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RK3328 Core board SDK Quick Start Guide

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

RK3328 Core Board adopts the RK3328 processor, which is a Cortex A-53, quadcore, 64-bit chip. It can be paired with multiple types of DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. Moreover, the Rockchip processor offers an onboard MALI-450MP2 GPU and a multi-media processor expressly designed to encode and decode 1080P and 4K Video streams and high-quality audio streams – perfect for commercial/industrial applications that will have customer and public-facing software. Onboard HDMI support also eases graphics software and hardware integration.
In this guide, I will show you everything need to flash the firmware and get the core board running.

1.2 RK3328 Basic Information
rk3328 1
CPUQuad-core ARM architecture

2 Build Environment

There are two different ways to build a compilation environment

2.1 Virtual Machine

We recommended that inexperienced novices use this method. The advantage of using this method is that the user can directly download the virtual machine, which has already completed all the configurations. This skips the tedious process of setting up the environment.

2.2 Setting up the Build Environment (Ubuntu)

The user can refer to the corresponding operation document, which you contact
our sales to obtain and follow the steps to build.

3 Download the Source Code

3.1 Download the source code from the Dusun FTP

The source package name will be 3328-Linux-*.tar.gz, get it from Dusun FTP.

3.2 Code Compression Package Check

The next step can be taken only after generating the MD5 value of the source compression package and comparing the MD5 value of the MD5 .txt text to confirm that the MD5 value is the same, and if the MD5 value is not the same, the energy code pack is damaged, please download it again.

rk3328 5
3.3 The Source Compression Package is Unzipped

Copy the source code to the corresponding directory and unzip the source code
compression package.

rk3328 6

4 Compilation

4.1 Getting started, global Compilation
4.1.1 Initialize Compilation Environment Variables (select file system)

You can build buildroot, ubuntu, or Debian rootfs image. Select it in “./ init”.

rk3328 7

We strongly recommend you to build and run the system with buildroot rootfs to get familiar with the hardware and build environment, when you get started. After you tried buildroot system, you can try the ubuntu and Debian system.

4.1.2 Prepare the Root File System base

This section is for building the ubuntu or Debian file system. If you want to build the buildroot file system, skip this section.

4.1.3 Compile Ubuntu

Download the root file system compression package ubuntu.tar.gz The Root file system
compresses the package directory: Unzip the compression package

rk3328 8

Copy the root file system to the specified path

rk3328 9
4.1.4 Compile Debian

Download the root file system compression package debian.tar.gz Unzip the compression package

rk3328 10

Copy the root file system to the specified path

rk3328 11
4.1.5 Start Compiling
rk3328 12

Build a complete directory of firmware files: rockdev/update.img and other separate images, update.img includes all firmware for full upgrade.

4.2 Build Uboot only
rk3328 13
4.3 Build Linux Kernel Only
rk3328 14
4.4 Build Recovery File System Only
rk3328 15
4.5 Build File System Only
rk3328 16
4.6 Final Image Packaging
rk3328 17

This command making rockdev/*.img scatter firmware packaging builds in the directory update.img

5 Installing Rockusb Driver

To use AndroidTool, you need to install Rockusb Driver first
1. Download DriverAssitant_v4.5
2. Extract the archive and run Driverinstall.exe
3. Click the “driver install”button to install the driver

6 Image Upgrade

6.1 Upgrade Tool

Upgrade tool: AndroidTool_Release_v2.69

6.2 Go into Upgrade Mode

1. Connect the OTG port to the burning computer USB port, it’s also act as 5V power supply
2. Press “Ctrl+C” when uboot is booting up, to enter uboot:
3. uboot “rbrom” command to reboot the board into mask ROM mode, for a complete “update.img” upgrade.

rk3328 2
6.3 The Entire Package of Firmware "update.img" Upgrade
rk3328 3
6.4 Upgrade the Firmware Separately
rk3328 4

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