What is a Bluetooth Gateway? Complete Guide 2024 (In-depth Explained)

A complete Bluetooth gateway guideline offered by Dusun to tell you what is a bluetooth gateway, why it is so important in IoT field, how to use it, its generic benefits, and application scenarios. Read further to know details.
ble gateway introduction
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The Bluetooth gateway is an relay device that receives BLE data from terminal devices and uploads it to the server through the network. It serves as a Bluetooth bridge enabling non-IP BLE-devices to connect to the Internet, so that users are allowed to check status of BLE endpoint information from anywhere in the world, and control BLE devices by exchanging data bi-directionally.

For instance, one can use a Bluetooth gateway to interconnect BLE-enabled temperature and humidity sensors, air conditioners, and humidifiers at home, so as to achieve centralized and automated management, keeping you home within a consistent range to provide a comfortable living environment.

what is a bluetooth gateway

Constitution and Working Principle of Bluetooth Gateways

A smart Bluetooth gateway is an IoT gateway hardware that integrates a Bluetooth module and other network communication modules (Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular LTE 4G, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.). The role of Bluetooth module in the Bluetooth gateway is to scan and connect nearby BLE devices, and and obtain data from scanned BLE devices. 

High bandwidth network communication modules (Ethernet &WiFi, Cellular LTE 4G.) are used to send the gathered data, in the form of TCP/UDP, to the backend cloud server. If there is a control command, the server will forward the command over the Bluetooth gateway to the associated BLE terminal device. In this way, the Bluetooth gateways performs its bi-directional communication and device control functions.

how does a bluetooth iot gateway work

The Bluetooth gateway may also add other communication modules, such as Zigbee, LoRaWAN, etc., in order to support more IoT application requirements. Bluetooth gateway may also be used in conjunction with other IoT gadgets like cloud servers, smart terminals, sensor nodes, etc., to form a more complete IoT system. Explore fundamental elements of IoT here.

Typical Bluetooth gateways also include a central processing unit for dealing with complicated tasks, and power management modules in charge of powering the entire device.

Reasons to Require Bluetooth Gateways

Due to the low power consumption, simple connection, and strong interoperability of Bluetooth technology, the demand for BLE-enabled devices such as door locks, oximeters, and lighting is growing rapidly. Bluetooth gateway has emerged in response to the demands of a large number of Bluetooth devices need to transmit data to the background application server, and the truth that traditional one-to-one and short-distance transmission can no longer meet the needs of the Bluetooth IoT.

The Bluetooth gateway can support multiple sub-devices to access the network, manage the data collection, and interconnection of sub devices, and synchronize the information to the cloud through WiFi/Ethernet/Cellular LTE 4G. Users can remotely monitor and operate Bluetooth items through the mobile app, greatly extending the functionality and value of original Bluetooth devices.

BLE VS Bluetooth gateway, What’s the difference?

BLE Gateways for Smart Door Locks

For smart locks that are on standby for 24 hours and have high power consumption requirements, Bluetooth low energy consumption is more suitable, BLE is better suited as communication protocol than WiFi. Wi-Fi demands a lot of power, and if it’s powered by dry batteries, the battery life will be drastically reduced. Furthermore, the transmission data required by the smart lock is far less than that supported by the Wi-Fi transmission protocol, which may result in a waste of resources. Therefore, to equipp a BLE gateway for smart locks is not just for connectivity with other smart home gadgets, but also for safety and battery life concerns.

Additionally, by utilizing BLE gateway as a relay to allow smart door locks to access the Internet and transmit the lock’s dynamic information, users can operate the door lock (remotely check door lock state, issue temporary passwords, receive reminders of family members approaching home, and prompt alarming of aberrant status) at any time via the mobile APP. The BLE gateway can connect many BLE devices, and they may be linked with each other to perform automated scenarios such as turning on the lights when the door is opened.

How to use Bluetooth Gateways?

