DSGW-010-4 Zigbee WiFi LTE 4G Ethernet Industrial Automation Gateway Hub

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DSGW-010-4 is a Zigbee gateway coordinator for industrial automation. It supports Zigbee 3.0, WiFi 2.4 G, and LTE 4G (TDD/FDD) for flexible broadband connectivity and Zigbee to IP solutions. GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou/Compass, Galileo, QZSS supported for positioning. Li battery optional for emergency or black-out.

DSGW-010-4 is able to work wthin -20℃~70℃ tempreture range and has a ruggeg IP66 waterproof enclosure, capable of working in harsh environment, and suitable for controlling remote area sensor networks such as flow meters, electricity meters, air quality sensors, etc. DSGW-010-4 will collect data from sensors and sent to the coud for further data analytics and command forwarding.

Parameters of DSGW-010-4 Zigbee Sensor Network Controller

Hardware Architurecture

MT7628 WiFi AP/Router SOCs

Operation Systsem


Programming Language

ava, Python, Node.js, C, C++

Uplink Network Connectivity

WiFi 2.4 GHz, LTE 4G, Ethernet

Downlink Network Connectivity

Zigbee 3.0

Power Supply

POE switch and 12V adapter

Mounting / Form Factor

Wall, Mount


FCC, CE, RoHS, Zigbee, IP66

Functions of DSGW-010-4 Industrial Zigbee Gateway

DSGW-010-4 industrial sensor-to-cloud gateway enables users to automate and remotely manage wireless networks in the following ways:

remote network administration

DSGW-010-4 Zigbee gateway enables engineers to remotely operate the on-site network via the Internet, after the equipment are deployed in advance.

remote maintenance

DSGW-010-4 Zigbee gateway can continuously monitor the state of end nodes and establish the threshold to alert the staff to repair in time once a node’s signal strength falls below the threshold.

remote upgrade

When node and gateway firmware has to be changed, it may be done remotely, eliminating the need for workers to visit the site.

Zigbee Performance of DSGW-010-4 Zigbee Industrial Automation Gateway

Protocol translation: Zigbee to WiFi, Zigbee to LTE 4G, Zigbee to Ethernet

Functionality: Gateway Base Station, Zigbee Router Hub, Zigbee/IP Bridge, Zigbee Data Logger

Zigbee Range: 100 meters minimum

Connected Zigbee sensors: simutaneously max.40 for tree mesh topology

Why Use Zigbee in Industrial Automation

Remote monitoring and management of sensor networks and M2M communication are in demand thanks to the combination of Industry 4.0 and IoT. Although industrial automation has very challenging communication requirements and wired communication is only accepted in some places, wireless communication does have benefits including cheaper cost, quick deployment, more flexibility, and scalability.
With an enormous ecosystem of products and suppliers, Zigbee is a low-power, low-data-rate protocol for operating sensor networks in industrial settings and wireless building automation systems. ZigBee coordinators can collect information from scattered sensor mesh across the installation. Zigbee industrial automation has several advantages, including:

Zigbee3.0 Interoperability

Zigbee 3.0 collects various application layers under one umbrella. This eliminates the need for mediation bridges between different ZigBee supporting devices. It creates a unified Zigbee environment for promoting compatibility.

Extended Battery Life

Zigbee is used for periodic or intermittent data or single signal transmission from sensor to gateway and has a slower data transfer rate than Bluetooth and WiFi. This results in a reduced power consumption. As a result, the sensors’ battery life has significantly increased.

Suitable for Small-data Devices

Some subsystem gadgets, such as temperature sensors, air quality monitors, switches, electrical meters, flow traffic monitors, etc., only need to deliver small data packets. When it comes to low cost and ease of usage, Zigbee is obviously the finest option.

Cost-effective to Scale up

By leveraging sensor-to-cloud Zigbee coordinators, Zigbee may be utilized to regulate every production line operation in manufacturing companies. This will lower maintenance cost and improve scalability, as operators can easily add or remove Zigbee nodes.

Reliable Long-range Transmission

Zigbee transmits signals over greater distances by using mesh network. This implies that even if one device is damaged, the network as a whole won’t be shut down because communication may easily be rerouted.

Schematics of DSGW-010-4 Industrial Zigbee Sensor-to-cloud Coordinator

dsgw 010 block

Mechanical Design of DSGW-010-4 Industrial Zigbee Controller

DSGW 010 4 Interface

Use Cases of DSGW-010-4 Industrial Zigbee Coordinator

FAQs of DSGW-010-4 Zigbee Industrial Automation Gateway

What is advantages of Zigbee industrial automation control system over wired control system?

The temperature of a functioning ZigBee wireless control system is lower than that of a conventional cable control system. The temperature range between the highest and lowest points is 0.1°C, proved by this paper. The system temperature is lower than that of the wired control in the whole work flow. This matters for industrial workshop who values working temperature a lot, like pharmaceutical factory.

How to establish a wireless Zigbee automation control system?

Basically, you need multiple Zigbee sensors and at least one Zigbee gateway. The sensors gathers the data from on-site equipment and transmit data to the Zigbee gateway. The gateway work as a coordinator to parse data and send it to the cloud, and forward command from remote control center, serving as a controller to in charge of the Zigbee network. The entire system is capable of recording and querying the local data. Explore basic elements of IoT here.

wireless Zigbee automation control system

I want to use Zigbee to control lights, do you have such IoT lighting solutions?

The zigbee smart lighting system, which comprises of Zigbee gateways, zigbee light controllers, and a platform for managing smart lighting (e.g. Tuya), is well suited to meeting the demands of smart lighting in conventional industrial settings. Each lamp is equipped with a Zigbee light controller. Zigbee gateway is installed at a suitable position to relays the command center’s orders to the light controller and relays the light controller’s information back to the command center. Zigbee mesh will ensure the effective and real-time transmission of Zigbee wireless signals. You may also interested in Bluetooth mesh lighting control solutions.

DSGW 010 4 solution

Can the DSGW-010-4 industrial Zigbee gateway enter a sleeping mode? What is the minimal current mode when GPS and 4G are turned off, and the CPU is in sleep mode while the Zigbee module remains active to interrupt the CPU.

The CPU is unable to enter sleep mode, but commands can be used to shut down modules such as LTE and Zigbee. When all modules are shut down, the power dissipation is approximately 400mA.

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