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Helium streamr income: a new way to make money from home!


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What is Streamr?

Streamr is a real-time layer zero protocol that enables the decentralized Streamr pub/sub-network. Above it, Ethereum and xDai blockchains are utilized for identity, security, and payments. The application layer sits on top, including the Data Union framework, Marketplace, Core, and all third-party apps.

What is the Integration project?

Helium, a decentralized blockchain-powered network that connects IoT devices and allows them to interact more efficiently, just announced a new connection. The initiative integrated with Streamr, stating that the move will aid in the commercialization and sharing of incredibly important IoT (Internet of Things) data.

Here’s how it functions. In a word, the MQTT integration in Helium Console and the MQTT interface on Streamr nodes allow data from sensors deployed to the Helium Network to be routed to the Streamr Network.

As soon as data enters the Streamr Network, all of the ecosystem’s options become accessible, including those for broadcasting the data to applications, packaging it as a data product for the Marketplace, or joining a Data Union to combine and sell the data with other related data.


Helium and Streamr Architecture

Why do Helium and Streamr make a perfect match?

Helium is a project that uses its Mainnet to allow low-powered wireless devices to speak with one another and send data over its network of nodes. This mainly involves IoT devices and is intended to connect them to a network that would allow for a reliable and fast way to interact, convey data, and power complicated systems such as complete smart cities.

The project makes use of nodes known as Hotspots, which its own users contribute. These nodes function as both wireless gateway and blockchain mining machines. Those that run the nodes improve their internet signal, allowing IoT devices to connect to the internet and, by implication, the blockchain. Users are rewarded in the project’s native coin, HNT.

Hundreds of millions of data packets every day pass across this network, each carrying critical information like asset location. Not only that, but the network bears something even more significant – “an undeniable momentum towards an open and connected society,” as the project itself phrased it.

However, while Helium has enabled cost-effective, far-reaching connectivity, it has an even more tremendous hidden potential that can be tapped through collaborative analysis of IoT data, which is where Streamr comes in.

This is another decentralized network, but this one focuses on posting, consuming, and monetizing real-time data. Both networks belong to the community, as does the data that flows through them and allows users to earn by offering essential insight into the conditions of specific locations where IoT sensors are picking it up and transmitting it directly to the services that may profit from that knowledge.

What does this mean for the users?

Both projects may now provide their users with a completely decentralized, trustworthy global data infrastructure thanks to the connection. The network effects of composable ecosystems can directly benefit users. In addition, they no longer have to connect their data to apps and data consumers while accepting vendor lock-in and privacy concerns linked to centralized services like clouds.

The technological foundation of Web3 and the future real world will depend heavily on integrations and partnerships between related initiatives. It is, therefore, not surprising that both projects have experienced a significant price boost following the alliance’s news since it might be a key step in developing a dependable and stable system for transferring and monetizing IoT data.

Recently Dusun Hotspot could support Helium and another web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Streamr in one device. By implementing these two mining mechanisms in one Hotspot, the users can double their income in one Hotspot. The old hotspots could acquire this function by simply upgrading the Hotspot firmware as well. New Firmware is shared in the link:

For specific details, you can visit This video is about showing the detailed steps for configuring the Dusun Helium Hotspot to support Streamr. After these configurations, you could mine both Streamr and Helium Cryptocurrencies in one Hotspot device and double the income.

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