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What’s the role a smart IoT hub plays in the internet of things?

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The internet of things has helped connect the world into one expansive marketplace. Data shows, that the number of connected devices will be 30.7 billion devices in 2020.

How will we handle these smart sensors and detectors? Here comes the smart IoT hub. It is important for the internet of things. The gateway gives the IoT platforms to access the data from the involved devices like motion sensors, security sensors, lighting sensors, smart locks, smart plugs, and so on.

What’s a smart IoT gateway/hub?

IoT hub plays an important role in the transformation between smart devices and the cloud. Also, you can regard it as a translator which used between different protocols, and data layouts, even though two systems have totally different structures.

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The role IoT hubs play in IoT system architecture

In the circumstances of the internet of things, IoT hubs become well-known for being a bridge between the cloud and smart devices, which generate messages and then begin to change the way businesses run and ease people’s lives globally.

In the past years, smart gateways are widely applied in the consumer electronics market. Brands at the top shop like Xiaomi MIJIA, and HUAWEI both have their own smart hub product series. Different from this, companies like Dusun electron focus on programmable IoT gateway, providing secondary development for the IoT solutions provider, thus they can deploy custom IoT applications without the need to develop hardware from the ground up.

From a technical point of view, the underlying architecture of the IoT hub has developed from OSGi to OpenWrt based on Linux, with the unceasing fusion of new protocols and functions at the same time.

Now, what is the significance of smart IoT hubs, and how they are going to help us?  

Internet of things is a concept that every object can be connected to the internet and can be linkage controlled from the diversified terminal like pc, smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc.

Without a smart IoT hub, IoT can’t be applied in the home, business, healthcare, environment, and lighting. IoT hub generates data from a range of devices and then uploads it to the cloud – including the protocol conversation, like Zigbee, Z-wave, BLE, WiFi, and NB-IoT. Meanwhile, 3G /4G LTE or 5G(in the further), Ethernet, and WiFi communications with the Internet can be involved.

Going even further, these smart IoT gateways can perform their own analytics on the data that sensors collected, and then has decision-making power. In terms of feedback about the users’ living habitat and behavior trends.

The developing actuality and further smart IoT hub

As a matter of convenience, different smart IoT hub manufacturers have built their own protocols and specifications. So they can proceed with content filtering and other security screening of the devices involved.

The smart IoT hub which uses “private protocol” to implement functionality like building the encryption channel, equipment registration, dissemination, and uploading of data, only allowed developers access to smart devices using the totally same protocol to connect with the hub. But meanwhile, it is inconvenient for the IoT solutions provider to do more development and applications for their customers.

Along with more and more devices integrated into the IoT platforms, the boundaries among the smart IoT hub uses different protocols should be pushed out. More programmable, more high-efficiency, and more flexible for secondary development, the IoT hub then can connect various smart devices to the cloud. Including serving as a bridge, a commander enables remote management and configuration.

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