The LoRaWAN Network Server: How It Can Benefit You

The LoRaWAN gateway is a fundamental hardware component. It gathers data from LoRaWAN devices and transmits it to the LoRaWAN network server.
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What is the LoRaWAN gateway and its architecture?

The LoRaWAN gateway acts as the backbone of the star topology network of the LoRaWAN IoT architecture. It collects and sends data from LoRaWAN devices to the LoRaWAN network server. A LoRaWAN IoT network is impossible to build without an IoT LoRaWAN gateway.


LoRaWAN IoT Architecture

The LORAWAN Network Server is a critical component in deploying sensors communicating across a LORAWAN network. The Network Server is in charge of managing LoRa WAN Gateways (antennas – “Radio Access Network”), sensor authorization, and data interchange (uplink, downlink) between sensors and applications. Dusun IoT Software Platform provides standardized LoRaWAN2MQTT integrations with the market’s top LORAWAN Network Servers.

Dusun IoT hosted LoRaWAN Network Server

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ThingsBoardis an open-source IoT platform aiming to offer out-of-the-box cloud or on-premises solutions that will provide server-side infrastructure for the IoT application. ThingsBoard allows the user to develop, manage, and scale IoT projects rapidly.

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Helium, an open-source blockchain network, is designed to power IoT devices with wireless connectivity. The goal is to build the largest Decentralizing Wireless Networks in the world.

As the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network that enables everyone to contribute to a public, long-range wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled IoT devices and earn HNT rewards by providing range and transferring data packets.

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The Things Network is a global collaborative Internet of Things ecosystem based on the LoRaWAN. The Things Network is powered by The Things Stack, a LoRaWAN Network Server that enables the customers to connect wireless devices using the LoRaWAN protocol connectivity with The Things Network. The advantage of using The Things Stack is reducing the cost and effort of managing applications, end devices, and gateways.

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LORIOT, one of the most powerful, complete, and secure LoRaWAN Network Server, is designed to provide long-range IoT solution deployment anywhere in the world. In addition to proving an increasingly distributed LNS, an user-friendly software platform is also offered. The LORIOT enables individuals and businesses to build, operate, and scale their IoT network efficiently.  


ChirpStack is an open-source LoRaWAN Network       Server Stack, which is the critical component for any LoRaWAN solution. It enables you to connect LoRaWAN devices to the ChirpStack server via MQTT and TLS. This project aims to facilitate growth and creativity in the LPWAN ecosystem using the LoRaWAN protocol.

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Amazon AWS, the world’s most popular platform for IoT devices, provides IoT services and solutions to connect and manage billions of devices. With the help of AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, a LoRaWAN Network Server, customers can easily and quickly connect end devices using the LoRaWAN protocol connectivity with the AWS cloud.

The AWS IoT Core allows customers to build a private LoRaWAN network by connecting their LoRaWAN devices and gateways to the AWS cloud. The advantage of using AWS IoT Core is that customers do not need to develop and maintain their own LNS.

Advantages and Values of DUSUN

Dusun IoT LoRa gateways come equipped with a pre-installed integration with many LNS, including Helium, LORIOT, and others. The advantage is that the developer does not have to perform any additional development work because they can directly leverage the services that are offered by these platforms. Consequently, hastening the development of applications for the Internet of Things.

Compared with other IoT device service providers, DUSUN LoRaWAN is connected to more network servers. Based on this feature, advantages are listed as follows:

Application Scenario

Different LoRaWAN platforms correspond to different business scenarios, so various application scenarios are provided for end users to choose from. For example, TTN provides cattle tracking, smart parking, asset tracking, cold chain monitoring, smart irrigation, and building management. When our gateway is connected to TTN’s network server, we can learn from implementing these existing solutions to accelerate the marketization process of user solutions.


The connection modes provided by different platforms are also different, some recommend local area network implementation, and some recommend cloud implementation. DUSUN is connected to various types of network servers, and customers can choose a variety of different connection modes.


DUSUN has connected so many platforms, which confirms our development capabilities. DUSUN can provide a variety of customized services. We can provide software customization for users without or lacking development capabilities.


Different platforms provide different security levels and encryption schemes according to their needs. For example, AWS IoT CORE LoRAWAN provides the tightest level of security. When customers choose this platform, they can directly use the encryption algorithm of this platform to meet higher data encryption requirements

Easy Implementation

For the various platforms listed above, DUSUN provides a user-friendly UI. And the configuration of the DUSUN gateway is straightforward, and the guidance document is very detailed. You just need to follow the steps of our guidance document and easily connect the DUSUN gateway to any of the above platforms.

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