IoT Smart Apartment Solution for Affordable Rental Housing in Shanghai

Shanghai's magnetic appeal as a vibrant metropolis has drawn a substantial influx of young talents seeking opportunities to work and reside within its dynamic landscape. To support these aspiring individuals in their quest for a comfortable living environment conducive to both personal well-being and entrepreneurial pursuits, the Shanghai City Council has introduced a visionary policy. This initiative aims to foster low-cost rental housing options, aligning with the aspirations of the younger generation for an improved quality of life.
IoT Smart Apartment in Shanghai
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Background of the project

Young talents are the backbone of social development and the source of urban vitality. Helping them to live comfortably, live comfortably, and start a business without distraction is an important starting point for the development of affordable rental housing and the construction of talent apartments.

In recent years, Xuhui District in Shanghai has proposed that houses are for living in, not for speculation, conscientiously practiced the important concept of “people’s city”, and accelerated the establishment of multi-subject supply, multi-channel guarantee, rent-purchase Simultaneous housing system. Focus on promoting the construction, financing, and supply of affordable rental housing, and strive to meet the yearning of new citizens and young people for better living life.

In 2022, Xuhui District overcame the difficulties in transportation, personnel, and materials brought about by the blockade. With the spirit of seizing the day and taking responsibility, it stepped up the resumption of work and production, actively promoted the identification of new and existing projects, and completed 1.22 ahead of schedule. The annual financing target of 10,000 affordable rental housing units.

In order to meet the basic needs of new urban youths and urban families for long-term renting and settling down, SI Urban Development and Shanghai Eastern Airlines Asset Management will adopt the youthful design, standardized hardcover room type, multi-functional social space, and scene-based space quality in one. To give new urban residents more diversified rental options and a more comfortable living experience.

The whole project well embodies the elements of youth, takes care of the characteristics of youth, and successfully builds a vibrant, beautiful, and livable new urban life district, becoming a model of intelligent apartments for district-level talents.

Customer Pain Points

Difficulty in management

Indemnification housing communities usually have a large number of residents, making management difficult. Community managers need to register and manage the entry and exit of community residents, and at the same time respond to emergencies and potential safety hazards. Traditional management methods are inefficient and prone to loopholes and security risks.

Security issues

Due to the relatively poor economic conditions of residents in affordable housing communities, there may be some criminals who enter the community to carry out theft or other criminal activities. Smart door locks and gateways in the community can improve the security of the community and reduce the occurrence of criminal activities.

Convenience issues

Indemnification housing communities usually have a large number of residents, and the people entering and leaving the community are also complicated. Therefore, some convenient management methods are needed to improve the safety and convenience of the community. Smart door locks and gateways can manage the entry and exit of community residents by swiping cards, passwords, APPs, etc., improving convenience.

Energy consumption

Large affordable housing communities usually consume a lot of energy, such as electricity and water. The smart door locks and gateways in the community can reduce energy consumption of the community and the operating cost of the community through energy-saving control and other methods.

Maintenance cost

There are a large number of devices such as door locks and gateways in large affordable housing communities, making management and maintenance difficult. Smart door locks and gateways can reduce maintenance costs and improve maintenance efficiency through automatic detection and fault reminders.


In response to the above customer problems, Dusun IoT proposed the following solutions:


smart door lock

The surrounding transportation and commercial facilities of the project are complete, and the house types are designed in a variety of ways to meet the various needs of single youths, sophisticated white-collar workers, and three-generation families. Therefore, it needs to be matched with various types of smart locks, home anti-theft door locks, bedroom door locks, etc. Factors such as security, ease of use, reliability, and cost control need to be considered.

Intelligent door lock management system

install the intelligent door lock management system, the administrator can set, authorize, monitor and other operations on the door lock through the management system. The intelligent door lock management system can provide multiple security protections, such as password protection, fingerprint protection, facial recognition, etc., to ensure the safety of the community.

Smart door lock

 choose a smart door lock with high security, strong reliability, and ease to use. The door lock can be remotely controlled and managed through the cloud platform using the Internet of Things technology. Smart door locks need to have high availability and be able to deal with problems such as door lock failures and attacks.

Cost control

When implementing smart door lock solutions, cost control needs to be considered. When choosing smart door locks, face recognition technology, Internet of Things technology, and other equipment, you should choose according to the actual situation, control costs, and achieve the best cost performance.

Smart Gateway

The smart gateway is the throat of the smart home system and the core of connecting various smart devices. Its stability and security must be guaranteed. Dusun IoT provides customers with DSGW-030 MTK7688 BLE 5/Zigbee 3/Z-Wave/Ethernet/WiFi IoT Gateway, a multi-protocol that can connect more sub-devices and an open interface that can upload data to the private cloud.

Intelligent gateway chip

MTK7688 high-performance intelligent gateway chip is used to ensure the stable performance and reliability of the gateway.

Support multiple wireless protocols

including Wi-Fi, zigbee3.0, BLE, and Z-WAVE. Users can connect to the network via Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Intelligent control

The intelligent gateway can realize functions such as remote control, timing control, and linkage control, so as to improve the intelligence of living.

Monitoring and control

The smart gateway can monitor and control door locks, lighting, temperature, and other equipment to achieve smart control and smart experience.

APP control

Smart gateways and smart devices can be controlled through the mobile phone APP to realize control and monitoring anytime and anywhere.

The smart door lock + smart gateway solution for large affordable housing communities can provide a safe, convenient, and smart living experience. Managers can also achieve more convenient management and lower operation and maintenance costs.

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