Description and Installation

DSW-080 connects up to two doors to the internet. It allows you to open the app, you can know who, when and how they were opened. It can be used for the gate and the home. user manual




Up to two doors Installation inside the house Integrated open/close control



Data Encryption + Gateway security structure



Open with app or Auto-Access (ring the doorbell to open the portal) Over-The-Air firmware updates

Opening Methods

Ring to open

With the Auto Access or ring to open function, you define from your mobile phone a time frame in which the door entry system will open after pressing the bell. Your users don’t need internet or a telephone. In fact, they only need their finger. This way, you can allow access to the common areas of the building with zero friction for your users.

Use the app

Manage access for recurring users, such as maintenance staff, cleaning staff, or employees. Gain the highest degree of control over your users using roles. Open the intercom and the front door remotely. From the office or anywhere outside.

Application framework

DSW-080 communicates with the gateway through Zigbee 3.0 and achieves remote and management functions through the gateway.
Hardware Block Diagram

Application framework

To install the smart switch, you will need basic electrical knowledge. You will need to identify the ground, the sensor, and the opening button pins on the telephone connection strip.


The interface of the product is below, J2 is for the control for access control.

The circuits and interfaces of different brands of intercom are different, so needed to confirm which ports are connected correctly.

Hardware Block Diagram02

Find the GND port

  • Connect the multimeter and activate the mode to measure DC voltage.
  • Connect the black wire to the COM terminal of the multimeter and the red wire to the VΩmA.
  • Test all possible combinations between the terminals of the intercom strip until the multimeter shows the highest positive voltage.
  • If the voltage is negative, invert the connection of the cables: connect the red where the black and the black where the red.
  • Connect the DSW-080 GND output to the terminal where the black cable of the multimeter is connected.
  • Remark: If there is a corresponding logo on the intercom circuit board, generally GND or Common Ground represents GND

Find the Sensor port

  • Measure DC voltage mode on the multimeter and connect the black wire to the GND terminal.
  • Connect the red lead from the multimeter to each of the terminals on the intercom. It will show constant tension. If, when the doorbell button is pressed, the voltage differential varies markedly, that is the sensor terminal.

Find the COM and NO port

  • Generally, NO and COM are the two ends of the door open button.
  • Use the beep of the multimeter to find the terminal that is completely short-circuited to the two ends of the door open button. These two terminals can be used to connect the NO and COM ports of DSW-080.

Remark: If cannot find a terminal that is completely short-circuited to the two ends of the door open button, you can directly connect COM and NO to both ends of the door open button. But in this case, you need a soldering iron tool to achieve
If the intercom door open button is a touch-type button, you can choose an electric accessory to connect to the J3 interface of DSW-080. This accessory will be described in detail in the instructions for use.

How to install the device on the wall?

3M adhesive stickers

Step1:Select the adhesive tape to stick to the back of the device, and tear off the adhesive tape on the back of the beacon sensor
Step2:Just stick the product to the surface of the object


Fixing with expansion screw

Step1:Drill holes in the corresponding positions of the wall, and plug the expansion cap into the hole punching positions of the wall;
Step2:Place the Cradle in the corresponding position and fix it with expansion screws;
Step3:Place the product into the cradle.

Users can install the product themselves by following the installation instructions(or following the app instruction). You will only need a multimeter and basic electrical knowledge. It can also be done by your maintenance personnel.



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