Bluetooth 5.1 AOA Development Kit

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The Bluetooth AoA development kit offered by Dusun IoT can output IQ data (including orientation angle and pitch angle of beacons) and share node coordinates as well as enable users to access to a Navigine Test Account for seamless integration. AoA locators functions as positioning base station, a BLE AoA beacon for wayfinding, indoor navigation, asset management while another beacon for visitor tracking, queue management, and contact tracing.

This Bluetooth AoA development kit can be used for exploring Bluetooth direction finding uses in healthcare, smart buildings, and manufacturing.

Bluetooth 5.1 AoA Development Kit Overview

The all-in-one Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding Dev kit is a comprehensive tool that provides a complete solution for those who want to explore the world of Angle of Arrival (AoA) location. The kit contains everything you need to get started, including 2 x AoA Locators, 1 x BLE Tag for personnel tracking (DSBC-230-AoA), 1 x BLE Beacon for asset positioning (DSBC-062), and a Quick Start Guide. This kit allows you to quickly deploy and test the BLE Angle of Arrival location function.

The AoA Beacon is an end-user device that plays a critical role in the BLE AoA positioning system. It contains an embedded application that transmits standard Constant Tone Extension (CTE) based on Bluetooth V5.1. This makes it easy to detect and accurately locate the device in indoor environments.

The AoA locator is another critical component in the AoA location system, acting as a smart, configurable, and efficient indoor Bluetooth gateway. It provides multiple backhaul options, such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi, to transmit location data to the Positioning Engine Platform, which can quickly and accurately calculate the position of the AoA beacon based on the signals received from the locators.

In addition, the Bluetooth 5.1 AoA Development Kit provides the MQTT protocol, making it easy to dock with other devices. The data sent from the AoA locator is the standard beacon location data, making it easy to integrate the location system with other applications. With this comprehensive kit, you can quickly and easily set up a reliable and accurate indoor tracking system.

Various Integration Methods

Providing IQ Samples

Sharing Node Coordinates

Access to a Navigine Test Account

Device Type

Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding Dev Kit


Healthcare, Smart Buildings, Manufacturing


Wayfinding, Indoor Navigation, Asset Management

Visitor Tracking, Queue Management, Contact Tracing

Bluetooth 5.1 AoA Locator Specifications


Gateway: Quad-core Cortex-A53



Network Connectivity

Ethernet, Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz, LTE CatM1, Bluetooth 5.2

Installation Type

Ceiling/DIN/Wall Mounting

Chip Vendor

Rockchip, Silicon Labs

Operating System


Working Environments

Temperature (-10℃~60℃)


Kit Contents

2 x Gateway, 2 x Smart Badges

1 x Archor Beacon

Power Supply

Gateway: USB type-C 5V/2A, POE

Beacon: CR2032 

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