Step 1: find a place to install Bluetooth gateway

Before using Bluetooth gateways, find an appropriate place to position it at first. Take Bluetooth WiFi gateway as an example, the wireless signal strength and coverage varies depending on the actual environment, and may be affected by factors including concrete constructions, wall thickness, etc. For optimum Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance and extend device lifespan, please:
1) Avoid placing the gateway in a location where it will be exposed to moisture or excessive heat.
2) Keep away from strong electromagnetic radiation sources and electromagnetic-sensitive devices.
3) Place the gateway in a spot where it can be wired up to a power supply and linked to the various sub devices.
You may place the Bluetooth gateway on a shelf or desktop, or paste the gateway on the ceiling and walls. We have PoE ceiling/wall mountable Bluetooth gateway for selection.

Step 2: Make primary configuration

Connect the gateway with a router and get the IP address of the gateway. Log in the gateway by inputing Gateway IP address on a web broswer. Enter username and password, then you can check the status of gateway information (host name, firmware version, local time, memory. Network, etc.)

Step 3: Finish Internet setting and LAN setting according to user manual.

Step 4: Make Sub-devices Connection

The Bluetooth gateway works by scanning and connecting BLE devices. Users can use filtering options such as RSSI, BLE device name, MAC address to filter the specific devices you want and then connect. After the connection is established, Bluetooth gateway will caches the data structures of characteristics and services of the device. User can notify the value or write configuration to the BLE devices. Here we have a detailed demo about developing an application over Bluez APIs to manipulate BLE devices.

Step 5: Make Cloud configuration

After Bluetooth gateway recognizes the features and data structures of surrounded BLE devices, it can send the data to the cloud server through the MQTT(TCP/SSL) protocols. You need to fill in the parameters obtained from the Azure/AWS/Tuya platforms to enable gateway connected with the cloud. Then filled in the right value offered by MQTT broker. SSL certificate can be used to enhance the communication security, here we have an MQTT SSL example.

Backhaul Connectivity of Bluetooth Gateways

After collecting a large quantity of data from sub devices, Bluetooth gateways use high bandwidth network such as WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular network to transfer data to the Internet. What’s difference between these three types?

WiFi and Cellular network transmits data via wireless signals, while Ethernet transmits data over cable. If you prefer mobility and flexibility, you can choose WiFi and Cellular. Cellular covers large areas such as cities and towns, it can be a failover option of Bluetooth gateway, especially in outdoor environment. While Wi-Fi only transfer data within limited areas such a home building, or airports. As for Ethernet, it can have a better experience on quicker speed, lower latency, and a more reliable connection.

Whether you are going to choose WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular as broadband connectivity choice, Dusun IoT has a wide range of Bluetooth gateways for selection. Do not hesitate to contact us and place an order!

How Do Bluetooth Gateway Communicate with the Cloud?

HTTP and MQTT are two popular application layer protocols to make data exchange and communication between Bluetooth gateway device and the cloud. But we usually recommend to use MQTT for its advantages such as small code footprint, simple and compact architecture, publish-and-subscribe model, ideal for resource-constrained IoT scenarios.

how does mqtt broker work in ble gateway application

Explore More on Bluetooth MQTT.

Types of Bluetooth Gateways

Bluetooth SIG has divided Bluetooth technology into four fit-for-purpose solutions: audio streaming, data transfer, location service, and device network. Bluetooth gateway involve three of them.

Bluetooth Data Transfer Gateway 

Bluetooth GATT is a general specification for sending and receiving very short data segments over a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth data transfer gateway adopts Bluetooth GATT to enables two-way communication.

Bluetooth gateway often plays the role of Central, and sub devices as peripherals. A peripheral can only be connected to one central device at a time, but the central device can be connected to

multiple peripherals. For Dusun IoT Bluetooth gateways, it can connect up to Dusun 32 devices at the same time.

Get to know details of Bluetooth GATT gateway here.

Bluetooth data transfer gateway are widely used for remote patient monitoring, especially with the popularity of wearable medical devices. Why use Bluetooth gateways instead of mobile APPs? Health data acquired from remote patient monitoring devices are crucial for medical diagnosis and treatment. Data packet loss and delay may lead to inaccurate judgments. Bluetooth gateways are used for ensuring stable and secure transmission and data integrity.

