What is BLE MQTT Gateway and BLE2mqtt in IoT?

BLE MQTT technology is widely used in BLE MQTT gateways. we provide a simple but useful tool that send your BLE data to MQTT servers, which is the underlying mechanism for popular IoT solution. The Mqtt bluetooth gateway can be used as ble mqtt bridge to help decision making.
What is BLE MQTT Gateway and BLE2mqtt
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Smart home, wearable, IoT gateway and IoT sensors frequently use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Your BLE data is sent to MQTT servers via the BLE MQTT gateway, which is the underlying technology for popular IoT solutions. This article will introduce what is BLE2MQTT, and BLE MQTT gateway definition, functions and use cases.

What is BLE2mqtt?

A programme or service called BLE2mqtt enables Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled devices to connect to and communicate with a MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) broker. In IoT (Internet of Things) applications, a lightweight publish-subscribe protocol called MQTT is frequently used for inter-device and server-to-device communication.

Through the conversion of BLE data into MQTT messages and vice versa, BLE2mqtt fills the gap between BLE and MQTT. This enables BLE devices to interact with MQTT brokers and take part in MQTT networks even if the devices do not themselves natively support MQTT. In this approach, BLE2mqtt enables the construction of new IoT solutions that make use of both BLE and MQTT as well as the seamless integration of BLE devices into already-existing IoT infrastructures.

MQTT Architecture

MQTT Architecture

MQTT Client

An MQTT client is a message publisher or receiver that establishes an internet connection with a MQTT broker (message hub) that is powered by the MQTT library. A MQTT client can publish a message to a MQTT broker in the capacity of a publisher and to other MQTT clients who have subscribed to receive messages from it. The client requests a connection by sending a “CONNECT” message to the broker in order to open a line of communication.

MQTT Broker

The MQTT broker is the focal point or hub that gathers published messages from the client and distributes the message channel to the MQTT clients that have subscribed. To put it simply, the broker takes the messages the client sends, filters them, determines which clients have subscribed to each message, and then sends the messages to those customers.

MQTT brokers utilise these subscription lists to verify that MQTT clients are eligible to accept messages. An MQTT message contains a category of the channel called “subject” that MQTT clients subscribe to. A broker responds to a CONNECT message with a CONNACK message to establish a connection with the client.


When the sender (client or broker) submits the “subject,” the technical term used is “publish”. When the receiver (subscribed client) receives the “subject,” subscribe is utilised. Clients can publish to a subject, subscribe to it, or do both. Publish comes from the sender, while Subscribe comes from the recipient, to put it simply.

The client and broker are always in communication via the MQTT protocol. Clients never make direct connections to one another. As a result, the clients just interact about the subject; they are not required to know one another. This architecture makes it possible to link millions of devices without relying on either the data producers or the data consumers thanks to highly scalable technologies.

When handling the delivery of messages to subscribers on various scales, the QoS ( quality of service) is crucial. Each connection has the ability to inform the broker on the quality of service using an integer value between 0 and 2. Each connection has the ability to inform the broker on the quality of service using an integer value between 0 and 2.

1. 0 limits the number of times a publication term can be specified to one or zero. It is frequently called “fire and forget.” There is no need for a delivery acknowledgement for this.

2. At least once in 1 is a specific. Up to an acknowledgment, the message is sent several times. The term “acknowledged delivery” refers to this kind.

3. The second specifies only once. A two-level handshake between the receiver and sender clients ensures that only one copy of the message is received. Guaranteed delivery is the name given to this kind.

The MQTT protocol has been able to displace all other protocols that were utilised for device-to-device communication for more than ten years because to its many unique features.

What is BLE to MQTT Gateway?

As a bridge connecting the two technologies, a MQTT Bluetooth gateway is a hardware or software component that enables Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to communicate with a MQTT broker over a network. The MQTT broker processes and distributes the data to other connected devices and systems when the gateway receives it from BLE devices like sensors and beacons.

