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Provide a AOA gateway+ beacon positioning hardware solution

AoA Bluetooth Positioning Solution Introduction

As an AOA positioning provider, Dusun uses the Angle of Arrival (AOA) positioning algorithm to reach the unique direction of the incoming wave and position of the tag, which improves the 5-meter accuracy of traditional low-precision Bluetooth by ten times and reaches 0.1-0.5 meter average accuracy. The system supports Bluetooth 5.1 and is backward compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 tags or phones.

Block Diagram of AoA Positioning Solution

BLE AOA Positioning 02

Single Area Two-Dimensional Locating in Single Anchor Area

A single gateway calculates and obtains the actual heading angle/pitch angle of the tag, and obtains a unique ray. According to the determined tag height, a single gateway can calculate and obtain a unique spatial absolute coordinate.

2 layer 1

Large Area, Spatial Locating

The strap-down combination of multiple gateways obtains a larger positioning coverage space, and multiple anchor course angel calculations improve the global spatial accuracy level.

2 layer 2

Comparison of Technologies

Bluetooth AOABluetooth RSSIUWB
ProtocolAnchor BT5.1 Tag BT4.0+Anchor BT4.0+ Tag BT4.0+Anchor UWB Tag UWB
Typical accuracy0.1-0.5m5-10m0.1-0.3m
Refresh rateHighLowMedium
CompatibilityVarious tags such as mobile phones, bracelets, watches, beacon, etcAdditional special tags for return channels such as LoRa are requiredUWB Tag
Tag power consumptionLowHighHigh
Anchor costGeneralLowHigh
Tag costLowHighHigh
Downlink broadcast capabilityYesYesNo
IoT anchor capabilitiesYesNoNo


6 layer 2


Effectively release the value of the location data of the “last mile” of the transportation hub, improve the intelligent traffic management and personalized service

6 layer 3


Shopping cart and goods positioning management, consumer navigation, and shopping guide, empower supermarket big data analysis and refined management

6 layer 4


Location-based internal management and business processes bring more reliable services and smarter human-to-human interaction

6 layer 5


Mobile navigation, precise positioning, low-cost tags, the new value for cultural tourism location data

6 layer 6


Realize accurate positioning of personnel in prisons, detention centers, and investigators center, with high accuracy, large capacity, and no false alarms

6 layer 7


With sub-meter precision, positioning management of personnel and equipment in smart factories helps achieve high efficiency and automated lean during low power consumption

6 layer 8


Low-cost, high-precision positioning, seamless access of various location information to ERP\WMS\PMS, much-improving efficiency

6 layer 9


High-precision indoor positioning of people and assets, division of access area permissions, scientific building management

Locating Hardware Devices

1 layer 2

Card Beacon

1 layer 3

Indoor Beacon

1 layer 4

Watch Beacon

1 layer 5

Outdoor Beacon

1 layer 6

Waterproof Beacon

Product Features

4 layer 8

Watch Beacon

0.1~0.5m accuracy for all BLE devices

4 layer 3

High Capacity

High tag density for large projects

4 layer 4

Low Power

BLE tag battery life up to 5 years

4 layer 8

Low Cost

Cost-effective thanks to Bluetooth eco-system

4 layer 3

High Capacity

Minimal tag size smaller than a coin

4 layer 4

Low Power

Compatible with billions of various bletermlnals

AoA Locator

It can be used as a positioning base station for AoA, or as an IoT gateway to connect sensors and devices. It supports the Wi-Fi, BLE5.2, Z-Wave, Zigbee wireless protocol.

5 layer 1

Operation Data

The AOA gateway calculates the exact position based on the data in the figure below to realize real-time indoor positioning.

5 layer 2

Easy to Install

After fixing the base of the AOA gateway to the wall with three screws, buckle the gateway into the buckle.



Various types of beacons, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to install, support iBeacon protocol and Eddystone protocol.


Advantages of AoA Positioning Technologies

3 layer 3
Standard certification

Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, CCC, UL.

3 layer 4
Open API interface

The gateway opens the API interface to facilitate the docking of various systems and platforms.

3 layer 5
Bluetooth health protocol

The standard Bluetooth health protocol makes docking easier and easier.

3 layer 6
LUCI configuration page

The gateway comes with a standard Luci configuration page, making it easier to access the cloud on the device.

3 layer 7
Multi-type gateway and beacon

Multiple types of gateways and beacons for a wide range of scenarios, meeting waterproof, outdoor conditions.

Procurement Guidelines for AoA

When AOA TAG is moving, the packet frequency is different than when it is stationary. The opposite is true when it is stationary. When in a stationary position, the AOA’s TAG packet sending frequency corresponds to a broadcast interval of 100 milliseconds. The AOA’s TAG packet frequency has a broadcast interval of 2 seconds when the vehicle is in motion.

Yes, it is currently supported for the customer to select the broadcast frequency before the TAG is shipped from the factory to the end user. Customers have options to choose from based on their specific requirements.

A system requires a minimum of two locators and has no limit on the number of AOA Tags it can use.

The recommended installation distance is 1.5 times the installation height.

The optimal installation height is 3-10m between the AOA Tag and locator

The area covered by a single Bluetooth AOA gateway is approximately the shape of a circle, and the height difference between the gateway and the AOA TAG should be equal to two times that difference.

The delay caused by data transmission via Bluetooth and data transmission via the network will need to be factored into the acquisition of positioning data.

At a minimum of 2 meters’ distance should separate the locator from adjacent walls and columns.

Customers can acquire platform-side positioning engine services by going through our third-party partner, Navigine.

The RTL library developed by Silicon Labs can be utilized even if the customer is responsible for calculating the AoA value based on the underlying interface. Customers have access to the code located in the source code of our software development kit (SDK).

We use the most recent version of the Bluetooth protocol stack, which is version 5.3, and it supports the most recent version of the AOA Bluetooth positioning technology. The accuracy of the technology can be improved to sub-meter levels, and the level of accuracy that can be achieved in practice can reach 0.3 meters under ideal conditions.

AOD (Angle of departure) requires each terminal TAG to install an array antenna, while the AOA direction finding system only requires the locator to install an array antenna. Therefore, the relative cost will be lower.

Customer Case

We are glad to have Dusun as our strategic partner. Dusun is an excellent provider of IoT hardware, which capabilities amplify the possibilities of our software. Joint solution of Dusun and Navigine is applicable to various industrial scenarios, from healthcare to manufacturing. We believe that together we can provide numerous benefits for our customers.

Poland Customer

The inability of one party to provide the necessary hardware is remedied by DUSUN’s provision of the Poland platform Navigine with an AOA locator and an AOA TAG, thereby assisting the platform in the development of a more effective solution.

Device API Documents

All devices have open API interfaces, which can be connected to customers’ private and shared platforms.

Equipment nameDevice modelDevice interface document
BeaconDSBC-060/ DSBC-100/ DSBC-120/ DSBC-150/ DSGW-130AOA 2Mqtt V1.0


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