Get to know BLE IoT-based home health monitoring use cases :

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Remote ECG Monitoring

Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring

Remote Pulse Oximetry Monitoring

Bluetooth Location Positioning Gateway

In indoor positioning, the Bluetooth gateway plays an important role. It gathers and transfers the BLE data broadcast by the iBeacon device to the server for calculation. The background  positioning algorithm will output the location information of the iBeacon after computation. There are two types of Bluetooth position service gateways, based on RSSI and AoA technologies:

Bluetooth Beacon Gateway based on RSSI

Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) can be used to estimate the distance between transmitter and receiver. Once the power of the transmitter is known, the position of the items can be estimated by measuring the signal attenuation.

Ble Beacon Gateway 2

In Blutooth RSSI location tracking solution, a BLE beacon gateway reads the RSSI value from BLE beacons and upload it to a cloud server. The background server can calculate the distance between the iBeacon device and the Bluetooth gateway using this RSSI value, and the BLE Beacon device’s location may be shown in real time on the background map.

The Bluetooth gateway’s scanning range can also be designated as a safe region at the same time. The iBeacon gadget may sound a security alarm in the background once it exits the safe range. This is the working principle of BLE-based personnel and asset management solution.

Since RSSI can only roughly estimate the distance, if you consider that low cost is more important than increased accuracy, RSSI based location systems can be your choice. Furthermore, you can improve the accuracy level of RSSI-based indoor location systems by increasing the number of beacon/tag devices.

Bluetooth Beacon Gateway based on BLE AoA

Compared with Bluetooth RSSI, Bluetooth Angle of Arrival is obviously a much more accurate method for indoor positioning. The Bluetooth RSSI accuracy is generally within 3 to 5 meters, while BLE AoA positioning can reach to 0.1-0.5 meter average accuracy.

Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (BLE AoA) works by having a Bluetooth Tag transmitting a special direction-finding signal. While the receiving device, a AoA locator that has multiple antennas arranged in an array, receives the signal from the tag. When the signal passes through, it will generate a phase difference due to the different distances received in the array, and then the relative signal direction can be calculated, which greatly improves the accuracy of Bluetooth positioning, so as to provide much more accurate location services.

BLE AoA wins popularity not only because of its higher accuracy , but also thanks to its flexibility, high concurrency, low cost, low power consumption, and high compatibility, which means the IoT  projects and solutions can effectively save costs brought about by large-scale positioning tag/beacon applications on various people, vehicles, and objects.

When you choose an indoor location technology, do remember that, there is no absolute advantages or disadvantages. The key point is to look at your application scenarios, you need to choose location solution and technology depending on what uses you want to serve, or the complexity, budget, robustness and so on.

Further read: Bluetooth RSSI vs BLE AoA vs UWB, which one is best for indoor positioning

Bluetooth Mesh Network Remote Control Gateway

Bluetooth Mesh allows people to establish a many-to-many (m:m) relationship between wireless devices. Devices can also transmit data to other devices that are not directly covered by the original device’s radio signal. Mesh networks are able to connect a lot of devices and cover a lot of space physically. One of the biggest advantages of BLE mesh is that users can use mobile phone to access Bluetooth mesh network and manage all nodes, without relying on Bluetooth gateways. But once someone leaves the range of BLE mesh network, he cannot perform remote access, status check, and device control.

friend node and low power node in ble mesh network 1

Explore BLE mesh gateway here.

Bluetooth Mesh is widely used in smart lighting control, building automation, and smart agriculture. Dusun offers an all-in-one BLE mesh lighting solution package including 1 x BLE mesh gateway, 3xBLE mesh development kit, and quick start guides to enable you quickly deploy and test BLE mesh network function, and quickly connect to wireless lighting systems.

