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Smart Switch

Wireless The Wired Devices

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Dual Interface

RS485 Relay output analog input motor control RJ9

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Power Management

5~12 VDC input, Li-Battery backup,3.3VDC output

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Excellent RF Performance

High performance antenna PCB + extend antenna

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Free to provide API documents

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Purpose& Description

This product is used for wireless wired devices. based on the wireless protocol Zigbee and Bluetooth wireless. And it can be used for wireless control like intercom, garage door, access system, garden door etc. And it also supports data transmit functions, like RS485 (UART or Modbus) transmit to Zigbee /Bluetooth.

Intelligent Linkage

It can control wired local devices such as garage doors, light bulbs, access control, and walkie-talkies.

Door Access Control

It can connect to the door open button via Dupont line, pair with the gateway, and the user can open the door remotely.

Thermostat Control

Connect the DSW-080 to the thermostat via RS485, and connect DSW-080 to the gateway via Zigbee, users can remotely control it.

Garage Door Control

It can connect to the garage door control system through the DuPont line, senseless proximity control through encrypted data interaction with Bluetooth for phones.

Garden Door Control

It can connect to the electric garden door control board through the wire, smart control method can be two options, one is Zigbee for long-range control, one is Bluetooth for local control.

Intercom Control

It can connect the indoor telecom via dopant line, the pair it with Dusun Zigbee gateway, after ringing the doorbell downstairs, the mobile app will receive an alert and the user can use the app for remote control


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