Ultra Convergence Positioning in Retail
"Revolutionizing Customer Experience and Inventory Management"
Ultra Convergence Positioning in Security and Protection
"Advancing Comprehensive Surveillance and Safety Systems"
Ultra Convergence Positioning in Museums and Events
"Creating Immersive Visitor Experiences and Dynamic Exhibitions"
Ultra Convergence Positioning in Industry 4.0
"Driving Smart Manufacturing and Automation Precision"
Ultra Convergence Positioning in Logistics
"Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiency and Real-Time Tracking"
Ultra Convergence Positioning in Sports
"Enhancing Athletic Performance and Audience Engagement"
Ultra Convergence Positioning in Healthcare
"Improving Patient Care and Medical Equipment Management"
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Industry 4.0

Dusun UCP——Ultra Convergence Positioning

dusun ucp
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Dusun UCP integrates a range of radio frequency technologies, including Bluetooth®, Lora, LTE, and UWB. This multi-technology fusion enhances adaptability and tracking across diverse applications, offering comprehensive and reliable coverage.

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Attain real-time, sub-meter precision with Dusun UCP even in challenging environments. Ideal for tracking fast-moving objects over long distances.

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Dusun UCP merges advanced technologies like UWB, Bluetooth, GNSS, Lora, and LTE, ensuring consistent, adaptable location tracking in any environment.

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Easily manage varied projects and sites with Dusun UCP’s scalable, accuracy-tailored location solutions.

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Dusun UCP features an open API, allowing easy integration and innovation in system development, future-proofing your applications.

Dusun UCP: Explore the Future of Positioning Range of Technological Products

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Low-Cost, Low-Power, Precise-Beacon and efficiency with AOA

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Ultra-Wideband Centimeter-Level Accurate Tracking

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Unleashing Infinite Possibilities in Vast Spaces

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Explore the Value of Positioning - Tracking - Expert Guidance

Fill out our quick online form to connect with our experts and uncover the potential of Dusun UCP for your specific needs. Get personalized insights and tailored solutions for your industry’s asset tracking challenges. Discover the power of precision positioning and expert guidance.

Ultra Convergence Technical Solution

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Beacon-RSSI >>>

Mature, Standardized, and Widely Adopted for Versatile Solutions



Low-Cost, Low-Power, Precise - Beacon and AOA



Ultra-Wideband Centimeter-Level Accurate Tracking



Unleashing Infinite Possibilities in Vast Spaces

Features 4

Ultra Convergence Positioning
Unmatched Accuracy in Any Environment

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Features 1

Combining Proximity and Pinpoint Location Accuracy

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Enhanced Positioning with Image Recognition Capabilities

Features 8

BLE for Proximity, Lora for Range

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Features 7
Ultra Convergence RTLS

Integrated Ecosystem – Comprehensive Real-Time Location Services

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BLE for Indoor, GNSS for Outdoor Solutions

Features 9

Outdoor Precision Redefined – Centimeter-Level High-Accuracy Positioning

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Features 6

Precise Coordination – UWB for Local, GNSS for Global Positioning

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Features 2

Connectivity Fusion – Reliable Positioning Across Scales and Technologies

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From Electromagnetic to Mechanical Waves The Optimal Solution for Indoor Navigation on Mobile and Other Endpoint Devices, Seamlessly Integrating with APs and Cameras

Industry Solutions&Case Studies

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Seamless Integration, Intelligent Control

UWB/AOA and GNSS technologies seamlessly link ground and indoor parking. Smooth indoor-outdoor navigation. Precise vehicle positioning with dedicated terminals or mobile app. Dusun UCP technology for efficient vehicle management and smooth navigation experience.

Precise and Efficient

Utilizing low-power tags (BLE ear tags, stomach capsules) combined with indoor AOA technology and outdoor LORA+GNSS+LTE base stations, our solution offers precise full-chain control of livestock assets. Suitable for inventory management, epidemic tracking, and meat processing transit. Dusun UCP technology ensures efficient and precise management, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and safety in livestock industry.


Innovative and Efficient

Blending Bluetooth AOA with machine vision, our innovative product combines live detection, foot traffic counting, and high-precision positioning. Simple deployment at key spots like warehouse doors and corridors enables inventory tracking, authorized access management, and intrusion alerts. Dual Bluetooth gateway functionality facilitates integration with other Bluetooth devices, streamlining inventory management.


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