DSBC-102 Bluetooth FOB Key Finder

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

DSBC-102 is a Bluetooth key finder. The product is developed based on a high performance Bluetooth SoC BK3431 chip. This product can be connected to tuya app to realize the function of two-way object finding.

1.2 Application
  • Key chain finder
  • Anti-lost for the elderly/children
  • Anti-lost for the pet

2. Appearance

FOB key
Model List
ModelBluetoothBeeperTuya appStatus

3. Hardware Block Diagram

DSBC 102 Hardware block diagram

4. Product Specification

Outline Sizeφ41mm
Net weight~30g
Main ICBK3431
ProtocolBluetooth 4.2
Transmission frequency2.400 - 2.4835GHz
TX power4dBm
Receiving Sensibility-96dBm
Transmission distance~10meters
Average power consumption<50uA
Working voltage:2.2~3.6VDC
Operation temperature-10~65°C
Storage temperature-30~85°C
Built-in batteryCR2032 180mAh
Battery life2Years (Depends on the mode of operation)
IP protectionIP68
CertificationCE, FCC
4.2 Average power consumption and different mode description
When device has not bound to app< 10 uA
When device has bound to app< 30 uA
When call device from app(device beep)< 2.5 mA
Connection distance50 meters in open field
Pairing mode lasts time(when press reset button more than 5 seconds )30 seconds
When device disconnected with appDevice will be always in advertising mode

5. Instructions

The product can be configured and used through the tuya app. The following is the operation method of the basic functions. For other further function usage, please refer to the app’s instructions for use.
Step 1: Upload “Tuya” from your APP Store, you can also scan the Qr code below ,and then registered a user.

Tuya from your APP

Step2: Plug it into the power supply, press the reset button more than 5 seconds, until the distribution network indicator flashes.
Step3: Open the Tuya APP and add device, Choose the Anti-lost (BLE) device.

Open the Tuya APP and add device

Step4: Press and hold the button on the product until hear a beep. The device will be found in the app as shown in the picture below, and then click the “+”to bonded the device

The device will be found in the app

Step5: Press the call device on the app, the anti-lost device will beep, and the user can find the item according to the position of the sound. In addition, if you press the product button twice in a short time, the phone will start an alarm, so that the phone can be found. Otherwise, when the anti-lost device is far away from the mobile phone, the mobile phone will also send out an alarm indicating that the item is lost

Press the call device on the app

6. Caution

  1. Being close to a metal object will interfere with the signal, causing the signal to be weaken.
  2. Note the distance between product and the receiver to guarantee the accuracy of receiving.
  3. Keep away from the corrosive objects.


7.1 Key chain : can work with key ,or put in bag directly.
can work with key
or put in bag directly
7.2 Lanyard

With Lanyard accessories, can be wear the product on the neck

With Lanyard accessories

8. QA Requirements

Quality & Testing Information
Information DescriptionStandard(Yes)Custom(No)
ESD TestingYes
Battery life TestingYes
RF Antenna AnalysisYes
Environmental TestingYes
Reliability TestingYes
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