Customers can create simple to complex smart lighting products with Dusun BLE Mesh Gateway, and they can pick and choose the features that best suit their requirements. The Users can control everything through third-party applications without worrying about integration or developing their own applications. Dusun provides an open API, which helps you quickly configure our devices to your platform. The application solution has the advantages of reliability, scalability, high-level security, and easy integration.

Get Bluetooth mesh lighting control solution here!

News: Dusun IoT uses Bluetooth mesh to build various IoT projects

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Bluetooth Gateway Devices

Bluetooth gateways are available in a variety of brands. What considerations should be taken into account when selecting a Bluetooth gateway? Dusun IoT recommends the following assets:

What you want to use the Bluetooth gateway for

  1. Data Acquisition: If it is used to regularly collect data from BLE sub-devices, such as using Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors to collect environmental data, or BLE continuous glucose monitors to collect vital signs, and then upload the collected data to the server, generic BLE gateways are enough because this is the most basic function of a Bluetooth gateway.
  2. Continuous connection: If it is used for ongoing connection of BLE lights, blood pressure monitors, and other Bluetooth devices for data transmission applications, select Bluetooth gateways based on its concurrently connected number of BLE devices.
  3. Control BLE devices: If you require Bluetooth gateways to connect to BLE devices and control their switch status, you may select BLE gateways that enable broadcasting, scanning, and connecting all at once to simplify switching specific situations.
  4. Indoor positioning: If you need Bluetooth gateways for indoor positioning (personnel or asset positioning, you may select a business that specializes in indoor positioning technology, with engine position resources, and rich BLE AoA locator gateway installation experience. You can select Bluetooth edge computing gateway for deal with positioning algorithm.

Installation scenarios for the Bluetooth gateways

  1. Indoor scenes: you can select Bluetooth gateways with inexpensive plastic enclosure.
  2. outdoor scenes: select waterproof Bluetooth gateways. If it is not convenient to deploy network cables, you may pick wireless Bluetooth gateways that supports WiFi or 4G mobile networks for easy installation and deployment. Explore Bluetooth LTE 4G gateway here.
  3. mobile scenes: select Bluetooth LTE 4G gateways that has lithium battery backup for long battery life. Explore portable BLE LTE WiFi gateway here.
  4. explosion-resistant scenes: some harsh industrial environments, such as chemical factories, gas stations, coal mines, etc., can benefit from Bluetooth gateways with explosion-proof metal casings. Explore industrial Bluetooth gateway here.

Bluetooth gateways’ filtering parameters

If there are many broadcasting data from a large quantity of BLE devices, the Bluetooth gateway may collect the broadcasting data of many irrelevant Bluetooth devices, which wll cause unnecessary interference. So when purchasing Bluetooth gateways, it is recommended that you should also consider the Bluetooth gateway’s filtering options. Commonly seen filtering approach includes RSSI, BLE device name, UUID of BLE beacons, etc.

Bluetooth gateways’ additional features

  • WiFi: Bluetooth gateways are often equipped with 2.4GHz WiFi. If you want 5GHz with strong anti-interference capability at the same time, you can also choose dual-band WiFi Bluetooth gateways.
  • 4G/LoRa/Zigbee: If you require Bluetooth gateways that can merge 4G LTE, Zigbee, or LoRa together to transfer data simultaneously, Dusun IoT offers multi-protocol Bluetooth gateways.
  • Programmability: If you want to program the software part of Bluetooth gateways by yourself, such as the firmware, operating systems, applications, and so on, you may pick Bluetooth gateway devices that just provides pure hardware and driver.

Frequently Asked Questions of Bluetooth Gateways

How to supply power for Bluetooth gateways?

Usually Bluetooth gateways will have a power adapter. Some are also looking for using a POE power supply switch, which data and power supplies for the gateway are provided by a single network connection. You can read our ODM case study about cable-invisible PoE gateway customization.

How many Bluetooth devices can the Bluetooth gateway connect and control at the same time?

Considering the stable and reliable connection and data transfer, we recommend 7-10 slave Bluetooth devices at the same time. But the exact number may be decided by bandwidth you want, BLE mode, and Bluetooth SoCs you choose. If you want to get detailed info, do not hesitate to contact our engineers.

