How Can Bluetooth Gateway and Pulse Oximeters Help IoT Healthcare?

bluetooth gateway and pulse oximeters help iot healthcare
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How can the Bluetooth gateway help medical staff improve work efficiency? In hospitals, there are often some elderly or weak patients whose health status needs to be monitored by doctors and nurses in real time. Therefore, medical staff has to spend more time and energy on their healthcare work. In order to improve efficiency, various IoT medical wearable medical devices are invented and used to monitor patients’ conditions in real-time. At the same time, the collection and analysis of medical data through the Internet of Things allows doctors and nurses to receive data much more quickly and spend less time on the shuttle among the wards. In a Pandemic time, using this remote health monitoring IoT solution can also help keep a certain distance between medical staff and patients, so as to protect themselves from being infected.

For example, sometimes doctors or nurses need to monitor the blood oxygen status of critically ill patients, they wish to get blood oxygen from the patients more efficiently, and thus have relatively higher requirements for real-time data transfer. In order to help them, we can connect the IoT-based pulse oximeter with the IoT gateway, making data transmitted to the hospital’s Internet of Things platform much more quickly, so that doctors and nurses can directly receive real-time pulse oximeter data from computers or cellphones, without having to check the situation before patients’ bed. This is the so-called RPM solution (IoT remote patient monitoring).

Medical wearable devices such as pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters, wearable watches, etc. basically use Bluetooth technology to collect the blood oxygen status from patients, so usually a Bluetooth gateway is used as the IoT bridge between the BLE device and the hospital network platform, as BLE devices themselves can not directly connect to the Internet.

How Does the Bluetooth Gateway and Pulse Oximeter Work Together?

Hence BLE devices such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, pulse oximeters, body fat scales, wearable watches, smart medicine boxes, and fall detectors can be connected to the health platforms of hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions, the Bluetooth gateway can help collect data and transfer to the cloud server, so as to monitor the health conditions of patients in real-time, especially for chronic disease management, such as diabetes and hypertension. Bluetooth gateway plays a role of bridge between the BLE device and the cloud server.  

how does the bluetooth gateway and pulse oximeter work together

Dusun IoT provides complete IoT solutions including smart gateways and various smart health devices, to help build smart hospital systems:

Bluetooth Gateways

Dusun IoT Bluetooth gateway supports a variety of wireless protocols, including Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-WAVE, etc., with 4G LTE function and backup lithium batteries. Open API interfaces can help easily connect to private Cloud platforms or other public Cloud platforms of hospital and nursing home networks.

Learn more about What is a Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth GATT Gateway

Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters are used to track the oxygen levels in a person’s blood. Pulse oximetry screening is used to detect congenital severe heart defects (CCHD). Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions can use Bluetooth gateways to remotely monitor the blood oxygen content of patients in real time to make the next treatment decisions.

Besides pulse oximeters, Dusun IoT also provides other commonly seen healthcare devices to build smart medical care systems.

Blood Glucose Meters

A blood glucose meter is a self-monitoring kit that can analyze a person’s blood sugar count with the help of a minimal blood sample. After analyzing the count, the blood glucose meter information can be stored in the cloud through a Bluetooth gateway.

Blood Pressure Monitors

By using a smart blood pressure device, one can record his/her blood pressure in the app and check the generated graph. Smart blood pressure monitoring devices mainly use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as connection technologies, so blood pressure results can also be sent to doctors through Bluetooth gateways for further information on treatment.

Smart Pill Boxes

The smart pill box is an intelligent medication management device developed for medication reminders, records, and real-time data uploads. It usually has 8 medicine compartments, which can put medicines 8 times at one time, which is convenient for taking multiple medicines. The smart medicine box information can be uploaded to the cloud platform through the Bluetooth gateway so that doctors or family and friends can receive the information, so as to realize the supervision and care of patients.

Fall Detectors

A fall detector is a monitoring device that detects falls and emits an alarm signal when a fall is detected. By using a Bluetooth gateway, the fall detector information can be uploaded to the cloud platform in real-time, so that the patient’s families and friends can track the health status of the elderly at home and make timely actions.

Why choose Dusun IoT Bluetooth Gateway to Build Your IoT Medical Solution?

Dusun IoT Bluetooth gateway and smart health devices have passed the FDA certification and other certifications of relevant countries and regions. Our products have also passed the standard Bluetooth health protocol, making the connection much easier. Meanwhile, the Dusun IoT Bluetooth gateway has an open API interface, which is convenient for docking with systems and platforms of various hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions. In addition, the Dusun IoT Bluetooth gateway has a standard LUCI configuration page, which makes it easier for devices to connect to the cloud.

bluetooth gateway and medical devices

The Use Case of Dusun IoT Bluetooth Gateway + IoT Medical Solution 

It is a well-known truth that Thailand is one of the countries with the best healthcare system in the world. There are many medical institutions and medical service providers in Thailand. Tely, a famous medical service provider in Thailand, is a big partner of Dusun IoT.

In 2020, Tely found Dusun IoT and put forward a clear demand to Dusun IoT experts: their current medical devices and services are very traditional and do not have access to the online cloud. However, during the Pandemic, it is not so convenient for patients to go out for medical treatment, especially for the elderly with underlying diseases. Therefore, medical resources became very scarce. Under such circumstances, Tely hoped that Dusun IoT can provide them with IoT-based medical solutions to solve the problem of mismatch between patients and medical resources, and the inconvenience of going out for medical treatment.

Based on Tely’s needs, Dusun IoT proposed a smart medical hardware solution that can fully match its needs, including IoT gateways and a complete set of smart medical devices (glucose meter, blood oxygen meter, blood pressure meter, wearable watches, body fat scales, fall detectors, smart pill boxes, etc.). The IoT gateways have been already docked with medical devices and connected to IoT cloud platforms such as AWS IoT. After a simple setting by Tely, the patient’s monitoring data can be uploaded to the cloud platform. Dusun IoT’s smart medical hardware solution helped Tely easily build scalable IoT medical applications to collect, process, analyze and operate data without any hassle and buzzle.

Tely product director said: Dusun IoT’s smart medical hardware solutions have solved problems such as inconsistent wireless protocols between medical devices, the difficult connection between IoT gateways and medical devices, and offer easy access to the cloud. Their support service not only helps Tely solve technical problems, but also accelerated our project POC commercialization process.


By using 1 IoT gateway + 1 set of smart devices, the Dusun IoT gateway hardware solution solves the pain points for IoT hardware developers and makes the hardware development more agile and flexible. If you also want to build your own smart hospital or nursing home solutions, to remotely monitor the health status of the elderly and patients all the time, welcome to contact Dusun IoT for personalized solutions.

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