DSGW-010-3 Industrial Bluetooth Gateway (WiFi/LTE 4G/Ethernet Backhaul)

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DSGW-010-3 is a Low Energy industrial Bluetooth gateway with highly-integrated WiFi capability, LTE 4G failover and Ethernet RJ45 port, keeping your business operating smoothly in industrial environment without interruption. Meanwhile, PoE plus DC 12V adapter power supply, and wall/ceiling mountable installation methods, allowing for flexible deployment in various industrial scenarios. Rugged IP66 all-weather-proof encousure and wide-range operating temperature (-20℃~70℃) can make it work in extremely harsh environment.

DSGW-010-3 industrial Bluetooth gateway can easily connect your BLE devices to the IP domain, opening up remote monitoring and control from devices such as smartphones and tablets on a LAN or WAN, including the Internet, and brings the true Internet of Things to fruition. TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, LWM2M protocols supported. Our FAE team will assist you in firmware completion and APP development.

Parameters of DSGW-010-3 Industrail Bluetooth Gateway

Hardware Architurecture


Operation Systsem


Programming Language

ava, Python, Node.js, C, C++

Uplink Network Connectivity

WiFi 2.4 GHz, LTE 4G, Ethernet

Downlink Network Connectivity

BLE 5.1, mesh, and long range

Operating temperature


Mounting / Form Factor

Wall, Mount



Bluetooth Performance of DSGW-010-3 Industrial Bluetooth Gateway

Protocol translation: Bluetooth to WiFi, Bluetooth to LTE 4G, Bluetooth to Ethernet

Functionality: Bluetooth Access Point, Bluetooth Router Hub, Bluetooth Bridge

Bluetooth Range: 150m in open field, and Bluetooth long-range mode up to 1km

Automatic Scanning: nearby beacons’ RSSI, MAC, etc.

Connected BLE devices: simutaneously max.16 for stable connection

Bluetooth IoT Uses in Industrial Settings

Leveraging Industrial IoT to gather data from sensors and beacons, improve overall operational processes, and make faster and more accurate business decisions is no longer a a hyped concept. The BLE-enabled IIoT has been widely adopted in key industries like oil and gas, hydropower, and manufacturing, as well as in areas like equipment condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, factory building automation, and personnel/asset management, thanks to the proliferation of smart sensors, the adoption of industrial gateways, and the growth of data analytics applications.

Why Use Bluetooth in Industrial Settings?

Extended Battery Life

Core challenges for IIoT include battery life of wireless sensors, remote maintenance and operating costs. Wireless Bluetooth low energy devices have long battery life, which can ower total long-term operating and maintenance expenses (less battery replacement and personnel maintenance costs).

Inexpensive Deployment

Bluetooth is ubiquitous, with strong interoperability, has very competitive chip and module pricing. It can be incorporated into a range of smart devices with minimal implementation costs and significant economies of scale.

Strong Anti-interference

Bluetooth 5 allows greater Bluetooth coverage and faster speed, improved anti-interference capabilities, and supports reliable connections in many vast and loud areas, especially in warehouses and factory environments with a lot of interference.

Many-to-many Mesh Network

To ensure uninterrupted transmission, Bluetooth mesh uses many-to-many communication and multi-channel information relay to keep numerous BLE sensor devices connected with one another securely and reliably, meeting high-performance industrial requirements.

Bluetooth Long Range

In some industrial plant or field with ignitable quantities of combustible gas, vapor, or dust, BLE devices with long range capability can be deployed to guarantee that employees are working in a safe environment, while data gathering and remote access over longer distances is feasible.

Industry Bluetooth Gateway Use Cases

BLE gateway for industrial uses can be used for basic data acquisition, measurement, control, and communication needs. It relays message between BLE sensor networks and cloud servers, allowing users to retrieve and cisualize data in dashboard for data analysis, and send commands back to configure BLE networks. For asset management, a BLE gateway may automatically detect nearby BLE beacons and upload information to a server, including the MAC address, broadcasting type and content, in-time signal power, etc.

Condition Monitoring

To track temperature changes, BLE sensors can be installed in the IoT temperature monitoring system or incorporated into thermostatic valves, thermostats, and boiler controls. Industrial Bluetooth gateways serve as a bridge between IoT devices and the cloud server for data collection and relaying.

Predictive Maintenance

Elevator IoT solution is made possible by using BLE sensors and industrial Bluetooth gateways to gather data on accelerations, jerks, and vibrations, for early warning diagnostics and component residual life prediction, reducing the possible downtime of a malfunctioning elevator.

Access Control/Asset Managament

By establishing geo-fences in key locations to regulate access and make forklift tracking in warehouse, Bluetooth AoA increases the security of industrial and chemical facilities. Meanwhile, it can alert staff members when they reach risky regions.

Building Automation

BLE mesh can be used to accomplish centralized control, monitoring, and automation in factory building automation, covering lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security. This can help conserve energy, lower operating costs, and extend the life cycle of BMS.

Schematics of DSGW-010-3 Industrial Bluetooth Gateways

dsgw 010 block

Installation Methods of DSGW-010-3 Industrial Bluetooth Gateway

DSGW 010 3 Installation Method 2

FAQs of DSGW-010-3 Industrial Bluetooth Gateway

How does DSGW-010-3 Bluetooth gateway communicate with my BLE devices?

DSGW-010-3 is Linux Bluetooth Low Energy gateway running based on OpenWrt system, Linux supports BLE protocol through running the BlueZ stack. BlueZ stack supports all core Bluetooth protocols and layers, it is flexible, efficient and uses a modular implementation. Users can write BLE applications using Bluez APIs to manipulate BLE 5 devices.

How to send BLE beacon data to the designated server via BLE gateway?

Firstly you need to connect the gateway to thje router and log into the router to find the IP address of DSGW-010-3 industrial gateway, then input the IP address on a web browser and enter username and password, you can sucessful log into the gateway;
Secondly, initiate the WiFi/LTE/Ethernet function in the gateway to connect to the Internet;
Thirldly, set the server address where the gathered data will be sent to, MQTT broker, TCP/UDP server you desired;
Finally, open up the BLE beacon list in the LuCi page, set filter options, time intervals, etc. Depending on the user’s settings, the scanned BLE beacon would be posted to the platform after a specific amount of time.

Can DSGW-010-3 industrial Bluetooth gateway used for ships on the sea?

Yes. Various communication devices aboard the ship may be connected to the industrial bluetooth gateway, which can then be utilized as a transmitter to send signals to the monitoring center through LTE. The camera or voice device may also be linked to the gateway at the same time, and a number of communication channels may be used to encode and transmit the picture back to the fixed satellite station on the ground. It is simple for the crew to use the ground satellite master station as a router to link laptops, mobile phones, etc. and access the Internet to accomplish network surfing.

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