How To Choose A Bluetooth Gateway? Bluetooth Gateways Comparison Guide

This post compares several featured Bluetooth gateways and discusses how to choose a BLE gateway from different aspects to select the perfect one for your needs.
how to choose bluetooth gateway
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The right IoT Bluetooth gateway will enable you to leverage the potential of IoT in your processes while still being cost-effective whether you are factory owners, manufacturers, or any industry.

What is Bluetooth Gateway

A Bluetooth gateway is a device that connects Bluetooth products to other devices, sending the endpoint information to the cloud server. These gateways serve an important purpose in connecting non-IP devices like sensors, tags, and displays. Bluetooth gateway gets more and more wide use becasue of the increasing market share of BLE (Bluetooth Low Enengy), and a large amount of BLE devices are employed by various IoT applications.
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Featured DusunIoT Bluetooth Gateways Comparison Table

DusunIoT supply a range of IoT Bluetooth gateways composed of low-power embedded Bluetooth (BLE) module to exchange data with smart Bluetooth/BLE compatible devices like beacons and sensors in real time, and send data securely and reliably to cloud via Wi-Fi/Ethernet/LTE. Serving for IoT, IIoT, especially for IoT RPMIndoor (AOA/RSSI) Position.

Product ModelDSGW-210DSGW-092DSGW-021DSGW-040DSGW-094DSGW-340DSGW-200DSGW-010
ImageBluetooth Edge gatewayEsp32 bluetooth gatewaybluetoothr roaming gatewayble to lte gatewayNordic BLE Cellular gatewayportable ble lte wifi gatewayBLE AOA Locatorwaterproof industrial bluetooth gateway
NameIoT Bluetooth Edge GatewayESP32 Bluetooth GatewayDual Band Wireless Wi-Fi Router Bluetooth Roaming GatewayBLE to LTE GatewayNordic Bluetooth Cellular GatewayDSGW-340 Portable Bluetooth GatewayAoA LocatorWaterproof Industrial Bluetooth Gateway
Uplink Protocol OptionsLTE CatM1/Cat1/Cat4, Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G, EthernetWi-Fi 2.4G, EthernetWi-Fi 2.4G/5G, Ethernet, LTE CAT.4LTE CAT1, LTE CAT M1, Wi-Fi, EthernetLTE Cat M1, EthernetLTE Cat1, EthernetLTE CatM1, Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G, EthernetLTE CatM1, Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G, Ethernet
Downlink Protocol OptionsBLE 5.2, Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, LoRa, Matter & Thread, M-Bus, GPSBLE 5.2, Zigbee 3.0, Z-WaveBLE 5.2, Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, Sub-G, MatterBluetooth 5.2, Zigbee 3.0, Z-WaveBLE 5.2BLE 5.2BLE 5.2 (AoA)BLE 5.2, Zigbee 3.0, GPS
Bluetooth Performace
Bluetooth Protocol SupportBluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth 4.2 DLEBluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth ModuleDSM-05D (EFR32BG21)NRF52840 or AMBER-BLEDSM-05D (EFR32BG21)
or NRF52840
DSM-05D (EFR32BG21)DSM-05E (nRF52840)EFR32BG24EFR32BG22 Bluetooth 5.2 AOA, EFR32BG21, Bluetooth M8821CS1DSM-04B
Bluetooth Low Energy Support
Number of Bluetooth ConnectionsUp to 32 concurrentUp to 20 concurrentUp to 32 concurrentUp to 32 concurrentUp to 20 concurrentUp to 32 concurrentUp to 32 concurrentUp to 32 concurrent
Bluetooth Technologies SupportBluetooth Scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, BLE Long RangeBluetooth Scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, BLE Long RangeBLE Roaming, Bluetooth Scan, Bluetooth GATT, BLE MeshBluetooth Scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, BLE Long RangeBluetooth Scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, BLE Long RangeBLE MeshBLE AOA, Bluetooth Scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, BLE Long Range,Bluetooth Scan, GATT, BLE Mesh, BLE Long Range
Bluetooth RSSI Based Location
TX Power19.5dBm8dBm (NRF52840),
19.5dBm (AMBER-BLE)
19.5dBm (EFR32BG21)
10dBm (NRF52840)
Bluetooth Long Range150 meters minimum, openfiled150 meters minimum, open filed150 meters minimum, openfiled (EFR32BG21)
100 meters minimum, open filed (NRF52840)
150 meters minimum, openfiled100 meters minimum, open filed100 meters minimum, open filed150 meters minimum, openfiled150 meters minimum, openfiled
Receiving Sensibility[email protected]%BER-103dBm at 125kbs,
-99dBm at 500kbs,
-96dBm at 1Mbs,
-92dBm at 2Mbs
[email protected]%BER (AMBER-BLE)
[email protected]%BER (EFR32BG21)
-90dBm @0.1%BER (NRF52840)
[email protected]%BER-103dBm at 125kbs,
-99dBm at 500kbs,
-96dBm at 1Mbs,
-92dBm at 2Mbs
-103dBm at 125kbs,
-99dBm at 500kbs,
-96dBm at 1Mbs,
-92dBm at 2Mbs
[email protected]%BER[email protected]%BER
Frequency offset+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ+/-20KHZ
Frequency Range (MHz)2401.0~2483.52401.0~2483.52401.0~2483.52401.0~2483.52400.0~2483.52400.0~2483.52401.0~2483.5
Low Frequency (MHz)2400240024002400240024002400
High Frequency (MHz)2483.52483.52483.52483.52483.52483.52483.5
E.i.r.p (Equivalent Isotopically Radiated power) (mW)<10mW<10mW<10mW<10mW
Bandwidth (MHz)2MHz2MHz2MHz2MHz
Physical & Software Features
CPUDSOM-010R ( RockChip RK3328 ) Quad Core Cortex A53ESP32-DoWD-V3MT7628A MIPS 24KEc @575/580MHz Single CoreMTK7620nRF52840Silicon Lab EFR32BG24DSOM-010R (RK3328) Quad Core Cortex A53DSOM-080M ( MediaTeK MT7628) MIPS 24KEc @575/580MHz Single Core
RAMUp to 2GBUp to 128MB DDR264MB (Can be upgraded to 128M)Up to 2GBUp to 128MB DDR2
eMMCUp to 128GBUp to 16MB Flash16MB4MB Nand Flash256 FlashUp to 128GBUp to 32MB SPI Flash
OSDebian 11 / Ubuntu / AndroidFree RTOSOpenWRTLinuxFree RTOSFree RTOSDebian 11OpenWRT
Dimension120mm * 120mm * 33.45mm96mm * 94.5mm * 31mm195.05mm * 126.66mm * 36.08mm195.05mm * 126.66mm * 36.08mm96mm * 94.5mm * 31mm113mm * 73mm * 18mm190mm * 190mm * 37mm180mm * 175mm * 75mm
InterfaceRJ45, Type-C, Slot for SIM Card and SD Card, USB 2.0RJ45, Type-C, 1 X SIM CardRJ45, 1 X SIM CardWLAN/LAN portRJ45, Type-C, 1 X SIM CardRJ45, Type-C, 1 X SIM CardRJ45, Type-C, 1 X SIM Card, 1 X SD Card, 1 X USB 2.0RJ45
InstallationFlat, Ceiling, DINFlat, Ceiling, DINFlat, Ceiling, DINPortableCeiling, Wall mountingFlat, Ceiling, DIN
Li Battery////4000mAH3000mAH//
CertificationFCC, CE, Bluetooth(BQB), PTCRB, RoHsFCC, CE, ICFCC, CE, Zigbee, Bluetooth(BQB), RoHsFCC, CE, ICFCC, CE, ICFCC, CE, Bluetooth(BQB), PTCRB, RoHsCE, IP66

