Remote Patient Monitoring Wearables In Different Scenarios

remote patient monitoring wearables
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Through the Internet of Things technology, remote patient monitoring wearables can realize the collection and transmission of vital signs data in different scenarios including hospitals, home and outdoors. This type of IoT based health monitoring system making remote management of patient data realized in a more diverse, efficient, comfortable and convenient way.

For example, for cardiovascular patients, ECG data monitoring needs to be carried out constantly after the surgery, so that when something goes abnormally, it can be detected and get treatment at the first time. I

n the past, patients needed to regularly go to the designated department of the hospital for ECG monitoring, or give non-real-time ECG data monitored outside the hospital for doctors to make judgement. But now, the lightweight and compact wearable ECG device can timely transmit vital sign information at home, outdoors and in hospitals.

Deployment Differs in In-hospital, Home, and Outdoor Remote Health Monitoring Systems 

Networking methods in different scenarios are different, which means the deployment focus of healthcare monitoring system based on IoT solution will also be different.

In-hospital Monitoring

Deploy Bluetooth gateways within the hospital, create a monitoring list and connect to the designated gateway, and patients can move within the specified range without manual intervention;

Home Monitoring

The physical signs data can be collected by Bluetooth function of mobile phone so as to realize self-monitoring. After the synchronous cloud transmission, the doctor can carry out the condition judgment and follow-up remotely, reducing the number of times patients go to and from the hospital

Outdoor Monitoring

The monitoring data is synchronized to the cloud in real time through the portable Bluetooth gateway, giving patients freedom of movement anytime, anywhere.

Hospital Patient Monitoring Solution

What the hospital need is large-scale patient monitoring system, which emphasize the numbers of end devices an IoT gateway can carry. Thus this hospital patient monitoring requires the simultaneous access of multiple devices. When deploying the hospital patient monitoring solution, we suggest you to focus on the performance of the Bluetooth gateway, the location where the patient monitoring system solution is built, and the reasonable number of Bluetooth gateway configurations.

After the medical staff create a monitoring list for the patient, wearable patient monitoring devices can be connected to the designated gateway. If necessary, the patient can carry portable Bluetooth gateway to move freely in the hospital or ward, and various data are converted through the Bluetooth gateway protocol and transmitted in the form of Wi-Fi, 4G / 5G, etc., to the server, and the medical staff check and monitor the patient’s vital signs data through the nurse station computers or mobile devices.

Home Health Monitoring System Solution

At present, home health monitoring has been realized in many fields such as blood pressure/blood sugar, dynamic body temperature/heart rate, ECG monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring. Users can choose to let wearable remote patient monitoring device communicate with the mobile phone to realize self-monitoring, or choose IoT gateway to upload vital signs to the hospital public cloud because this way is easy for hospital management.

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Outdoor Health Monitoring System Solution

The remote networking function of wearable medical devices greatly facilitates patients, their vital sign data can be monitored anytime and anywhere.

In outdoor scenarios, while wearing wearable medical devices, patients can also carry the portable Bluetooth gateway, or keep within 15 meters of the fixed Bluetooth gateway, and forward the vital sign information to the cloud central data platform through the BLE <-> 4G protocol for remote monitoring.


With the further maturity of IoT healthcare technology, the data collected by remote patient monitoring wearables will be fully connected to the hospital system, and will also play an important role in the statistical analysis of medical big data, the integration of different doctor resources, and the diagnosis and treatment of cross-level medical institutions.

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