Productized Raspberry Pi Gateway

Before the productization you don't need to do anything without transplanting applications

Raspberry Pi Gateway

Raspberry Pi is good for the developer

Raspberry Pi is a series of Single-board computers. Its original target is for electronics enthusiasts to learn about coding or computer hardware.

Raspberry Pi Gateway is good for the developer to develop the IoT Gateway

It’s very convenient to use the Raspberry PI gateway in the development stage of the product. But the workload is huge in the productization stage. the following three steps are necessary for the productization stage

  • ID and mechanical design for mass production
  • Redesign the PCB board for Mass production
  • Applying certification

Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway

Productized Raspberry Pi Gateway

Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway is open and no vendor lock-in. It’s very friendly and convenient for the developer at all stages of the product, from Prototype to mass production.

Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway is designed not only for electronics enthusiasts to learn about coding or computer hardware but also for the IoT company to develop its gateway application in the IoT industry.

Frame 1

Direct to Market (DTM)

No application for kinds of Certifications Do NOT redesign the PCBA and Enclosure

Frame 1 1

Modular Design

Each wireless module is designed based on the modular design, So the Gateway can be customized by removing unnecessary connectors and features to reduce cost.

Frame 3

Custom Service

Supporting pre-installed add-ons applications, which are developed and provided by the customer. In addition, developing custom add-ons is also supported.

Frame 2

Direct to Market (DTM)

The Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway has got the IC, FAC, WPC, KC, NTC, RCM, and SRRC certifications besides CE and FCC Certification. Instead of applying for these certifications again, the developer can use these certifications directly.

Product comparison

ParameterRaspberry Pi GatewayReplace Raspberry Pi Gateway
For developers to develop IoT Gateway(For Productized Raspberry Pi Gateway)
protocolDeviceZigbee 3.0
and Matter
Bluetooth 5.0
UpWi-Fi 2.4G/5G
Bluetooth 5.2
LTE Cat M1
RJ45LTE Cat M1
LTE Cat1
storageUp to 32 GB eMMCSupport eMMC(Up to 32GB)
certificationFCC CEIC, FAC, WPC, KC, NTC, RCM, SRRC, FCC, CE

Product comparison

DSGW 010 C PNG03


Replace Raspberry Pi LoRaWan Gateway

gateway 2


Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway

109 5


Replace Raspberry Pi Enocean Gateway

Debian 1

Supporting Multiple Operation System (OS)

The Raspberry Pi Gateway offers powerful hardware architectures for running the following operation Systems (OS):

Supporting kinds of Applications Installation

The Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway is a high-performance and security platform running openHAB, Home Assistant, Node-Red, and ThingsBoard. Instead of requiring a bit more technical knowledge about Linux, it only requires minimal programming basics for the user as an out-of-box smart device.

layer 2

Product comparison

4881649741974 1

Home Energy Management

It will help developers monitor their energy usage at home and save money by using the DSGW-210 Raspberry Pi Gateway. The developer needs to install a special add-on and Home Assistant System on the gateway. Any energy monitoring hardware that integrates with the gateway can be used as a data source. It enables the user to build powerful automation and get insight into their energy usage.

4881649741974 2

Growing Lighting for Plants Solution

Light is one of the most important factors for growing houseplants. The entire system is implemented based on the BLE mesh technology. The custom add-on is developed and installed in the DSM-055(Bluetooth Mesh). Then it was installed into the BLE mesh lights, which are paired with the gateway. The Replace Raspberry Pi Gateway running home assistant system as the brain of the entire light control system sends corresponding commands to end devices according to the surrounding environment. E.g. turn on/off the light. So that the plants can get the ideal growing conditions.

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