DSGW-094 Nordic Bluetooth Cellular (LTE M/NB IoT) Transparent Gateway

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DSGW-094 transparent BLE LTE M/NBIoT gateway uses advanced nRF52840 SoCs (support Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth mesh) to implement BLE-enabled IoT solutions. Meanwhlle, it has optional LTE cat M1/cat NB module for forwarding data to the backend cloud. As a transparent gateway, DSGW-094 supports fast, stable and bidirectional data transmission, facilitating fast communication for your IoT projects and solutions. A 5V USB type C power adapter equipped.

Parameters of DSGW-094 Nordic Bluetooth Cellular Gateway

CPU Nordic nRF52840
RAM 256 KB
eMMC 4MB Nand Flash
OTR 0℃~55℃ Commercial Grade
Dimensions 95x95x30mm
Protocols BLE 5.2, LTE Cat M1, Cat NB, Ethernet
Flash 1 MB
Power Adapter USB type C
Installation method Flat, Ceiling, DIN
SIM card e-SIM /micro SIM Optional
Interfaces RJ45, Type-C, 1 SIM Card
Operating Temperature 0℃~55
Certification FCC, CE , IC, BQB

Block Diagram of DSGW-094 Nordic BLE NB-IoT Gateway

What is Transparent Gateway?

Transparent gateways are IoT middle devices using transparent data transmission technology. The manner in which data is sent matters greatly in the Internet of Things since it directly impacts the reliability and efficiency of the entire system. Transparent transmission and non-transparent transmission are two of the words used to describe them.

Transparent transmission is the process of sending data to a recipient without subjecting it to any particular processing before transmission. In other words, the sender is simply responsible for transmitting the data to the receiver, and the recipient is then free to parse out the data information that was transmitted by the sender. This process is completely transparent.

By removing data processing, transparent transmission has quick transmission speeds, high effectiveness, and minimal costs, appropriate for situations requiring a high data transfer speed, such as data transmission between IoT devices in a household or an industrial setting.

LTE M vs NB-IoT, what's the difference?

LTE-M and NB-IoT are standardized, secure, and operator-managed in licensed spectrum. They are two well-liked cellular technologies created for IoT applications that are inexpensive, use modest data speeds, need extended battery lifetimes, and frequently operate in remote areas. However, while deciding which one is appropriate for your IoT applications, there are distinctions between them. Read more on NB-IoT vs LTE-M to know details and how to choose.

As for DSGW-094 IoT gateway hadware, LTE-M is a preferable solution regarding managing firmware upgrades that are anticipated throughout the lifespan of the devices. Meanwhile, LTE-M gateway is a preferable mobility option because it won’t disrupt existing data transfers and is compatible with speech technologies and speech over LTE.

In some situations, NB-IoT is advantageous. It is ideal for indoor IoT applications with thousands (or more) of devices since it is scalable, secure, and reasonably priced. In addition to having even greater range and less power usage than LTE-M, NB-IoT devices sometimes have battery lives of over ten years.

Dimensions and Package of DSGW-090 Wireless Home IoT Gateway

dsgw 090 dimension
dsgw 090 package list
Package List
Optional Model for the mass production
Model Wi-Fi 2.4G Bluetooth 5.2 Zigbee3.0 Z-Wave LTE Cat1
For Sample only Product ( DSGW-090-2 ) available
Model Wi-Fi 2.4G Bluetooth 5.2 Zigbee3.0 Z-Wave LTE Cat1
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for Logo Customization is $ 20K

Applications of DSGW-094 NB-IoT Gateways

Smart Apartment Solution for Property Management

IoT Building Automation

Smart Metering

Smart Metering

FAQs of DSGW-094 LTE M Gateways

It involves gateway devices using non-transparent transmission technology. Non-transparent transmission involves the fact that data must first be encrypted or compressed before being transferred, as opposed to transparent transmission. It is typically necessary to be implemented using specific protocols and algorithms. For this reason, we recommend DSGW-210 IoT gateway hardware for non-transparent transmission. It uses ARM-based processor (RK3328) with customizable memory storage (RAM up to 2GB and eMMC up to 32GB), allowing you to programme on it. In addition, it has rich IoT protocol choices and can be used as an IoT edge transparent gateway as well.
The benefit of non-transparent transmission is that it has great data security and is difficult for hackers to target. Additionally, non-transparent communication enables more sophisticated data processing and transmission techniques.

NB-IoT gateway is a type of LPWAN gateways. NB-IoT is a radio technology standard used to accommodate a variety of cellular devices and services developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). It coexists in licensed frequency bands including 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz alongside the GSM and LTE. However, NB-IoT restricts the data rate to 150–250kbps and the bandwidth to a single 180kHz narrow band.
NB-IoT allows devices to have a lengthy standby time, efficient connection, and highly thorough indoor cellular data coverage. With more and more emerging IoT applications and embeded IoT devices calling for low-power consumption, ease of use and cost-efficiency, DSGW-094 NB-IoT gateways can give full play to IoT-based metering, industrial 4.0 automation, smart parking, medical wearable devices, etc.

Sure, Dusun IoT has ZigBee Ethernet gateways and support Home Assistant. It is called DSGW-210-HA Zigbee Ethernet Gateway. This Home Assiatant Zigbee gateway allow users to use Zigbee and KNX to control Zigbee light. With 2GB RAM, up to 64GG eMMC, and an extra TF card up to 128GB, it allows users to work offline and independently from any cloud-based services.

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