DusunIoT protocol conversion gateways combine functions such as data acquisition, protocol conversion, edge computing, and data migration to the cloud together. They can work with various cloud-based businesses to implement remote monitoring, operation, maintenance, and data analysis.
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Why Need Protocol Conversion Gateways?

Users can connect various on-site PLCs, sensors, and instruments from multiple vendors using multi-protocol conversion gateways, which employs ARM-based low-power processor and rich interfaces (RJ45, RS-485/232, Slot for SD Card and SIM card, USB, etc.), seamlessly converting protocols and connecting fieldshop equipment to the Internet for centralized machine-to-machine/ machine-to-cloud communication and management.

Installing protocol conversion gateways in your fieldshop is definitely a flexible and scalable means of achieving various protocol communication among isolated devices while avoiding extra time and money spent on redeveloping equipment and learning needed information.

Modbus serial to ethernet converter

Multiple Protocol Gateways for Selection

Dusun IoT protocol gateways are equipped with industrial data gathering and processing systems and a wide range of communication protocol libraries, and can communicate with equipment in the majority of industrial locations on the market today.

Protocol gateways collect field data via serial ports and Ethernet. After preliminary screening, calculation, and analysis, the data is forwarded to the local system based on the site’s actual application needs, or be forwarded to related cloud platforms via API/MQTT/WebSocket.

CPU: i.MX6ull
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Debian
Flash: 8GB eMMC
Power: DC 12V
Ethernet: 1*10/100Mbps WAN/LAN port
Industry Protocol: BACnet; Profinet; Ethernet/IP; Modbus; OPC/UA
Interface: RS485, RJ45, I/O, Slot for SIM Card and SD Card
Installation: DIN-Rail, Wall Mounting

CPU: i.MX8M Mini
OS: Yocto
Flash: 8GB eMMC
Power: DC 12~24V
Ethernet: 1*100/1000Mbps WAN/LAN port
Interface: RS232, RS485, RS422, 2*CAN, I/O, USB2.0, SIM card & SD card slot
Installation: DIN-rail, Wall, Mounting, Magnet

CPU: RK3588
OS: OpenWrt
Flash: 128GB eMMC
Power: DC 12V and POE
Ethernet: 1*RJ45 port
Industry Protocol: BACnet; Profinet; Ethernet/IP; Modbus; OPC/UA
Interface: RS485, RS232, RJ45, I/O, SD Card Slot,  HDMI, 2*USB3.0
Installation: DIN-rail, wall mounting

1v1 ODM Services to Address All Complex Requests

Custom Design (RF /PCB /Structure /Software)
Prototype Manufacturing
Complete Test & Validation
Manufacturing & Quality Control
Global Delivery

Features of Dusun IoT Protocol Conversion Gateways

industrial grade robustness
Industrial-grade Robustness

Wide working temperatures ranging from -25°C to +85°C. passed strict electromagnetic compatibility tests. Compact design and sturdy enclosure fully consider the complicated requirements of harsh environments.

mainstream industrial protocol conversion 1
Mainstream Industrial Protocol Conversion
The RS-232/422/485 interfaces fulfill the serial port access and data transmission requirements of industrial equipment (PLCs, machine tools, IPCs, etc). Modbus, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, and other protocol conversions are supported.
support sd card inserting
Support SD Card Inserting
The Micro SD card interface designed for for long-term storage of logs. When the device fails, the logs can be quickly queried for operation and maintenance.
quick device to cloud integration
Quick Device-to-cloud Integration
To ensure strong compatibility, seamless access dozens of prominent IOT platforms like AWS, Azure, supports MQTT and the customization of reporting time intervals to minimize excessive traffic.

The Protocols That We Have

The need for protocol conversions within a single network has skyrocketed as a direct result of the growing complexity of industrial communication systems.

Dusun IoT protocol conversion gateway is able to perform a wide range of industrial protocol conversions in addition to offering straightforward graphical user interfaces. Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Z-wave wireless devices can be connected to the local bus system through the protocol conversion gateway, which also converts the wireless protocol into a standard bus protocol.

Wireless Protocol Wire/Bus Protocol
Zigbee Modbus TCP
Z-wave EthernetIP

FAQs of Multiple Protocol Gateway Converters

  • Familiar with industrial controller protocols
  • Familiar with cloud platform connection protocols
  • In-depth knowledge on electronic product development
  • In-depth knowledge on industrial design mold and electromagnetic interference
  • Familiar with industrial wireless and wired communication
  • Learn about the use habits of industrial workers.
  • Significant amount of on-site debugging
  • Substantial investment for money and time
  • ROI calculation

When the IIOT gateway has finished data collection, it will deliver data to the backend platforms. The gateway and platform must also agree on uplink data transferring protocols and data formats at this point. In general, there are two options: the gateway matches the platform’s protocol and data format, or the platform matches the gateway’s upload protocols and data format.

In terms of protocols, MQTT is widely supported by the majority of IoT platform currently on the market. Data can be uploaded/delivered once the protocol is defined. But if the data format (e.g. JSON) is not clearly defined, the uploaded data will be unable to appropriately parsed by the two ends. Therefore, after the MQTT protocol is defined, the data format between the gateway and the platform must be specified as well.

There are numerous industrial communication protocols for industrial automation. To allow machines to communicate with one another, each manufacturer develops its own proprietary communication protocol. However, when running industrial facilities like as dams, mines, power plants, and water treatment plants, a number of equipment from many different vendors engage in a single process to function, necessitating a high level of interoperability.

Protocol conversion gateways operate as intermediates between equipment that use multiple communication protocols, allowing these machines to interact with one another without being hindered by proprietary or legacy protocols. Simultaneously, equipment operating on open and private networks can be linked, facilitating communication between different systems.

Protocol gateways are classified into two categories, each with its specific functions: The first kind joins two networks that use different protocols. It can, for example, connect PROFIBUS to EtherNet I/P, allowing devices on these networks to interact with one another easily.

The second kind connects simpler devices, such as sensors, to more complex networks. This sort of protocol gateways often connect to the network via inbuilt serial ports, serving as translators between device protocols and network protocols.

Save Upgrade Cost

Protocol gateways allow devices that use various protocols to interact and collaborate without the need for costly hardware or software upgrades.

Add Value of Legacy Equipment

Protocol gateways allow legacy devices to connect with modern devices and networks, extending their useful life.

Reduce Network Implementation Cost

Protocol gateways allow factories to reduce cost on replacement of the entire system, continue to use existing I/O modules and wire infrastructure, minimising disturbance to the production process simultaneously.

Easy and Cost-effective

Protocol gateways connect devices from various manufacturers, allowing the expansion of PLC systems. This enables enterprises to select the device that best matches their application rather than being constrained to what a single vendor has to offer.

Future Proofness

Protocol gateways allows businesses to keep their systems up to date and readily adjust to changing demands. This forward-thinking attitude allows firms to stay competitive and efficient in a rapidly changing environment.

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