Top 10 IoT Hardware Devices Suppliers in the USA – [NEWBIES GUIDE]

This concludes my list of the top 10 IoT companies in the USA. In the end, IoT technology is here to stay, and you will likely see its adoption in the coming years. Companies will keep making devices that run on cloud servers and allow the entire world to be connected to the internet.
Top 10 IoT Hardware Devices Suppliers In The USA
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IoT devices are here to stay, and so do the companies that keep providing them.

Imagine if you could change your room’s lighting, monitor the heating system, and control your door’s locks, all by using your smartphone. Well, this is the reality these days, and that’s all thanks to IoT technology. This was a far cry from what we had even ten years ago.

But now, more and more enterprises are shifting their vision and creating devices that can be connected to the cloud all the time. With that said, today, join me as I take you through top IoT manufacturers in the US who constantly bring the best to integrated platforms.

We will examine what makes them unique and how they improve the IoT space. So, let’s get straight into it!

Top IoT Device Manufacturers in America

Following are some top IoT startups operating in the US:

1)   Verizon



Founded In 1983
Headquarters Delaware – America
Annual IoT Sales +$100 billion
Reputable IoT Services IoT security management systems & telecommunication technologies

About this Company: Verizon is a big player in wireless technology, and you can expect some premium IoT devices from this firm. They produce everything from smart home appliances to energy grids and mobile networks. Verizon was established back in the 1980s and, until now, has been able to spread its business model to several states. Their hardware and software solutions ensure you have a sound decision when making the call to upgrade your home or business.   

2)   IBM

image 9
Founded In 1911
Headquarters New York – America
Annual IoT Sales +$70 billion
Reputable IoT Services Cloud data services, Network IoT integration

About this Company: If you have internet access, you probably have at least heard about IBM. They are perhaps one of the US’s oldest yet most reputable technology firms. Like Verizon, IBM shares a list of services that will help you with your IoT needs. They offer scalable IoT solutions to mid-sized startups and corporations. In addition, their network continues to be a safe gateway for all users.

3)   Samsara                   

Founded In 2015
Headquarters California – America
Annual IoT Sales $428 million (2022)
Reputable IoT Services IoT integration for transportation, energy, health, and more

About this Company: Companies like Samara are led by their end-to-end IoT solutions. They have a professional team of engineers who understand system integrations and on-demand user experience. With them, businesses can develop scalable apps and transform their ecosystem. Samara also has plans to integrate IoT technology in self-driving vehicles shortly. This is why they are ranked as one of the top IoT device manufacturers in America.

4)   Cisco

image 8


Founded In 1984
Headquarters California – America
Annual IoT Sales +$50 billion
Reputable IoT Services Hybrid security systems & full-stack cloud computing

About this Company: Cisco specializes in cloud computing and data security. They produce IoT technologies that are meant to last without compromising reliability. What I like about them is how organized their whole setup is. It started as a small startup in California but quickly became a multinational company with a strong customer basis.

5)   Digi international

image 1


Founded In 1985
Headquarters Minnesota – America
Annual IoT Sales +$0.3 billion
Reputable IoT Services Industrial equipment, agricultural protocols, etc

About this Company: Digi International is another American company that provides integrated IoT devices and testing services. They are not limited to enterprises, so you could use their expertise to set up your next smart home. Digi international leaves no stone unturned in IoT development using state-of-the-art technologies and quality control.

6)   Ark Electronics

image 10
Founded In 2017
Headquarters California – America
Annual IoT Sales +$100 million
Reputable IoT Services IoT data management, PCB assembly, & automated vehicle logistics, etc  

About this Company: Ark Electronics is a new startup in the IoT niche, but don’t let that fool you. They produce some fantastic home and business improvement technologies that are on par in the industry. Their focus is on designing PCB components, and they tend to share quite a bit of resources in R&D. Whether it’s telecommunication or automobile, you will find them maintaining quality standards.

7)   SimpliSafe

image 3


Founded In 2006
Headquarters Massachusetts – America
Annual IoT Sales +$300 million
Reputable IoT Services Home security and wireless monitoring

About this Company: SimpliSafe started in 2006, but now they are a well-known IoT vendor. Their expertise is in the home security niche, and they offer award-winding monitoring hardware. You will love that they have an on-board installment team to make the installation seamless. Furthermore, they provide consultations to learn more about your project.  

8)   Oracle Corporation

image 4


Founded In 1977
Headquarters Texas – America
Annual IoT Sales +$10 billion
Reputable IoT Services Cloud database and management

About this Company: For over 50 years, Oracle has supported us on the technology front. They specialize in cloud engineering and provide services at both institutional levels and for regular folk like you and me. They deploy IoT solutions based on customer requirements and conditions. What’s more, they are among the world’s biggest software companies by market cap at the time of writing.  

9)   AT&T

image 5
Founded In 1983
Headquarters Texas – America
Annual IoT Sales +$100 billion
Reputable IoT Services Telecommunication and broadband networking services

About this Company: AT&T is a US-based telecommunication and network provider that uses IoT hardware. They plan to provide a secure yet reliable communication platform for businesses and consumers. It houses more than 1000 employees who work together to bring you cutting-edge IoT technologies and their integration.

10)  PTC

image 6


Founded In 1985
Headquarters Massachusetts – America
Annual IoT Sales +$1 billion
Reputable IoT Services Digital IoT devices & AR technologies

About this Company: Finally, PTC is a pioneer in IoT development and assembly. Being a reputable hardware device supplier in the US, they have experience accompanying multiple industries. So, whether it is healthcare, logistics, and utility, you will find their IoT solutions. On top of that, PTC offers on-chain assessment to help businesses reach their potential goals.

How to Choose the Right IoT Manufacturer?

image 7

Now that you have a basic idea about top IoT hardware device Suppliers in the US, it’s time to go through a couple of points to look at before you choose any of them.

1. IoT support

The firm you choose should be compatible with a wide range of IoT technologies, sensors, and security systems.  

2. On-board Partnership

Top IoT startups are backed by good funding and reliable IoT vendors.

3. Cloud-based development

Every IoT supplier should use cloud technologies as their main selling point. So, try to find firms that excel in this area.

Final Thoughts on Industrial IoT Companies

This concludes my list of the top 10 IoT companies in the USA. In the end, IoT technology is here to stay, and you will likely see its adoption in the coming years. Companies will keep making devices that run on cloud servers and allow the entire world to be connected to the internet.

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