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Indoor Bluetooth Beacon Product Specification

Table of Contents

Product Name: Indoor Bluetooth Beacon

Model Name: DSR-0818-1, DSR-0818-2

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

Bluetooth iBeacon beacon is a portable sensor device developed by DUSUN. for indoor positioning, indoor navigation, scenic navigation, exhibition navigation, patrol check-in, advertising push, asset management, item tracking, and other scene applications. The BEC0X series products are developed with NORDIC company NRF52810 chip as the main control, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, support upgrade to 5.0, and have outstanding features of ultra-low power consumption.

Working principle of iBeacon

iBecon is a new feature on Apple’s OS (iOS7) released in September 2013. iBeacon uses the BLE technology, Specifically, it uses broadcast frames called Advertising in BLE. Advertising is a frame that is sent periodically and can be received by any device that supports BLE. iBeacon works by embedding apple’s own format of data in the payload portion of Advertising frames.

The way it works is that devices equipped with low-power Bluetooth (BLE) communication use BLE technology to send their own unique ID around, and the application receiving that ID will take some action based on that ID.

Patrol Sign In

In terms of digital operation and management, the iBeacon device is deployed at a fixed point, and the smartphone in the hands of the sign-in person will become the collector of the fixed-point iBeacon information. By time quantitative collecting the iBeacon device information deployed at a fixed location, the behavior information of the sign-in person is obtained and uploaded to the cloud platform, which is more conducive to streamlining, scientific, and digital management, and effectively solves the drawbacks of the traditional patrol sign-in solution.

1.2 Application

  • Beacon advertising
  • Indoor Location
  • Asset tracking

2. Appearance

image 78
ModelBluetooth 5.0Built-in PAiBeaconEddystoneAccelerometer

3. Product specification

Size: Ø42*16mm

Product color: white

Weight: 12g

Main IC: NRF52810

TX power: -20 ~ +4dBm, default 4dBm

Interval: 100ms-10s, default 1000ms

Distance: 100m (open area)

Static current:<3uA

Average working current: <40uA (TX power:4dBm,interval:1s)

Accelerometer: support (DSR-0818-2 support, DSR-0818-1 not support)

Working voltage: 2.6~3.6V

Working temperature -40-+85°C

Storage temperature: -40-+125°C

Battery type: CR2032

Protection level: IP54

Battery life: 9 months

4. Software Description

4.1 UUID Function Introduction

After the iBeacon module is powered on (the switch button refers to the switch description of each model), the module starts broadcasting, and the broadcast interval refers to each model specification. At this time, the broadcast is connectable broadcast.

For example, module MAC address: 0xF2393A33123D, broadcast name: Dusunbeacon, you can use the “nRF Beacon” software connected to set up the required functions.

Note: The “nRF Beacon” software can only set some functions of the beacon. For details, see the parameter setting


4.2 Beacon APP Test Operation Instructions:

Use the “nRF Beacon” APP to modify the parameters, install the “nRF Beacon” app, and you can enter the “nRF Beacon” app in

“google play”, after downloading and installing, the icons are as follows:

image 79

Open the “nRF Beacon” app and select the “UPDATE” tab.

image 80

Click on the “connect” button to start scanning around the configurable iBeacon device, and press the button of the

beacon to let the beacon into pair mode.

image 81

Select the device to start the connection, the connection interface is as follows.

image 82

Modify the parameters. See Modify Major and Minor parameters as an example: Click the “OK” button to end the

modification. After the modification, click the “DISCONNECT” button to complete the modification.

image 83

4.3 Find the iBeacon device

Open the “nRF Beacon” app and select the “BEACONS” tab.

image 84

Click the “Add” button, and scan the beacon signal, after searching for the signal, as shown on the right.

image 85

Click the back button, you can see that there is already an iBeacon device in the list. Once your device exceeds the

distance, the interface will pop up on the over-distance screen to remind the user.

image 86

5. Caution

  1. Being close to a metal object will interfere with the signal, causing the signal to weaken.
  2. Note the distance between DSR-0818 and the receiver to guarantee the accuracy of receiving.
  3. Keep away from corrosive objects.

6. Reference usage

Gateway usage

  1. The beacon/sensor broadcasts the data.
  2. Bluetooth Gateway gets the data from the beacon and sends the information to Cloud via Wi-Fi or LTE once per second.
image 87

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