AOA Location Starter Kit

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Cloud Service: Google HA assistant Cloud
Device Type: Starter Kit
Industry: Smart City, Smart Home, Agriculture, Industry
Application: Mesh light control, Remote control, Smart Sensor

This all-in-one package allows you to dive into the AOA location world. 

Including 2x AOA gateway, 3xAOA Beacon and quick start guides, it contains everything you need to quickly deploy and test Bluetooth AOA location function . 

AOA Beacon is enddevice including an embedded application sending standard CTE based on Bluetooth V5.1. AOA gateway is a smart, configurable, and efficient indoor gateway with multiple backhauling options like Ethernet and WiFi.

Otherwise,it will be free to provide the MQTT protocol for you easy to docking ,the data will send from the gateway is the standard beacon location data.

Cloud Service

Customer Cloud

Device Type

Starter Kit


Smart City, Transportation, Retail


Indoor Navigation, Asset management, 

People location

Device specifications

Hardware Architecture

Gateway: Quad-core Cortex-A35

Beacon: 32bit, ARM, single core



Network Connectivity

Ethernet, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 

LTE, Bluetooth

Mounting / Form Factor

Wall mounting

Silicon Vendor

Rockchip, Silicon labs, Nordic

Operating System



Commercial (0 to 70°C), Indoor

Devices contain

2 x Gateway, 3 x Beacon, adapter


Gateway: USB type-C 5V/2A, POE, internal Battery

Beacon: CR2032