Is a Bluetooth Access Point the Same as a Bluetooth Gateway?

A Bluetooth access point usually acts as a device performing the role of a router, delegation, or link, enabling other devices to connect to a wider network, such as the internet.
Is a Bluetooth Access Point the Same as a Bluetooth Gateway
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Simply put, yes. You may hear the difference between Bluetooth gateway and Bluetooth Access Point. But in terms of practical application, there is no difference between the two. Let’s talk about the difference in detail below.

What is a Bluetooth Access Point?

The Bluetooth access point is a device that is positioned inside the local area network (LAN) that increases the range of a wireless connection. It can potentially expand a network’s user base and can connect multiple Bluetooth devices. 

Bluetooth access point connects Bluetooth devices to a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or the internet, hence acting as a link. These two wireless systems share several applications, such as network configuration, printing, and data transmission.

The default broadcast bandwidth is 150m, however, it may be expanded to 1000m with an extra microstrip antenna. Telnet, SSH, and web are among the management and configuration tools.

What is a Bluetooth gateway?

A Bluetooth gateway, which is also known as a BLE gateway, is an IoT (Internet of Things) device that enables the communication between Bluetooth enabled devices and the Internet. It acts as a bridge between different types of networks, allowing for data to be transmitted from one system to another.

Pairing your Bluetooth device with the Bluetooth gateway is necessary to transmit data from your Bluetooth device to the cloud. By transmitting the Bluetooth device’s endpoint data to the cloud platform, the Bluetooth gateway will authenticate the Bluetooth device automatically.

This Bluetooth Access Point provides an innovative method for several Bluetooth users and devices to connect wirelessly. It allows Bluetooth-equipped mobile devices to automatically interface to the internet and local area network (LAN).

As a network access point (NAP), a Bluetooth gadget may connect more than seven additional active PANUs to a LAN or WAN. The Bluetooth access point allows Bluetooth networks to accommodate more users and link gadgets wirelessly.

The Applications of Bluetooth Access Point

There are many different applications for Bluetooth Gateways, including smart factory asset tracking, universal health care, smart supply chain IoT, and Smart Building Automation Controls. These applications include security alerts, tracking data, and customized analytics. In addition, a Bluetooth gateway might be extremely helpful in Precise Indoor Localization (Read more at AoA Locator).

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smart greenhouse monitoring system

IoT Pulse Oximeter as part of Remote Patient Monitoring System

The benefits of a Bluetooth Gateway include its ability to use the most recent version of the BLE Routing Protocol (BLE5.0+), its low power usage, its high efficiency, and the fact that it supports several interfaces. Being pre-integrated with public cloud systems allows you to employ IoT services in the background while you concentrate on finding solutions that really help your company.

The fact that it is a Bluetooth IoT Gateway implies that it can connect to any Bluetooth low-energy device using the universally-accepted Generic Attribute Profile (GATT).

Bluetooth Access Points are used in the industrial and medical fields for high-stakes wireless applications. One may, for instance, obtain actual information from several patients’ heart monitors in individualized web apps on any digitally available device. This functionality is available in a medical application, such as the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system.

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By leveraging cutting-edge IoT technology, IoT’s remote patient monitoring device solutions facilitate patient interaction with healthcare providers, paving the way for progressive digitalization. This is especially true for symptomatic care remote neurobiological checking, such as glucose and blood pressure tracking.

Besides, the RPM solution for remote patient monitoring provides the most comprehensive set of features and data links to support successful virtual care throughout numerous settings, allowing health providers to create individualized monitoring plans for each patient.

Bottom Line

Dusun IoT has spent several decades researching and developing Bluetooth Gateway. We also provide a vast selection of IoT technologies for your smart home, healthcare, and location monitoring solutions. For any related IoT gateway product, please contact us now!

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