This enables real-time communication and data transfer between BLE devices as well as their integration into larger IoT solutions.


The Advantages of BLE MQTT Gateway


Interoperability is achieved through the use of a Bluetooth MQTT Gateway, which enables devices that employ various communication protocols to communicate with one another. This results in an increase in the overall interoperability of the devices.


Scalability refers to the fact that the MQTT protocol was developed for use in large-scale, distributed systems and is capable of managing thousands upon thousands of linked devices. When an Internet of Things system makes use of a Bluetooth MQTT Gateway, the amount of devices that may be linked to the system increases dramatically.

Low latency

MQTT is designed for real-time communication, and the usage of a Bluetooth MQTT Gateway enables low-latency data flow between BLE devices and the MQTT broker. MQTT was originally developed by IBM.

Low power consumption

Because BLE devices are purpose-built to require very little power, they are ideally suited for usage in IoT systems that are powered by batteries. Because it enables these devices to interact directly with a centralized MQTT broker, a Bluetooth MQTT Gateway can assist in lowering the amount of power that is consumed by these devices.


MQTT allows for secure communication through the use of encryption and authentication, and a Bluetooth MQTT Gateway can assist in ensuring the safety of BLE devices that are integrated into an IoT system.

Easy Integration

Bluetooth gateway hub can be easily integrated into existing IoT systems, allowing developers to quickly add support for BLE devices to their applications.

Dusun BLE MQTT Gateway

Building-based BLE devices (such as smart lighting, central air conditioners, security alarm systems, etc.) and cloud-based (private or public) management servers are connected via the BLE MQTT gateway introduced by Dusun IoT. For collecting different types of data from outside sources and centrally integrating them, the BLE MQTT gateway offers a consolidated security platform.

In order to speed up the reaction time of smart lighting equipment, Dusun IoT’s BLE MQTT gateway also offers an edge computing feature that can directly issue instructions after conducting edge computing on the data. Without relying on servers, this intelligence enables real-time processing and communication replies.

Dusun BLE MQTT Gateway

Dusun’s Bluetooth IoT gateway helps users connect edge devices/sensors to the platform for communication. Dusun BLE MQTT gateway collects data, integrates data and saves MQTT data in data storage for cold data or hot data processing. Dusun BLE MQTT gateway provides a secure MQTT channel for data security, data integrity and data aggregation. The main features that distinguish Dusun BLE MQTT gateway from other products are:

Online data at any time

MQTT stays online, making the channel between the sensor device and the platform always open. Therefore, real-time data is always available on the platform.

Publish Quality of Service Level

For publish feed values, Dusun BLE MQTT gateway supports QoS levels 0 (at most once), 1 (at least once) and QoS level 2 (exactly once).


Dusun BLE MQTT gateway is designed for scalability and reliability. Dusun BLE MQTT gateway broker is scalable to multiple devices connected simultaneously and uses industry standards to ensure no data loss. Customers mainly rely on this for business critical IoT systems.

Single Session

In order to avoid repeated connections and lateral injection, Dusun BLE MQTT gateway allows only one session per device to ensure one-to-one bridging between devices and cloud channels. Any additional connections will be rejected, even if it is an authorized channel.

Data compliance

Through the MQTT protocol, it becomes simple and efficient to send data, receive data, store in the cloud, and publish to users in a specific order.

Dusun BLE MQTT gateway application

Bluetooth Inventory Tracking System

Choosing which things to buy and in what quantities is one of the most challenging decisions that business owners must make. Because of this, they regularly run out of certain of their items while having an abundance of others. Managers may verify their own status and tracking in real-time using the Smart Bluetooth gateway, which will increase the effectiveness of the delivery of products.

The BLE direction finding and monitoring of specialised goods can be improved by installing electronic barriers. To protect safety and get rid of any potential threats, it will sound the first alarm once it goes outside the predetermined range.

