Wireless Modules for IoT M2M Communication

Dusun IoT offers wireless IoT modules to make M2M connections for the Internet of Things simpler. Our wireless module portfolio includes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Zigbee, LoRa, Z-Wave, and Sub-GHz modules, enabling safe and dependable wireless transmission in challenging RF environments in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. The creation of IoT applications may be done on schedule, within budget, and with little risk thanks to certified RF modules.

wifi module 6

Wi-Fi Cloud Module

  1. Built -in stable firmware for various Wi-Fi IoT products
  2. Free MQTT docking documents enable the product dock to Public and private cloud platforms
  3. Certification: CE, FCC, SRRC
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-030-1 Lighting DSM-030_Lighting.bin
DSM-030-2 Dimmer DSM-030_Dimmer.bin
DSM-030-3 Breaker DSM-030_breaker.bin
DSM-030-4 Switches DSM-030_Switch.bin
DSM-030-5 Plug DSM-030-Plug.bin
DSM-030-6 Strip DSM-030-Strip.bin
DSM-030-7 Smart Lock DSM-030-Lock.bin
DSM-030-8 Wifi scan DSM-030-scan.bin
DSM-030-9 Smoke DSM-030-Smoke.bin
DSM-030-10 Thermostat DSM-030-thermostat.bin
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-031-1 RGBCW lamp DSM-031_Lighting.bin
DSM-031-2 The regulator DSM-031_Dimmer.bin
DSM-031-3 Breaker DSM-031_breaker.bin
DSM-031-4 Switch DSM-031_Switch.bin
DSM-031-5 Socket DSM-031-Plug.bin
DSM-031-6 Plug-in DSM-031-Strip.bin
DSM-031-7 Smart lock DSM-031-Lock.bin
DSM-031-8 Wifi scan DSM-031-scan.bin
DSM-031-9 Smoke DSM-031-Smoke.bin
DSM-031-10 thermostat DSM-031-thermostat.bin
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-033 - -
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-034 - -
Zigbee 1

A Zigbee module usually consists of a radio frequency transceiver, a microcontroller, an antenna, and a communication protocol stack. Zigbee modules can be used to transmit and receive radio signals, therefore, developers can use Zigbee modules to build their own IoT networks. Zigbee modules are suitable for applications that require reliable communication at low data rates.

Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-040-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-040_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-040-2 Door/window sensor DSM-040_Door.bin
DSM-040-3 PIR DSM-040_PIR.bin
DSM-040-4 Leakage DSM-040_Leakage.bin
DSM-040-5 Plug DSM-040-Plug.bin
DSM-040-6 Switch DSM-040-Switch.bin
DSM-040-7 Smoke DSM-040-Smoke.bin
DSM-040-8 Emergency button DSM-040-SOS?button.bin
DSM-040-9 RGB lighting DSM-040-lighting.bin
DSM-040-10 Thermostat DSM-040-thermostat.bin
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-041 - -
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-041-Mesh-1 Light DSM-041_Mesh_Light.bin
blemodule 3

The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module integrates the hardware and software of Bluetooth wireless communication, and offers interfaces and functions that simplify development. Developers can use these modules to quickly incorporate Bluetooth features into their products to meet the needs of different applications.

Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-050-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-050_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-050-2 iBeacon/eddystone DSM-050_Beacon.bin
DSM-050-3 Motion DSM-050_ Motion.bin
DSM-050-4 Leakage DSM-050_Leakage.bin
DSM-050-5 Smoke DSM-050-Smoke.bin
DSM-050-6 Mesh DSM-050-Mesh.bin
DSM-050-7 Bluetooth Scan DSM-050-Scan.bin
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-051-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-051_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-051-2 iBeacon/eddystone DSM-051_Beacon.bin
DSM-051-3 Motion DSM-051_ Motion.bin
DSM-051-4 Leakage DSM-051_Leakage.bin
DSM-051-5 Smoke DSM-051-Smoke.bin
DSM-051-6 Mesh DSM-051-Mesh.bin
DSM-051-7 Scan DSM-051-Scan.bin
DSM-051-8 RGB lighting DSM-051-lighting.bin
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-054 - -
Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-055 - -

LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) gateway module can be applied to LoRa or LoRaWAN networks on CN470/EU868/AS923/KR920/IN865/RU864/US915/AU915 frequency band. It can connect sensors, devices and end nodes through LoRaWAN protocol, and connect them to a cloud server or another network. The latest Semtech SX1302 processor is utilized to handle high-speed data while lowering power consumption and streamlining heat dissipation.

Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-060 - -
Z Wave

A Z-Wave module is a small, compact unit widely used in smart home and automation systems. A Z-Wave module typically includes a radio frequency (RF) transceiver and a microcontroller to handle communication and control tasks. These modules can be integrated into various devices, enabling them to communicate with other devices over a Z-Wave network. Z-Wave modules have substantial benefits in terms of low power consumption, security, and interoperability and are frequently used in lighting, door locks, sensors, and other devices.

Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-100-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-100_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-100-2 Door/window sensor DSM-100_Beacon.bin
DSM-100-3 PIR DSM-100_PIR.bin
DSM-100-4 Leakage DSM-100_Leakage.bin
DSM-100-5 Plug DSM-100-Plug.bin
DSM-100-6 Switch(3 gang) DSM-100-Switch.bin
DSM-100-7 Smoke DSM-100-Smoke.bin
DSM-100-8 Emergency button DSM-100-SOS button.bin
DSM-100-9 RGB lighting DSM-100-lighting.bin
DSM-100-10 Strip(4 gang) DSM-100-Strip.bin
Sub G

The sub GHz module is a wireless communication module that works in the frequency range below 1 GHz (gigahertz), and has the advantages of strong interference resistance and high cost-effectiveness. Sub 1GHz modules are usually used in IoT devices and applications that require low power consumption and long-distance transmission, such as remote monitoring, environmental awareness, wireless control, etc. Dusun IoT’s sub 1 GHz module provides simplified hardware and software interfaces to facilitate developers to integrate into their projects.

Product Name Wireless Devices Firmware Version
DSM-110-1 Temperature &humidity sensor DSM-110_T&H sensor.bin
DSM-110-2 Door/window sensor DSM-110_Beacon.bin
DSM-110-3 PIR DSM-110_PIR.bin
DSM-110-4 Leakage DSM-110_Leakage.bin
DSM-110-5 Plug(with metering) DSM-110-Plug.bin
DSM-110-6 Switch DSM-110-Switch.bin
DSM-110-7 Smoke DSM-110-Smoke.bin
DSM-110-8 Emergency button DSM-110-SOS button.bin
DSM-110-9 RGB lighting DSM-110-lighting.bin
DSM-110-10 Strip(with metering) DSM-110-Strip.bin

Reasons of IoT Requiring Wireless Modules

A wireless module is a component that integrates wireless communication functions, and is usually used to transmit data and information between various devices. Wireless modules can connect to other devices using a variety of wireless protocols, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa, etc. A wireless module usually includes a radio frequency transceiver, antenna, processor and other necessary circuits. In a word, a wireless module is a high-performance radio module for data transfer that was made possible by wireless technology.

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a concept of connecting physical devices, sensors, software, and other technologies to the Internet for data exchange and remote control. Different kinds of IoT devices and objects can communicate and interact with one another by embedding IoT wireless modules and single-chip microcomputer in the equipment, and altering related serial port and RF performance parameters. This enables the Internet of Things to realize intelligence, automation, and more effective operation.

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How to Choose the Best Wireless Module?

When considering the selection of wireless modules, it is suggested to not only pay attention to the module’s essential functional parameters, but also take the following factors into account:

  • What are the main application scenarios of wireless communication modules?
  • Is this module intended to be used as a primary or a secondary device?
  • What interfaces are available for invoking data transmission?
  • Are there specific interfaces that need to be configured?
  • What is the data throughput of the wireless module?
  • Can the module be customized to meet specific requirements?

When selecting a wireless module, you should consider not just its technical specifications but also how well it will serve your particular demands and intended use case. By thoughtfully evaluating these factors, you can make sure that the chosen wireless module integrates seamlessly into your IoT solutions and delivers optimal performance and functionality.

What Our Partners Say

See what our partners have to say about the benefits of working with Dusun cloud modules.
wireless 1

Mr Stephan

CTO of an IoT company

Dusun module solution is very professional. It only took 3 months for our products to develop and batch. We will cooperate with Dusun for more different projects in the future.

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Mr Abel

PM of an IoT company

Due to vendors' weak support capabilities, we were stuck with devices docking for quite a long time. Fortunately , We found Dusun, we adopted their zigbee cloud module,  which supports all required devices: RGB lighst, switches, various sensors, etc. Dusun does provide us with reliable design solutions, and through Dusun’s MQTT and API support, it only took us 2 weeks to completely connect these devices to our own gateway and platform.

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