DSOM-050R RK3308 System on Module

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The DSOM-050R is an advanced System-on-Module (SoM), featuring the powerful RK3308 processor. With its quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 CPU running at a maximum clock speed of 1.3GHz, this module is designed to deliver high-performance computing for a variety of applications.

  • Featuring a compact form factor and sufficient GPIO interfaces
  • Size 45mm*40.2mm
  • eMMC up to 128GB
  • RAM up to 512MB DDR3
  • Support power sleep and wake-up
  • Supports Buildroot, Linux + MiniGUI/QT, ROS
  • Supports 100M wired Ethernet
  • Leads out 136 PIN pins, 1.2mm pitch, including all CPU pins
  • RoHS certified

Quick View of DSOM-050R System on Module

DSOM-050R RK3308B System on Module adapts 136 pin stamp hole design and is equipped with RK3308B, an IoT-focused processor with a quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A35 architecture that can run at a maximum frequency of 1.3Ghz. It boasts an integrated high-performance Codec and hardware VAD (Voice Activation Detection) and is compatible with a variety of operating systems, speech systems, and services.

The DSOM-050R is equipped with a versatile I/O interface, providing developers with a wide range of connectivity options for their IoT projects. It features multiple interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, and HDMI, allowing for seamless integration with various devices and peripherals. This extensive I/O interface enables developers to connect and communicate with sensors, displays, storage devices, and other external components, making the DSOM-050R a flexible and adaptable solution for diverse IoT applications.

  • Featuring a compact form factor and sufficient GPIO interfaces
  • Supports local firmware upgrades via USB interface

The DSOM-050R RK3308B System on Module offers a wide range of development documents and software resources that are both free and open-source. This convenience enables developers to enhance their efficiency and shorten the development cycle.

Dimensions and Package of DSOM-050R SOM

rk3308b dimension
rk3308b Package List
Package List

Parameters of DSOM-050R RK3308B SOM

CPU Quad-Core ARM® Cortex-A35 64-bit processor, Frequency up to 1.3GHz
RAM 512 MB DDR3/LPDDR3 (128MB/ 512MB optional)
Storage eMMC 8 GB (4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB/ 64G / 128G eMMC optional)
Power Management Isolated DC/DC Converters that support dynamic frequency scaling
Operating Voltage Typical voltage 5V/0.5A
OS Buildroot, Linux + MiniGUI/QT, ROS (Robot Operating System)
Temperature Operating Temperature: -10°C ~60 °C Storage Temperature: -40 °C ~85 °C
Humidity 10~95%(Non-condensing)
Barometric Pressure 76Kpa ~106Kpa
Size 45mm×40.2mm x 3.35mm
Ethernet 1 X 10M/100MHz RMII Ethernet interface needs an external PHY chip
LCD Parallel RGB LCD interface supports RGB888, ARGB888, RGB565, YCbCr422, YCbCr420, YCbCr444
Audio The system provides a rich set of digital and analog audio interfaces, including support for I2S, PDM, TDM, and SPDIF.
● built-in stereo headphone and line-out outputs and support for up to six channels of analog microphone input
● supports 8-channel I2S/TDM x 2, 8-channel PDM, and 2-channel I2S/PCM.
● supports up to 8-channel microphone array with echo cancellation
UART 5 X Serial Ports and flow control are supported on all four channels except for UART2.
I2C 4 X I2C
PWM 11 X PWM output, including multiplexed channels
USB 2.0 2 X USB2.0, one of which is for OTG
USB 3.0 1 X USB3.0
Ethernet the main chip integrates a 100M Ethernet chip
GPIO Defined features
Upgrade supports local firmware upgrades via USB interface

Use Cases of DSOM-050R System on Modules

Smart Speakers
Smart Speakers
home appliances
Smart Displays
smart home
Voice Assistants
industrial embedded computer
Industrial Control

Developer Resources of DSOM-050R System on Module

Coreboard Development
[Software Quickstart] DSOM-050R SDK Quick Start Guide V1.0
[Hardware Quickstart] Rockchip RK3308B Datasheet V1.2-20190509.pdf V1.1
[SDK] DSOM-050R-DB-SDK V1.0.0
[Firmware] DSOM-050R-DB-Image V1.1.0
Carrier Board Development
[Carrier Board Datasheet] DSOM-050R RK3308B Key Components of Development Board Manual
[Carrier Board Shematic] DSOM-050R RK3308B Carrier Board Shematic
[Flash Tool] RKDevTool_Release_v2.8.zip V2.8
[Driver Assistant] DriverAssitant_v5.1.1.zip v5.1.1

DSOM-050R Model List

Model RAM eMMC
DSOM-050R-J 512MB 8GB
DSOM-050R-G 256MB 4GB

Additional information

Product Type


Chip Platform


CPU Name



256MB, 512MB


4GB, 8GB

System support


Operating Temperature


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