Can a Bluetooth gateway act as a Bluetooth Hub?

Bluetooth gateway can work as a Bluetooth hub to gather instructions from all parties (voice assistant, remote servers, sensor, etc.), centrally mobilize all connected smart devices within one place (e.g. home), realize the mutual interaction of all home devices, complete the automation of home scenes, and improve the comfort and convenience of life.

Does Bluetooth gateway support secondary development?

The Bluetooth gateways offered by Dusun IoT can provide SDK and API interface docking for users to quickly carry out secondary development on the basis of the original program.

What is Bluetooth protocol?

The Bluetooth protocol divides Bluetooth as a whole into a two-layer architecture. The bottom layer is the core protocol, which describes the foundation and specifications of the Bluetooth core technology, including Host and Controller. The application layer uses the mechanism provided by the core protocol to implement different functions based on specific requirements. These two parts are slightly different in different Bluetooth protocol versions. The function of the Bluetooth protocol stack is a bridge between software and hardware, which packs application data and then generates air data packets that can be sent through radio frequency and its reverse process. View more different Bluetooth version comparison here.

How Do I Connected My Bluetooth Gateway?

As we mentioned before, the configuration of Bluetooth gateway is very simple. What you need to do is to pair your Bluetooth end devices like beacons and sensors to Bluetooth gateway hub to get started data transmission. After the first time connection, the smart Bluetooth gateway device will automatically register the Bluetooth end devices and automatically send the Bluetooth device endpoint information to the your cloud server.

What is the range of a Bluetooth gateway?

The range of Bluetooth gateway is mainly determined by the Bluetooth chip embeded in the Bluetooth module. The output power and receiving sensitivity of Bluetooth chip will influence how far your signal can travel. Also, if you add extra antennas, the signal range may be larger. On the other hand, if there is obstacles like concrete walls, it will attenuate the radio signal.

Take DSM-054 Bluetooth module as an example, it is with up to 20 dBm maximum power output and an excellent receive sensitivity of -97 (1 Mbit/s GFSK) dBm, which means excellent receiving sensitivity and output power. what’s more. it uses an onboard PCB antenna whose frequency band is 2.400 to 2.483 GHz to optimaize RF performance.

If you want to extend Bluetooth range over hundreds or thousands of meters, you may consider Bluetooth Long Range Technology or BLE Mesh technology.

Can Bluetooth Gateway work as Bluetooth Access Point?

The Bluetooth gateway in the Bluetooth network connects the Bluetooth device to the Internet, same as the wireless AP in the WIFI network connects the WIFI device to the Internet. Therefore, the role of the Bluetooth gateway in the Bluetooth IoT is like the role of the wireless AP in the WIFI network. Know more about Bluetooth access point.

How does Bluetooth communicate with WiFi within a Bluetooth gateway?

Data is received by the Bluetooth module of the gateway, which then transmits it after connecting to the WiFi module through the serial port.

Can Bluetooth gateway work as a Bluetooth router hub?

The Bluetooth gateway can be used as a Bluetooth router hub. Users may use the Bluetooth gateway to link up to 32 Bluetooth devices, and those connected Bluetooth devices can access the Internet via the Bluetooth gateway at the same time, allowing Bluetooth devices to be used for more than just point-to-point communications, and to be controlled from anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between BLE gateway and BLE mesh gateway?

Instead of the standard BLE protocol, the Bluetooth mesh gateway employs the Bluetooth mesh protocol. There is a connection between the Bluetooth mesh gateway and each Bluetooth mesh terminal device, as well as a connection between each Bluetooth mesh terminal device, resulting in a mesh network topology that differs from the radial pattern of the ordinary BLE gateway, which connects multiple Bluetooth terminals with itself as the center. The structure is unique. As a result, the Bluetooth mesh gateway is mostly utilized in smart home and industrial IoT control, whereas the standard BLE gateway is primarily used for IoT data transfer.  

