Bluetooth 5.1 AoA Demo Kit – Quickly POC Within 10 Minutes

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This Bluetooth 5.1 AoA DEMO Kit is a brand-new solution presented by Dusun IoT, featuring ease of use and rapid deployment. It contains a smart hub with built-in positioning engine and providing WiFi connectivity, two AoA base stations (also called locators) to collect location data, two BLE tracking tags, as well as a few installation accessories.

Customers who purchase this Bluetooth AoA kit will have permanent access to local lightweight RTLS software. Once you have successfully deployed the kit and conducted your POC, we invite you to advance your solution by asking APIs. This is definitely a cost-effective and time-efficient way to experience the benefits of AoA positioning and complete development efficiently.

Limited-Time Offer for Early Adopters: Preferential pricing offered to the first 500 customers until May 25th.

Device List of Bluetooth 5.1 AoA DEMO Kit

Main Components
dsla g30w
DSLA-G30W AoA Base Stations (AoA Locator) with Numbered Arrow Stickers

DSLA-G30W x 2


How to Install and Deploy? Setp-by-step Quick Start Guide

BLE AoA Demo Kit Deployment Diagram

Following the correct deployment guidelines will help achieve accurate and reliable positioning results. It is advised to mount the two AoA locators on the ceiling at a height of 3 meters,  with a six-meter distance between them. Additionally, DSGW-290 smart hub should be placed within a 20-meter radius of the AoA locators. BLE tracking tags can be attached to people or assets that require location tracking.

bluetooth aoa development kit deployment diagram


We recommend implement AoA positioning within a rectangular indoor space measuring 9×14 meters. Install the two base stations at the center of the rectangular space and keep them horizontally mounted on the ceiling for optimal performance.

Step-by-step AoA Demo Kit Tutorial

Step 1: Installation

Take out the AoA locators with arrow stickers number 1 and 2. Detach the base of first AoA locator and mount it on the ceiling, and install the locator horizontally. Use the laser distance meter to find a spot 6 meters away from the first locator and install the second locator following the same process for horizontally mounting on the ceiling.

detach the base of AoA locator

Important: Ensure that the arrows on both locators are in the same direction and aligned in a straight line.

keep arrows on locators are in the same direction

Step 2: Power Connection

Take out DSGW-290 smart hub and power it up using the provided power supply. Once powered on, the DSGW-290 smart hub will automatically detect and onboard the two AoA locators. Please ensure that there are no other devices with the same function operating simultaneously at the same site.

edge hub with built in positioning engine

AoA locators offer two powering options: Built-in batteries provide approximately 10 hours of operating life for quick tests, and external power supply included in the kit for extended testing periods. Please ensure the cables are installed at the back of the locators to avoid any obstruction or dangling cables.

aoa locator power supply configuration

Step 3: Acess to Positioning Service

Open the computer and connect it to DSGW-290-AOA WiFi network. The SSID and password are provided on the QSG brochure. Make people or assets with BLE tracking tags move under AoA locators, and you can monitor their moving position info by access the web address we provided in the brochure.

tracking location on the webpage

Recommended Applications of Bluetooth 5.1 AoA DEMO Kit

using zigbee2mqtt to sending temperature and humidity sensor data

Airport Positioning

ble beacon gateway applicaiton

Campus Positioning

FAQs of Bluetooth 5.1 AoA DEMO Kit

Does this Bluetooth 5.1 AoA demo kit require me having certain skills?

No, as we mentioned in the beginning, this demo kit features ease of use and can be deployed with 10 minutes. It can be used by any customers.

Does the AoA locator have an LED indicator to show its status?

Yes, there is a LED indicator on the AoA locator. When the LED is green, it indicates that the locator is functioning well.

Can I explore other positioning solutions if sole AoA positioning doesn't meet my requirements?

Absolutely! In addition to BLE AoA positioning, we offer a range of mixed positioning solutions. These include BLE AoA + GNSS, BLE AoA + Vision, and UWB positioning solutions. We encourage you to consult with our product manager to discuss the best solution for your specific needs.

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