Smart Socket/Plug

The Wi-Fi & Zigbee-enabled socket works with Alexa to make any outlet be voice control. Multi-function supported: remote control, timer, and schedule lights, lamps, and small appliances to turn on/off automatically.
smart lighting

Make Your Home Smart

The Smart Plug Powered By Wi-Fi and Zigbee to Provide Quality Home Security and Energy-saving Solutions
This smart plug/socket provides the EU/US/UK standard, it can be wall-mounted, and 3G/4G/Wi-Fi remote control is supported. And you can automate an entire room—without a smart hub. The smart socket can have more additional functions with the Tuya AI+IoT platform. The small, mini-smart socket could be used in home automation, causing the linkage in light controlling, repeated timer for aquariums accessories set, power management, and remote control by smartphone with smartphone Apps through Wi-Fi/internet channels. Compared to the Smartthings outlet/socket, the smart plug supporting Wi-Fi and Zigbee protocols is cheap.

Control the Lamp Lying in Your Bed

You can control the light and lamp with the use of the mini-smart plug from anywhere in your home.

Turn on and off lamps and small appliances with the smartphone app. Also, you can set a schedule and different scenes on your app.

The wall socket with timer function can turn on/off devices automatically based on the user’s customized schedule.

smart socket lamp control
EU standard smart wifi socket

Electricity Consumption

Easily manage the daily electricity consumption of each appliance.

With the Wi-Fi / Zigbee electrical switch plug, you can monitor the energy consumption in your home and get knowledge of the trends. The Wi-Fi / Zigbee controlled outlet makes it easier to build a smart home including monitor, controlling, and learning ability.

No worry about the fish

Set a repeating timer for aquariums accessories.

Automatic shunt fast charging

Automatic identification of various models while meeting the rapid charging of multiple devices.

These Smart Sockets Are The Secret
To The Smart Scenes

brown wooden center table 584399

Smart Home

people sitting on chairs beside their de

Smart Office

More Smart Plugs for Different Countries

DSP 050
DSP 051
DSP 052
DSP 053
DSP 054
DSP 055
DSP 056
DSP 057
DSP 058
DSP 061
DSP 062
DSP 063

To Make It Work With Other Smart Devices,
You Need A Smart Gateway

big gateway
IoT Gateways for Recommendation

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