Customize or Off-the-shelf, Which Should I Choose?

As the application of Bluetooth in the Internet of Things becomes more and more popular, IoT projects and solutions’ desire to use cutomizable and programmable Bluetooth gateways for their business model upgrades is stronger and stronger.

Some IoT solution providers want to know about Bluetooth IoT gateway and use it as architectural references for their commercial custom solutions, like Dusun IoT’s partner Navigine, an indoor location solution supplier, adding our Bluetooth gateway into their indoor warehouse tracking solutions; Some software and hardware developers also want to know about programmable and modular Bluetooth gateways, because they want to develop hardware by themselves or develop applications firmware suitable for their businesses; Some IoT project operators also want to know about BLE gateways, they care about the reduced cost, ROI (return on investment), and future-proofing.

Whenever which kind of purchasers you are, there are usually two types of kinds:

Customizable Bluetooth Gateways

For large-scale IoT deployments connecting tens of thousands of devices, the economies of scale make customizable Bluetooth Low Energy gateways the most cost-effective option. Customers are allowed to design their own proprietary solution to suit the application’s specific needs and build their brand.

Ready-to-use Bluetooth Gateways

Off-the-shelf Bluetooth IoT gateways can be a more affordable and time-efficient option for small to midsize IoT applications. The design and development process is substantially simplified by its pre-certification, which removes the time-consuming and expensive testing and approval procedure.

Customers can choose to buy ready-made Bluetooth gateway products, but the off-the-shelf Bluetooth gateways on the market may not be able to meet their needs. More and more IoT developers choose to customize their own exclusive Bluetooth gateways. However, due to the complex structures, which is composed of many components such as processors, ARM storage, PCBA boards, various connectors, enclosure design, etc., it is not always that easy to self-develop Bluetooth gateways. A professional technical support team will be very helpful. Explore Dusun Developer Community here.

Dusun IoT provides modular-designed and programmable IoT Bluetooth gateways that can be quickly developed from the bottom of the hardware, supporting development from structure, hardware physical layer, software system layer, third-party platform layer, etc., making enterprises quickly develop highly customized IoT gateways suitable for their own business scenarios.

Explore More on IoT Gateway Development

Bluetooth IoT Gateway Benefits

Generic Bluetooth IoT Gateway Benefits

Low Cost and Energy Consumption

At present, Bluetooth is a cheaper wireless communication technology, and Bluetooth usage scenarios are very rich. Therefore, the shape of the Bluetooth chip is smaller and smaller, especially the Bluetooth low-energy chip. And the cost of Bluetooth chips is also gradually reduced. What’s more, Bluetooth devices usually consume low power, and changing battery takes place very rarely,  so daily costs are lower

Powerful BLE Mesh Network

Bluetooth Mesh network allows devices to be installed over a wide area while maintaining communication among each BLE device. Bluetooth Mesh network allows direct communication directly between BLE devices within the wireless coverage range, or communication with devices outside the wireless coverage range through a relay device. In the Bluetooth Mesh network, the data packet loss rate and data transmission delay are superior to other mesh networks. Data can be sent from any node to the entire network. When a node fails, the entire network can still maintain normal communication, which has the advantages of convenient networking and strong anti-interference ability.

High Security

Bluetooth gateway secures device connections and data with mutual authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Better Data Transfer Performance in Close Distance

BLE 5 supports physical layer (PHY) transmission modes up to max. 2M, and the transmission speed can reach up to 2Mbps. The closer the BLE devices are the better the data transfer performance.

Distinctive Benefits of Dusun Bluetooth IoT Gateways

Higher Transmit Power

Dusun boosted the transmit power (TX) of each BLE beacon from 8 dBm to 19 dBm by installing a power amplifier intended for wide coverage areas.

Higher Sensitivity

The Dusun Bluetooth IoT Gateway includes a high-sensitivity new generation series Bluetooth chip from Silicon Labs.

Open Source

Customers can perform secondary development on the basis of the open-source nature of Dusun Bluetooth IoT Gateway to suit their particular requirements.