Inventory management

In order to reduce picking costs for routine inspection and picking activities in the warehouse, the picking path can be planned ahead of time based on where people and packages will be placed. The management of employee attendance and working hours statistics is done using real-time location data of the personnel.

The BLE MQTT gateway may be used to increase the precision of real-time scheduling for warehouse workers, operating area management, and warning channel aggregation.

Explore more about our Bluetooth inventory tracking case study here

Remote Patient Monitoring

Through the BLE MQTT gateway, the remote monitoring device communicates with the customer’s health platform to track and analyze vital signs in real time. It is widely used in remote physiological monitoring of chronic diseases such as remote blood sugar monitoring and remote blood pressure monitoring. Tagging, managing, and handling blood can be a difficult process.

Transporting blood work is highly difficult since blood must be preserved in an environment with specific conditions. However, it is now much simpler to monitor the characteristics of various habitats to ascertain whether they are ideal for blood storage and transit thanks to BLE MQTT gateway.

Learn more about Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Solution here.

The individuals who might use the medications may experience negative side effects if they are stored in a hostile environment. The medical staff employs a BLE MQTT gateway and Bluetooth tags to track humidity, temperature, and other factors in order to avoid this from happening. Data is transferred to the IoT platform for analysis after it has been gathered.

It’s also important to remember that Bluetooth technology updates medical professionals all day long by sending real-time data to IoT platforms. The devices will promptly inform the medical team if the conditions exceed specified parameters, providing them enough time to tackle the problem.

About Dusun IoT

Dusun IoT has invested in the study and creation of Bluetooth gateway for many years. We provide a range of Bluetooth gateway devices for use in smart home, healthcare, and location-based applications. Dusun IoT will passionately tailor an IoT solution if you use the website form or the online chat option to discuss your unique circumstances and requirements.

Bluetooth Gateway FAQs You May Be Interested

What is a Bluetooth Gateway?

What is a Bluetooth Gateway? A Bluetooth gateway, which functions similarly to a Bluetooth router in theory, is a communication channel between Bluetooth-enabled end devices (such as beacons and sensors) and the Cloud/client server. The Bluetooth Gateway improves the flexibility and effectiveness of IoT infrastructures by enabling communication across a variety of protocols, from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi /Ethernet / Cellular, as well as through standard interfaces like MQTT, API Rest, and GRPC.

How Does Bluetooth Gateway Work?

The Bluetooth Gateway will continuously scan its surroundings within a range of around 100 meters in order to properly gather data from adjacent BLE-enabled end devices; this technology is sometimes referred to as Bluetooth scan. The Bluetooth Gateway will receive periodic transmissions from the BLE beacon devices informing it of their presence. To make it simple to obtain their data from the cloud or server, the Bluetooth IoT Gateway will gather it in the form of frames and broadcast it on a MQTT broker.

bluetooth scan
bluetooth scan working principle

What is BLE 5 Gateway?

As you can see from the name, BLE 5 gateway is the gateway using Bluetooth SIG protocol 5.0 version. Bluetooth v5 was introduced in 2016 and has experienced several iterations including BLE technology such as BLE Mesh, Direction finding, Bluetooth Long Range and so on. BLE is especially suitable for ultra-low-power and low bandwidth IoT application. Its key features including low power (coin-cell battery in BLE beacons can last for more than 1 year), smaller data packet sizes, shorter receiver and trasmit TX windows, always n sleeping mode (race to idle) unless you instigate a connection, lower memory footprint(small Bluetooth protocol stack size), fast connection time, and simple stateless operation, compared with Bluetooth Classic. Know more BLE vs Bluetooth here.

What is BLE Beacon Gateway?

BLE Beacon gateways use Wi-Fi, cellular, and Ethernet technology to upload data to cloud servers after receiving messages from BLE beacons. The main function of a Bluetooth Beacon gateway is to scan for BLE iBeacon devices. The BLE host (e.g. Bluetooth Beacon gateway) can connect to and setup the BLE Beacon, which can broadcast messages as little base stations for information.

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