Introduction of Smart Elderly Care Solutions

Smart elderly care hardware solutions enable the elderly to live independently at home for longer periods of time. It can detect the life trajectory of the elderly and can also protect the safety of the elderly. The system uses inconspicuous wireless sensors located in the home to learn the daily behavior patterns of the elderly and detect behavioral changes that may cause concern. Then, it reminds family members or carers through messages. The system uniquely uses proven technology that has been successfully tested in residential care facilities for several years and is now available for home installations by service providers, retailers, and smart home system integrators.

Block Diagram of Smart Elderly Care Solution


Introduction of Smart Elderly Care Hardware Kit


Door and window sensors

​The sensor is installed on the door and door of the room. By detecting the state of the door, it is possible to determine when the elderly go to the toilet, go out and go to the bedroom to sleep, and track the behavior of the elderly. If the door status change is not received within 12 hours, an alarm will be issued. The system records historical data to analyze the behavior trajectory of the elderly.

PIR sensor

The movement of the human body is detected by infrared induction. Install this equipment in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Collect data on the activity trajectory and walking status of the elderly to analyze the behavior and habits of the elderly.

Vibration sensor

Install it on the medicine box and check the usage of the medicine box to determine whether the elderly eat and take medicine on time. It can also detect the usage of certain electrical appliances to determine the eating habits of the elderly.

Smoke detector

Installed in every room to prevent home fires. When the reported reading exceeds the set range, an alarm will sound. The smart smoke detector will warn someone on the phone or tablet, telling them clear information about the problem in the house.

Gas detector

Installed in the kitchen to prevent the elderly from forgetting to turn off the gas and causing gas leakage. When the reading exceeds the set range, an alarm will sound.

Leakage sensor

Mainly installed in the kitchen and bathroom to prevent water pipe leakage, resulting in floor slippage and potential safety hazards.

Temperature and humidity sensor

Install in the kitchen or bedroom to monitor the heat next to the stove. In winter, it can remind the house if there is no heating, or in summer, if the house is too hot. This can prevent health problems in elderly patients.

Emergency button

When the elderly are in danger or fall, please press the button to request SOS.

Advantages of Smart Elderly Care Solution


Standard certification

Smart devices comply with the wireless certification and security certification, FCC, CE, CCC, UL.


Open API interface

The gateway opens

the API interface to

facilitate the docking of various systems and platforms


Zigbee3.0 protocol

The standard Zigbee3.0 protocol makes the connection easier and easier.


LUCI configuration page

The gateway comes with a standard Luci configuration page, making it easier to access the cloud on the device.

The Value of Smart Elderly Care Solution



Eating regularly is an important indicator of healthy behavior. The data of the PIR sensor can help customers understand whether the eating habits of the elderly are lower or higher than your expectations.


Go out

The time spent outside shows that people living here have social and sports activities. Conversely, spending less time outside may indicate that something may have happened. It can detect people's outing state through door sensors.


Walking speed

PIR sensor data can intelligently track people's walking speed.



The data of door sensors and passive infrared sensors can detect the general sleep time of the elderly and compare it with the normal sleep time.


Medication habits

For patients with chronic diseases, medication must be taken on time. The vibration sensor detects when the elderly open or use the medicine box.


bathroom habits

Decreasing or increasing toilet usage can be a bad sign. The door sensor and PIR sensor data know what is normal behavior and produce signs of deviation.

Elderly care device API interface

  • All devices have open API interfaces, which can be connected to customers' private and shared platforms.


API documentation


Door sensor

PIR sensor

Zigbee2Mqtt of pir sensor V1.0

Emergency button

Zigbee2Mqtt of panic button V1.0

Vibration sensor

Zigbee2Mqtt of Vibration sensor V1.0

Leakage sensor

Zigbee2Mqtt of Water leak sensor V1.0

Smoke detector

Zigbee2Mqtt of Water leak sensor V1.0

Gas sensor

Zigbee2Mqtt of Gas sensor V1.0

Customer Feedback

John, an elderly care solution provider from a British start-up company:

Dusun provided us with a complete set of hardware for elderly care solutions, and gave us a lot of solution implementation suggestions, helping us quickly connect with Microsoft's Azure platform, and successfully helped us get To millions of dollars in financing.