Bluetooth Roaming Used For Smart Hospitals

In order to improve the user experience of patients living in the hospitals, Bluetooth roaming gateway has been invented. It enables patients to move inside the hospitals without worrying being trapped by memers can create simple to complex smart lighting products with Dusun BLE Mesh Gateway, and they can pick and choose the features that best suit their requirements. The Users can control everything through third-party applications without worrying about integration or developing their own applications. Dusun provides an open API, which helps you quickly configure our devices to your platform. The application solution has the advantages of reliability, scalability, high-level security, and easy integration.

DSGW-210 IoT Gateway

DSGW-210 IoT gateway supports Bluetooth 5.2 protocol and edge computing functions. It provides reliable connectivity for a wide range of wireless IoT devices. DSGW-210 IoT gateway’s modular architecture provides the ability to customize many gateway features providing an off-the-shelf solution that meets your exact needs. DSGW-210 IoT gateway has Bluetooth(BQB) Certification.

dswg 210 iot gateway

DSGW-210 IoT Gateway Bluetooth Performance

• TX Power: 19.5dBm

• Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed

• Receiving Sensibility: [email protected]%BER

• Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ

• Frequency Range (MHz):2401.0~2483.5

• Low Frequency (MHz):2400

• High Frequency (MHz):2483.5

• E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<10mW

• Bandwidth (MHz):2MHz

• Modulation: GFSK

DSGW-030 IoT Gateway

DSGW-030 IoT gateway is widely used in the smart home, intelligent security industry, and pension services. DSGW-030 IoT gateway supports Bluetooth 5.2 wireless protocol. Smart sensors can be connected through BLE. DSGW-030 IoT gateway has Bluetooth(BQB) Certification.

dswg 030 iot gateway bluetooth
dswg 030 iot gateway bluetooth

DSGW-030 IoT Gateway Bluetooth Performance

Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth 5.2

TX Power: 19.5dBm

Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed

Receiving Sensibility: [email protected]%BER

Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ

DSGW-040 IoT Gateway

DSGW-040 IoT Gateway supports Bluetooth 5.2 protocol and is a smart gateway with a DC power supply. It can control BLE device remotely, receives the data sent by the BLE devices, and sends it to servers. DSGW-040 IoT Gateway reserves the ZigBee3.0 function, Z-WAVE, Sub-G, and 4G LTE function. It can be used in various scenarios flexibly.

dswg 040 iot gateway

DSGW-040 IoT Gateway Bluetooth Performance

TX Power: 19.5dBm

Bluetooth: 19.5dBm

Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed

Receiving Sensibility: [email protected]%BER

Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ

Frequency Range (MHz): 2401.0~2483.5

Low Frequency (MHz): 2400

High Frequency (MHz): 2483.5

E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<10mW

Bandwidth (MHz): 2MHz

Modulation: GFSK

DSGW-020 IoT Gateway

DSGW-020 IoT gateway is also a wireless router complying with the latest IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard and LTE 4G function. It offers continual high-speed data transmission for multiple devices at the same time. Built-in 600MHz processor provides powerful data handling capacity to improve wireless transfer efficiency. Meanwhile, a simultaneous dual-band with a middle power design on both bands makes the wireless connection more flexible and stable, especially over long distances. DSGW-020 IoT gateway supports Bluetooth wireless protocol. Therefore, the DSGW-020 IoT gateway can be used as a control center for smart homes and can connect to Bluetooth devices at the same time. 

dswg 020 iot gateway

DSGW-020 IoT Gateway Bluetooth Performance

TX Power: 19.5dBm

Bluetooth: 19.5dBm

Range: 150 meters minimum, open filed

Receiving Sensibility: [email protected]%BER

Frequency offset: +/-20KHZ

Frequency Range (MHz):2401.0~2483.5

Low Frequency (MHz):2400

High Frequency (MHz):2483.5

E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<10mW

Bandwidth (MHz):2MHz

Modulation: GFSK

Bluetooth Gateway

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