DSM-036 Wi-Fi6 and BLE Dual Cloud Module

DSM-036 is an Internet of Things wireless module with a stamp hole interface designed based on embedded WI-FI6 +BLE SoC chip ECR6600.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

Dsm-036 is an Internet of Things wireless module with a stamp hole interface designed based on embedded WI-FI6 +BLE SoC chip ECR6600. It includes PCB onboard antenna and IPEX seat. In addition to this,  It has a small size and rich interfaces, easy to develop. The model specification describes the physical characteristics, technical specifications, communication protocol, product functions, performance, and other technical standards of the module

1.2 Product Feature Summary
  • MCU Frequency 240MHz
  • True Random number generator
  • RAM maps directly to the data
  • Peripherals: UART 0/1/2, SPIO(80MHz max), I2C Controller, I2S Controller, SDI02.0(50MHz max), PWMx5, ADC*3
  • Working voltage: 3.0 V to 3.6 V
  • Wi-Fi Performance
    Support Full MAC (LMAC+UMAC)
    Single Frequency 2.4G IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ax
    Support Greenfield mode, Mixed-mode, and Legacy mode
    Soft-AP, STA
    Support RX, STBC
    Built-in PA, LNA, TRX Switch
    All GI, TWT
    Dynamic bandwidth management
  • BLE Performance
    BLE 5.1
    Support BLE and BT multi-device connection
    iShare PA&LNA with Wi-Fi
    Supporting Adaptive Frequency Hopping(AFH)
  • Certification CE, FCC, SRRC
  • Supporting Firmware OTA
  • Supporting connection parameter update
1.3 Scenario
  • Intelligent Building
  • IOT and Big data transmission
  • Electrician, Lighting, and Door Lock
  • Wearable Devices
  • Battery IPC
  • POS
  • Home Appliances/ Home Entertainment/ Wi-Fi Toys

2. Mechanical Requirement

2.1 Dimensions

Dimensions: 18±0.35 mm (W) x33 ±0.35 mm (L) x 3.0±0.15 mm (H).

DSM 036 7
2.3 PCB Layout
DSM 036 1
2.4 Pin Definition
DSM 036 2
Pin NumberPin NameIO TypeMain Function
(After Reset)
Alternate Function
11Chip_ENPChip_EN0=DEF mode;1=test mode

•P indicates power supply pins, I/O indicates input/output pins

3. Electrical parameters

3.1 Absolute electrical parameters
Minimum valueMaximum valueUnit
Ts Storage temperature-40125
VCCPower supply voltage2.23.8V
Static electricity voltage (human body model)TAMB-25-2KV
Static electricity voltage (machine model)TAMB-25-0.5 KV
3.2 Working conditions
ParameterDescriptionMinimum valueMaximum valueTypical
TaWorking temperature-40105-
VCCPower supply voltage2.03.63.3V
VILI/O low-level input-I0VDD*0.3V
VIHI/O high-level inputI0VDD*0.7--V
VOLI/O low-level output-I0VDD*0.2-V
VOHI/O high-level outputI0VDD*0.8--V
IslSleeping Current-6.5-uA

4. Wi-Fi Performance

4.1 Operation Current for Wi-Fi

Test conditions: 3.3V power supply, launch test at 50% duty cycle.

11b 1Mbps POUT = +20dBm (Transmit)343mA
11b 11Mbps POUT = +20dBm(Transmit)335mA
11g 6Mbps POUT = +19dBm (Transmit)255mA
11g 54Mbps POUT = +17dBm (Transmit)205mA
11n HT20 MCS0 POUT = +19dBm (Transmit)246mA
11n HT20 MCS7 POUT = +16dBm (Transmit)206mA
11ax HT20 MCS0 POUT = +19dBm (Transmit)250mA
11ax HT20 MCS7 POUT = +16dBm (Transmit)205mA
11n HT40 MCS0 POUT = +18dBm (Transmit)230mA
11n HT40 MCS7 POUT = +15dBm (Transmit)188mA
Wi-Fi Receive34.8mA
4.2 TX performance for Wi-Fi
ParametersRateStandard (dBm)CH1CH7CH13Unit
Output power

