

Whether it’s a Wi-Fi smart device or Z-wave smart device can be linked on the Z/IP Gateway

Hello, Z-WAVE

Adopting Z-WAVE, the mainstream smart home protocol in Europe and the US, it is highly compatible and covers a wide range of areas to achieve the interconnection of all things.

200~300M Signal Coverage Excellent Performance​

The wireless distance can reach 200~300 meters (open), and the Z-WAVE signal has strong penetration stability

Family Control Centre

Up to 32 stable sub-devices directly connected to one gateway

Stable Z-WAVE Signal Wider Coverage

Built-in dual antennas for a stronger signal, better wall penetration, and wide coverage

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Safe And Reliable

The latest S2 security framework uses 128-bit AES encryption and anti-intrusion measures, including advanced features designed to prevent hackers and privacy violations


Easy Access To Devices

Z-Ware is a Z-Wave controller middleware running over Z-Wave over IP (Z/IP) interface as a Web Gateway. Z-Ware Apps (Z-Apps) are web pages built into the Z-Ware Web Server providing UI for phones and tablets / PCs

Technical Specification

Power Adapter100V-240V AC/50-60HZ Output:5V/2V, Micro USB
InterfaceWLAN/LAN port, USB Port
Indicator LEDsPower LED normally on when powered on Z-WAVE LED is flash when the signal come Wi-Fi LED normally on after connecting to Wi-Fi for 1-2 sec
Reset ButtonThe reset button is hole button, after pressing the reset button for more than 5 seconds, the Gateway will be restored to the factory settings
Operating Temperature-10℃-70℃


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