IoT Gateway Development with BluFi to Make Your IoT Projects Easier and Secure

iot gateway development with BluFi
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BluFi is a Wi-Fi network configuration function via Bluetooth channel. It passes Wi-Fi configuration and credentials by Bluetooth pairing. IoT gateway with ESP32 processor built-in, which supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-mode, can easily connect Bluetooth end devices to the Internet, without requiring an extra Wi-Fi module. In this article, Dusun IoT will tell you what BluFi is, how it works, and how it can be used to optimize your IoT gateway development.

What Is BluFi?

BluFi is a low-energy, low-cost, and long-range wireless communication technology designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It allows IoT devices to communicate with gateways over longer distances and with less energy consumption than other wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. BluFi is based on Frequency-Shift Keying (FSK) modulation, a digital modulation technique that encodes information by varying the frequency of a carrier signal.

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How Does BluFi Work?

A device with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, such as a smartphone or tablet, is used to establish a Bluetooth connection with another device. The other device, which could be an Internet of Things (IoT) device or a smart home appliance, is also equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Once the Bluetooth connection is established, the two devices negotiate the Wi-Fi connection details. The device with the Wi-Fi capability then connects to the Wi-Fi network and begins communicating with the internet.

The other device, which does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, can then use the Bluetooth connection to send and receive data to and from the internet through the device with the Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits of Using Bluetooth for Device On-boarding

  • In IoT device on-boarding process, Bluetooth enjoys the following advantages:
  • Bluetooth protocol is open and easy to expand;
  • Easily search for nearby Bluetooth devices;
  • The Bluetooth protocol has high security. After the authorization is finished, the password can be transmitted to the device.

ESP32 Processor Work as BluFi Access Point

The ESP32 is a versatile microcontroller with a wide range of applications in developing IoT devices. One of its key features is its support for the BluFi protocol, which allows for easy configuration and management of Wi-Fi networks in IoT devices.

The ESP32 can act as a BluFi access point, allowing other devices to connect to it and configure their Wi-Fi settings. This is particularly useful in IoT devices with limited or no user interface, as it allows for easy and secure configuration without needing a physical interface.


How BluFi Can Work with Your IoT Gateway?

When BluFi is used in conjunction with an IoT gateway, the IoT gateway acts as the Wi-Fi bridge between the internet and the IoT devices. The IoT devices with Bluetooth capability can connect to the IoT gateway via BluFi. The IoT gateway can establish a Wi-Fi connection to the internet, enabling the IoT devices to communicate with back-end systems.

When the ESP32 processor is used as an IoT gateway, it can establish a Wi-Fi connection and enable IoT devices without Wi-Fi capability to connect to the internet using BluFi. The ESP32 can bridge Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices and the Wi-Fi network, providing a simple and cost-effective way to connect IoT devices to the internet.

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The ESP32 can also provide additional functionality and features, such as security and management capabilities, which can simplify the deployment and management of IoT solutions. For example, the ESP32 can support features such as OTA updates, which enable firmware updates to be deployed remotely.

The combination of BluFi and an IoT gateway can be particularly useful for IoT deployments in areas where Wi-Fi connectivity is limited or unavailable. It enables devices to connect to the internet without requiring a separate Wi-Fi module.

Select SoMs and Wireless Modules to Make Your Own IoT Gateway Development


As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, more and more devices are being connected to the internet. By leveraging the capabilities of BluFi, developers can select Wi-Fi network securely over Bluetooth, and build their IoT systems tin a more efficient, scalable, and secure way. ESP32 BLE gateway with built-in ESP32 microcontroller is definitely a strong choice for developing IoT solutions that require easy and secure Wi-Fi configuration. 

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