11b, 1Mbps20±1dBm,EVM<-20dB20.6320.1820.49dBm
11b,11Mbps20±1dBm, EVM<-20dB20.6320.220.5dBm
11g , 6Mbp19±1dBm,EVM<-28dB19.1819.2219.29dBm
11g , 54Mbps17±1dBm,EVM<-28dB17.2317.2117.14dBm
11n, HT20 MCS019±1dBm,EVM<-29dB18.6418.6918.67dBm
11n, HT20 MCS716±1dBm,EVM<-29dB16.316.1316.24dBm
11ax ,HT20 MSC019±1dBm,EVM<-32dB18.9118.8118.88dBm
11ax ,HT20 MSC716±1dBm,EVM<-32dB16.2216.0216.15dBm
RateStandard (dBm)CH3CH7CH11Unit
11n, HT40 MCS717±1dB,EVM<-29dB17.2117.2217.34dBm
11n, HT40 MCS715±1dB,EVM<-29dB15.0514.7414.72dBm
4.3 RX Performance for Wi-Fi
ParametersTest itemCH1CH7CH13Unit

Receive sensitivity
11b, 1M , <[email protected]%PER-94-94-94dBm
11b, 11M ,<[email protected]%PER-86-86-86dBm
11g, 6M , <[email protected]%PER-90-90-88dBm
11g, 54M , <[email protected]%PER-74-74-73dBm
11n, HT20 MCS0, <[email protected]%PER-90-90-89dBm
11n, HT20 MCS7, <[email protected]%PER-71-71-70dBm
11ax, HT20 MCS0, <[email protected]%PER-89-89-88dBm
11ax, HT20 MCS7, <[email protected]%PER-71-71-70dBm
Test itemCH1CH7CH13Unit
11n, HT40 MCS0,<[email protected]%PER-87-87-87dBm
11n, HT40 MCS7,<[email protected]%PER-68-68-68dBm

5. BT/BLE Performance

5.1 TX performance (BLE)
ParametersTest ItemStandard(dBm)Channel(dBm)Unit
Output power1Mbps12±111.6812.4112.07dBm
5.2 RX performance (BLE)
ParametersTest ItemStandard(dBm)Channel(dBm)Unit
Sensitivity>30% packet1Mbps-70-92-92-92dBm

6 Antenna

6.1 Antenna type

 This product uses an onboard PCB antenna.

6.2 Antenna interference reduction

To ensure optimal RF performance, it is recommended that the antenna be at least 15 mm away from other metal parts.  If metal materials are wrapped around the antenna, the wireless signals will be reduced greatly, deteriorating the RF performance.

DSM 036 4

7. Production instructions

1.Use an SMT placement machine to mount components to the stamp hole module that DUSUN produces within 24 hours after the module is unpacked and the firmware is burned. If not, vacuum packs the module again. Bake the module before mounting components to the module.

  • SMT placement equipment:
    Reflow soldering machine
    Automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment
    Nozzle with a 6 mm to 8 mm diameter
  • Baking equipment:
    Cabinet oven
    Anti-static heat-resistant trays
    Anti-static heat-resistant gloves

2.Storage conditions for a delivered module are as follows:

  • The moisture-proof bag is placed in an environment where the temperature is below 30℃ and the relative humidity is lower than 70%.
  • The shelf life of a dry-packaged product is six months from the date when the product is packaged and sealed.
  • The package contains a humidity indicator card (HIC).
DSM 036 3

3.Bake a module based on HIC status as follows when you unpack the module package:

  • If the 30%, 40%, and 50% circles are blue, bake the module for 2 consecutive hours.
  • If the 30% circle is pink, bake the module for 4 consecutive hours.
  • If the 30% and 40% circles are pink, bake the module for 6 consecutive hours.
  • If the 30%, 40%, and 50% circles are pink, bake the module for 12 consecutive hours.

4.Baking settings:

  • Baking temperature: 125±5℃
  • Alarm temperature: 130℃
  • SMT placement ready temperature after natural cooling: < 36℃
  • Number of drying times: 1
  • Rebaking condition: The module is not soldered within 12 hours after baking.

5.Do not use SMT to process modules that have been unpacked for over three months.
Electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) is used for the PCBs. If the solder pads are exposed to the air for over three months, they will be oxidized severely and dry joints or solder skips may occur. Roombanker is not liable for such problems and consequences.

6.Before SMT placement, take electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective measures.

7.To reduce the reflow defect rate, draw 10% of the products for visual inspection and AOI before first SMT placement to determine a proper oven temperature and component placement method. Draw 5 to 10 modules every hour from subsequent batches for visual inspection and AOI.

7.1 Recommended oven temperature curve

Perform SMT placement based on the following reflow oven temperature curve. The highest temperature is 245℃.
Based on the IPC/JEDEC standard, perform reflow soldering on a module at most twice.

DSM 036 5
7.2 Storage conditions
DSM 036 6

8. MOQ and packing

Product modelMOQ(pcs)Packing methodNumber of Modules in each reel packNumber of reel packs in each box
DSM-0364000Carrier tape and reel packing10004
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