Margaux – Is Your Smart Home Becoming Too Smart?

There can be threats when smart homes become too smart. Margaux 2022 describes the possibility in a wild way.
Margaux – Is Your Smart Home Becoming Too Smart
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Margaux 2022, as futuristic sci-fi, rises above some of these more straightforward questions of today to ask some more critical questions. Most science fiction fans are in love with big ideals, like the three laws of robotics postulated by Issac Asimov.

Issac was a technically literate (for his time) engineer type who wrote sci-fi back nearly a hundred years ago. Asimov put forward three laws humans had to hardwire into his robots’ “positronic” brains to safeguard humanity.

‘First, do not harm humans, nor allow them to be damaged. Secondly, obey humans. Finally, the robots should not hurt themselves as long as the other laws are followed’. Many of his short stories then centered around logic problems encountered when real life met the three robotic rules.

Fast forward to now. How to keep AI from being used for evil is a genuine and significant question. The potential for Asimov’s laws has fallen away in reality. As robots and autonomous drones are now being developed and used for war, we find they are often breaking all three rules very quickly right there.

We remember wondering how the laws could have been enforced a long time ago. Now that idea is a fundamental question. How can AI development EVER be kept from military use?

The idea of ​​larger philosophical questions now entering reality is played with by Margaux in 2022, as well as other books and movies in the intelligent home genre. Is it better to have all local control, or is it better to have a cloud driving the functions of a smart home?

In the case of Margaux 2022, having a rational, remote control “cloud” operation might have been a good thing for the trapped actors. On the other hand, who wants to allow unknown people full access and power control over the private life of a home? That sounds like it is a system just WAITING to be abused one day, even if by humans and not AI.



Is it better to have a closed system, delivered as a slick Apple-like interface, or is an open, distributed, modular system the smarter approach? One of the funny parts of Margaux 2022 is that each character signs off on the agreement to let Margaux do anything she wants.

This is very symbolic. People love the user interface that may only come with closed, tightly integrated systems.

But then, when something, even something small, needs to be changed, it can be impossible in real life in a closed system. At a higher level, the goals and objectives of the corporation that put together the security system may not be compatible with the desires of the specific family using the product.

This is particularly important when dealing with something as complex as a house filled with a living, changing family.

Some of the vast aspects of these questions are still coming in the future. We don’t have to worry about an AI treating us like goldfish in a bowl just yet. It does make much sense to leverage Dusun’s offerings to build a mutable, expandable home control system with modular parts rather than a closed system that goes out of date the second it is installed.

The real-life smart home issues are usually unforeseen complications that could be fixed by a mere tweak in the hardware and software setup.

Should the home be controlled locally or remotely from the cloud? The real answer, of course, is both. Automatic fire alarms or even calls to security or the police are intelligent for some homes sometimes. Maybe even access to home systems could then be given over in a logged fashion. But there should always be a local cut-out available to the residents that only they know about.

And some smart home features need to be remotely controllable, while others do not. The exact list would change over time, depending on parents and children or older residents. Sometimes you have to build a new setup and try it out before you even know what it is you want from the vast array of Dusun products.



Dusun, the leading IoT provider of modular, extendable solutions, is a large part of the real homes of many families. Especially the advanced homes, where energy is conserved, entertainment is provided, and security is paramount, all controlled remotely. Dusun embraces this ideal, open-ended and future-proof, as changes can always be made.

Smart homes are a reality and the future. The movie Margaux 2022 has fun in the horror genre but opens a window into serious questions about AI and smart home design. Modular, expandable, distributed IoT control devices in an intelligent architecture are now a reality that can make real-life homes much smarter and better.

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