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Waterproof Sensor Beacon with PA Product Specification

Table of Contents

Product Name: Temperature Humidity Sensor

Model Name: DSR-0820

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

DSR-0820 is a Low Energy temperature and humidity data logger, It can collect the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. Such data can be recorded as history data. Its characteristics are small-sized, low-weighted, easily portable, and highly accurate for wide use in cold chain logistics, archives, labs, museums, etc.

At present, there are three different types of temperature and humidity sensors, DSR-0820-1 is a high-performance product based on Bluetooth protocol, DSR-0820-2 is based on Zigbee protocol, and DSR-0820-3 is a standard performance product based on Bluetooth protocol. 

DSR-0820-1 with the Bluetooth v5.0 technology and Nordic NRF52832 chip. Built-in wireless transceiver PA chip, with the maximum transmission power of up to 20dBm, to achieve ultra-long distance stable transmission of data, can store up to 12000 pieces of the temperature and humidity data.

DSR-0820-2 with the Zigbee 3.0 technology and Silconlab EFR32 series chip. the maximum transmission power up to 17.5dBm, to achieve ultra-long distance stable transmission of data. It can store up to 12000 pieces of the temperature and humidity data. 

DSR-0820-3 with the Bluetooth v5.0 technology and Nordic NRF52810 chip. the maximum transmission power up to 4dBm, Suitable for use at close range.

ModelBluetooth 5.0Zigbee
Humidity detect

1.2 Application

  • Refrigerated storage and transportation;
  • Archives;
  • Experimental (test) rooms;
  • Workshop;
  • Museums;
  • Pharmaceutical environment;
  • Fresh transport.

1.3 Product feature

  • High accuracy and stability;
  • Ultra long-distance(300m) wireless transfer (except DSR-0820-3);
  • Built-in highly sensitive temperature and humidity sensor SHT20 (Sensirion);
  • Real-time display temperature and humidity;
  • It can store 12000 pieces of temperature and humidity data (except DSR-0820-3);
  • You can set the alarm temperature range;
  • Can be set as normal storage temperature and humidity data interval and alarm storage temperature and humidity data interval;
  • Can by OTA update version.

2. Appearance

image 8

3. Product specification

ItemDSR-0820-1 Bluetooth with PADSR-0820-2 ZigbeeDSR-0820-3 Bluetooth without PA
Signal transmission frequency2.400 – 2.4835GHz2.405GHz – 2.480GHz2.400 – 2.4835GHz
Protocol standardBluetooth 5.0Zigbee 3.0Bluetooth 5.0
Send interval2S, adjustable
Built in batteryPanasonic CR123A ,1400mAh /3VCR2450 550mAh
Output power20dBm, adjustable17.5dBm,adjustable4dBm,adjustable
Communication rate1Mbps250Kbps1Mbps
Transmission distance~300 meters, adjustable~50 meters, adjustable
StorageCan be save 12000 temperature and humidityNot support
Battery life~3 years(Depends on the mode of operation)~1 year
Net weight130 g
Outline size70mm*40mm*40mm (main body)
Detect temperature range-40℃~ +125℃
Operating temperature range-25℃~ +60℃
Humidity detection range0~100%RH
Temperature detection accuracy±0.3℃
Humidity detection accuracy±3%RH
IP protectionIP 68

4. Caution

  1. Being close to a metal object will interfere with the signal, causing the signal to be weaken.
  2. Note the distance between DSR-0820 and the receiver to guarantee the accuracy of receiving.
  3. Keep away from corrosive objects.

5. Reference usage

Gateway usage

  1. Temperature & humidity sensor paired to the Bluetooth gateway.
  2. Bluetooth Gateway gets the data from the sensor and sends the information to Cloud via Wi-Fi or LTE once per second.
image 9

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