DSGW-290 Dusun Pi4 Edge Computing Gateway (BLE/ZigBee/Z-Wave/LoRaWAN/Sub-G to Wi-Fi/LTE/Ethernet)

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DSGW-290 Dusun Pi4 is a multifunctional industrial IoT gateway supporting multiple protocols (BLE/ZigBee/Z-Wave/LoRaWAN/Sub-G to Wi-Fi/LTE/Ethernet). It is originally design to meet customers needs that they want to find an equivalent raspberry pi 4 alternative with same processing power like Raspberry Pi 4, but having more wireless protocol options and richer interfaces. with powerful CPU and storage enabling edge computing locally.

DSGW-290 Dusun Pi4 is also an IoT gateway specially design for IoT gateway hardware developers. It support hardware encryption. Up to now, more and more developers start to employ Dusun Pi4 for IoT applications beyond induatrial fields, like smart home, agricultural greenhouse, smart city, building automation, apartment/hospitality electricity monitoring, and any other IoT industrial 4.0 solutions.

Overview of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

  • support multiple operation systems including Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Android, Buildroot;
  • support running your own industrial control system like scada or other third-party software like Home assistant, thingsboard, OpenHAB;
  • support users develop their own software on it. If you want to pre-install some software, we support it! If you want to transplant your own software, we support it as well.
  • multiple wireless modules are aleady integrated including ZigBee 3.0, Wi-Fi, LTE, BLE, Z-wave, Sub-G, LoRaWAN, etc., so can choose what you want or remove what you don’t need;
  • support Modbus, KNX, Matter and Thread;
  • rich external interfaces: RS485/232, HDMI,USB,Ethernet;
  • perfect PCBA board layout, enable fast cooling;
  • better antenna layout, stronger and reliable signal transmission
  • support OTA firmware update

Parameter Quick View of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

Main chipRK3568
CPUARM® Quad-core 64-bit processor, Quad-core Cortex-A55
Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2,OpenCL 2.0,Vulkan 1.1
Video ProcessorSupport 4K VP9 and 4K 10bits H265/H264 video decoding, up to 60fps 1080P multi-format video decoding (WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8)
1080P video encoding, support H.264, VP8 format
Video post processor: de-interlacing, denoising, edge/detail/color optimization
Power ManagementRK808 PMU Power Management Unit
RAM8GB dual channel 64Bit LPDDR4(2GB/4GB/8GB optional)
StorageUp to 128GB high-speed eMMC (32GB/64GB/128GB optional)
M.2 SSD option
TF cardsupport

Features of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

Abundant wired ports for easy connection to other devices

1. WAN/LAN Gigabit cable network
2. USB3.0 high-speed universal A port *2
3. USB 3.0type-c common data interface

Multi-media competence empowers audio and video capabilities, can be used to watch TV and movies

1. universal HDMI video interface
2. Dual channel headphone jack

abundant wired ports multi media competence
plug and play

Plug and play with high scalability

1. Insufficient computing performance: Replace the CPU with a DDR, up to 8GB.
2. Not enough storage? Reserve TF card slots. Not enough? An M.2 SSD with a maximum support of 512GB is also available.
3. Multiple protocols and cost overruns for Internet of Things: change modules.
4. Want to do IPC? Reserve the mipi csi interface. It supports up to 800M pixel camera access. It supports up to 800M pixel camera access

A Linux based PC (Android also supported), easily start your programming and development

It is suitable for storage-intensive and computationally intensive tasks like AI and machine learning. At the same time, it is also capable of daily work tasks.

linux based pc android

Dimension and Package of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

290 dimension
290 package list
Package List

Model List

Modelwifi2.4/5GBLELTE cat.4ZigBeeZ-waveEthernet
LoRatuya- ZigbeeSub-G

Resource List

Model[1]-12GB32GBSlot Support[2]
Model -24GB64GBSlot SupportDefault Sample Resources
Model -38GB128GBSlot Support

Remark :
[1] Model corresponds to the model list chart above;
[2] M.2 SSD slot is reserved on the gateway, users can install SSD by themselves

Developer Documents of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

Solutions and Use Cases of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

smart city solution

Smart City

Mass Transit System | Smart Building

industry 4.0

IoT Industry 4.0

Supply Chain Management

smart apartment solution

Smart Apartment/Hospitality

Energy Monitoring | Set-top Box

smart agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Greenhouse Monitoring

FAQs of Dusun Pi Edge Computing Gateway

Do you have the CE certification for Dusun Pi4?

Yes, Dusun Pi4 Gateway has already passed CE certification.

If needed can you also customise a hardware with KNX? or with custom specifications?

The hardware of the above two devices can support KNX, because KNX has standard firmware, which can be integrated into our gateway. We are willing to add KNX for you in your actual order (MOQ required). Welcome to make an inquiry.

Does Dusun Pi4 have SIM card included?

Of course, Dusun Pi4 gateway supports SIM card.

Additional information





CPU Architecture



BLE, Bluetooth, GPS, LoRa, LTE, Sub-G, Wi-Fi, Zigbee




GPIOPin, M.2 SATA3.0, Micro HDMI, Mipi camera, MIPI-DSI, PCIe, SD card, SIM card, TF card, Type-C, USB2.0, USB3.0


Android, Buildroot+QT, Ubuntu


1G, 2G, 4G, 8GB


16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128G


AWS, Azure, Chripstack, Helium, Home Assistant, LORIOT, The ThingsStack, ThingsBoard, TTN, Tuya


Edge Computing, Smart Apartment, Smart Home

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