DSBC-230 Smart Bluetooth LE Tag for Asset and Personnel Tracking (with BLE AoA Function)

DSBC-230 smart BLE tags are compact, rechargeable trackers equipped with an accelerometer and Bluetooth Low Energy technology. These smart tags can be easily affixed to assets or worn, enabling precise location tracking when working with a BLE gateway. Discover more about their basic features, hardware diagram, LED light and button functions, as well as broadcast intervals. If you're interested in bulk orders, feel free to inquire about our BLE tag prices.
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose& Description

DSBC-230-AoA is a rechargeable AoA BLE Tag for personnel tracking. It is smart tag locator developed based on Silicon Labs’  EFR32BG22C224F512GM32-C chip, which has excellent functions of ultra-low power consumption. At the same time, the product is equipped with an accelerometer, a LED and a button.

1.2 DSBC-230-AoA BLE Tag Features

Product size90mm×55.5mm×7.5mm
Product colorBlack
Main ICEFR32BG22C224F512GM32-C
Wireless protocolBluetooth 5.2
Tx powerMax 6dBm,default Tx power is 0dBm
Battery TypeLithium battery 700mAh
Operating Voltage3.0~3.7V
Operating Temperature0 ~ +45°C
IP ProtectionIP20
Button functionTurn on/off Device
Working current360uA (@0dBm ,at 100ms broadcast interval )
Battery life60 Days (@0dBm ,at 100ms broadcast interval)
Low voltage alarmWhen less than 3.2V

2 Appearance

bluetooth le tag

3 Hardware Design

3.1 PCB Diagram of DSBC-230-AoA BLE Tag

PCB design of a ble tag

3.2 LED Indication of DSBC-230-AoA BLE Tag

When Device is chargingLED flashes every 3 seconds per time
When Device is fully charged with   charger
LED keeps light on, if charger is removed ,then LED is off
When Device is being turned onLED flashes 3 times at 1 Hz frequency
When Device is being turned offAfter user presses and holds button for 2 seconds, LED keeps   light
     on for 3 seconds and then flashes 2 times at 2Hz   frequency
Low voltage statusLED flashes every 5 seconds per time until it is turned off or   being charged again, if button is pressed during this period, stop flashing   and priority to indicate the button action until the button
     action is done, then continue flashing every 5   seconds per time

3.3 Button Function of DSBC-230-AoA BLE Tag

Turn on DeviceClick the button when Device is not being charged
Turn off DevicePress and hold the button for 5 seconds when Device is   not
     being charged

4 Boardcast Intervals

When the BLE Tag is in state of motion, AOA broadcast interval is 100ms;
When the AOA Tag is in stationary state, AOA broadcast interval is 2000ms.

Once BLE Tag is being charged, it will reset automatically.

5 When Using with a BLE Gateway (AoA Locator)

Before using the BLE tags, please make sure that you have clicked the button to turn on the tag device.

DSBC-230 BLE Tags is designed to work with Bluetooth gateways (mainly AoA Locator) to achieve asset and personnel location tracking function, in order to ensure the positioning accuracy and stability.

At least two AoA Locators should be in work at the same time. Before using the DSBC-230-AOA  Bluetooth LE Tag, users should enter the Tag’s Mac address into the positioning system platform.

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