DSGW-092 ESP32 IoT Gateway (BLE/Zigbee/Z-Wave to WiFi/LTE CatM1/Ethernet)

Model: DSGW-092 Category:

DSGW-092 ESP32 gateway supports multiple protocols (BLE 5.2/Zigbee/Z-Wave to Wi-Fi/LTE Cat1/wired Ethernet (RJ45) , widely used in sensor-to-cloud solutions like smart home thermometer monitoring (BLE) and industrial solar panel data logger monitoring(Zigbee).

ESP32 SoCs (System-on-Chips) is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo chip with good RF performance, as well as ultra-low power consumption (sleep current less than 5A). Small in size, and easy-to develop, running FreeRTOS. For quick setup the gateway ESP32, SDK Quick Start guide and API will be provided for developers.

Quick view of DSGW-092 ESP32 Gateway

  • Supports a variety of wireless and wired interfaces (BLE/Zigbee/Z-Wave to Wi-Fi/Ethernet/LTE);
  • Operating temperature: -10℃~70℃
  • Certification: FCC, CE, IC
  • One WAN/LAN variable network port;
  • Semi-customization by dding or removing features as a building block, saving time to go to market and cut down development cost;
  • Easily connect to third-party platform like AWS-IoT, Azure or Google IoT;
  • USB 5V type C Power supply;
  • Ceiling installation supported, except for putting on the table;
  • Support users gateway application reprogramming and porting.

Parameters of DSGW-092 ESP32 IoT Gateway

Power AdapterInput:100V~240V AC/50~60HZ Output:5V/2A, USB type C
EthernetThe network interface supports CAT-5/CAT-5E to transmit data. It is WAN/LAN variable.
Indicator LEDsGreen led: Power LED normally on when powered on
Red led: BLE/Zigbee/Z-WAVE LED is flash when the signal come
Blue led: Wi-Fi LED normally on after connecting to Wi-Fi for 1-2 sec
Reset ButtonThe reset button is hole button, soft reset. After pressing the reset button
for more than 5 seconds, the Gateway will be restored to the factory settings.
Installation methodFlat, Ceiling, DIN
SIM cardsupport
Operating Temperature-10℃~70℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~85℃

Block Diagram of DSGW-092 Gateway ESP32

DSGW-092 ESP32 Gateway Hardware Block Diagram

Connectivity Options of DSGW-092 ESP32 BLE/Zigbee/Z-Wave to Wi-Fi/Ethernet/LTE Gateway

ModelLTE CatM1Wi-FiBluetoth5.2ZigbeeZ-WAVEWAN/LAN

Use Case

iot temperature monitoring

IoT Temperature Monitoring

solar panel monitoringoring

Solar Panel Monitoring

ble mesh lighting control

BLE Mesh Lighting Control

use case ble elderly care

Remote Patient Monitoring

ESP32 IoT Gateway FAQs

The DSGW-092 ESP32 gateway can be linked to the Tuya platform so that customers can operate smart home appliances through the Tuya app.

Smart home appliance manufacturers can directly use Tuya since the procedure is reasonably simple, as opposed to developing a cloud and part application to administer the item. It will enable you to cut costs. Manufacturers and suppliers can easily register their products on the Tuya platform and activate them for either Tuya Smart Life or Tuya Smart.

Also, Dusun IoT offers a series of Tuya products including sensors (PIR, smoke/gas/water leakage, door/window opening, Siren, humidity/temp, SoS), security monitoring devices (cameras), and valve controllers. Meanwhile. You can look for Tuya smart home Zigbee gateway and Tuya router gateway here.

Although Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are already included in ESP32 SoCs. But the majority of people just make use of WiFi. Bluetooth is only used to onboard devices. The ESP32 BLE gateway requires connecting to numerous BLE end devices and execute WiFi communication when it use Bluetooth as MCU, which is prone to some issues. So we add extra BLE modulle for making up this defect. If you want to look for a powerful Bluetooth gateway, you can fill in the contact form for further suggestions.

The ES32 Bluetooth LE supports up to nine client devices for connection. but for stable connection, Espressif said the connection number does not exceed four. More info can be explored here

Yes. ESP32 can be used to develop IoT gateway. It is clearly stated within its ESP32­WROOM­32E datasheet. It sald that ESP32 can be used as generic low-power IoT sensor hub, a central processing unit (CPU) or microcontroller designated specifically for processing data from various sensors.

Here i sa case from our customer who use ESP32 as IoT gateway: Hi, I have to use the BLE 5 gateway to work with thermometers. The project calls for the TI 2640R2F MCU to send temperature data to our cloud device via an IoT gateway using BLE. Ethernet or Wi-Fi must be used to send the BLE data to the cloud unit. A website will be used to keep track of the data kept in the cloud storage unit. It is essential that several thermometers can be monitored at once without any data being lost.

As a low-cost microcontroller with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, ESP32 achieves extremely low power consumption. This is perfect for IoT to build up energy-efficient network.

ESP32 processor can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and simply collect data from downlink BLE sensor network, which makes it perfect for home automation projects.

ESP32 can function as a full standalone system or as a slave device to a host MCU, which lessens the burden on the primary application CPU caused by communication stack overhead. Through its SPI/SDIO or I2C/UART interfaces, ESP32 may connect to other systems to provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

No, the ESP32 hardware only supports Bluetooth LE 4.2. You can see it on ESP32­WROOM­32E datasheet we mentioned above. This is also the reason why we add an extra Bluetooth 5.2 module on DSGW-092 ESP32 IoT gateway.

Additional information





CPU Architecture



Bluetooth, LoRa, LTE, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee




GPIOPin, M.2 SATA3.0, Micro HDMI, Mipi camera, MIPI-DSI, PCIe, SD card, SIM card, TF card, Type-C, USB2.0, USB3.0


Android, Buildroot+QT, Ubuntu




16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128G


Home Assistant


Edge Computing, Smart Apartment, Smart Home

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