How to Choose a Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth Protocol Standard

It is crucial to know if the Bluetooth gateway supports compatibility with current standard protocols because the Bluetooth protocol is constantly being updated and adding new features. The Bluetooth protocol’s older version and the Bluetooth gateway’s newer version are backward compatible. Try to choose the most recent protocol when buying a Bluetooth or BLE gateway. Choose the Bluetooth 5.0 gateway, which is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.2/4.0 and other protocols.

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Connectivity Options

Many IoT platforms use Bluetooth and Ethernet for close-range connectivity, Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN for needs requiring longer-range connectivity. Manufacturers and plant owners are increasingly using their smartphones to remotely monitor activities in their factories or plants. There are IoT gateway designs that support longer-distance connectivity options like GSM/GPRS-based and LTE-M.

In this regard, not all IoT gateways are created equal, and generally speaking, the more affordable the gateway, the fewer connectivity options are offered, which is a crucial factor to take into account.

The gateway should support common protocols like Modbus, MQTT, and OPC UA in addition to standard ones like TCP/IP and HTTP. A gateway used in an industrial environment should also have multiple serial interfaces, LAN interfaces, and USB ports.

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Number of Bluetooth Connections

If you pick a Bluetooth gateway, you can use it to link Bluetooth products like beds, lamps, and blood pressure monitors for data transmission applications. Depending on how many Bluetooth devices need to be connected, you can select a Bluetooth gateway.

Broadcasting, Scanning & Connection Working Modes

It may be necessary for users to connect to Bluetooth devices, control switches, etc., as well as to collect data occasionally.  At this time, when choosing a Bluetooth gateway, you need to choose a Bluetooth gateway that can support broadcasting, scanning, and connection at the same time. The Bluetooth gateway from DusunIoT supports three operating modes: broadcast, scan, and connect.

Usage Scenarios of Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth gateways can be used in many different situations, but the following situations frequently involve them. The following various usage scenarios will influence your decision.

  • Indoor scene: A Bluetooth gateway with a less expensive engineering plastic shell is an option.
  • Outdoor scene: A waterproof Bluetooth gateway is an option for outdoor settings. You can select a Bluetooth gateway that supports 4G
  • Mobile scene: A Bluetooth low-energy gateway with a SIM card slot is an option if installing network cables or connecting to WiFi is not convenient.

Bluetooth Gateway Application Related:

Centralized Management and Configuration

Bluetooth gateways are used for interconnection control. As an Internet control center, a project application requires hundreds or even thousands of Bluetooth gateway devices to be deployed according to the site. Since all gateways can be upgraded or changed at once, switching from one Bluetooth gateway to another, it can be less stressful and time-consuming to choose a Bluetooth gateway that can be centrally managed and configured.

Data Filtering of Bluetooth Gateway

When selecting a Bluetooth gateway, you should take into account the Bluetooth gateway filtering method, which can disable other devices while they’re working and minimize the processing of junk data. The use of the Bluetooth gateway will be hampered by other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.

DusunIoT Bluetooth gateway already supports four ways to filter Bluetooth devices, including semaphore value RSSI, Bluetooth device name, Beacon UUID, and CompanyID.

Price of Bluetooth Gateway

DusunIoT is the world’s leading supplier of Bluetooth gateways. Among similar Bluetooth gateway products, DusunIoT’s Bluetooth gateway has a considerable advantage in price.

Bluetooth Gateway ODM Service

Customizable Bluetooth Low Energy gateways are the most economical choice for large-scale IoT deployments connecting tens of thousands of devices due to economies of scale. Customers are allowed to design their own proprietary solution to suit the application’s specific needs and build their brand. Dusun offers ODM service for Bluetooth gateway customers on a large scale.

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