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Smart Apartment Devices and Technology: A Guide for IoT Vendors

Are you looking for ways to improve your IoT business? Smart apartment automation is key for attracting and retaining clients for IoT vendors.
Smart Apartment Guide for Property Owners

Many people picture smart apartments as ultrasmart buildings and rooms full of gadgets, like sensors or voice assistance to monitor and command everything. But a smart apartment is something deeper that exists to maintain an optimal living experience.

Keep reading to learn about how IoT vendors can secure the right technology and devices for smart apartment living. 

What Is Smart Apartment Automation?

Smart apartment technology monitors and controls “smart” devices and appliances that are connected via the internet to provide a better living experience for tenants and improve building management. Using smart apartment technology, you can automate various functions, even while you’re away from your property, such as temperature, security, lighting and entertainment.

Key Components of a Smart Apartment

A property can be called a smart apartment if it has these three key traits: smart amenities, connectivity and community management.

Smart Amenities

Smart amenities deliver convenience and control to the residents. Most smart buildings use smart amenities like smart thermostats, smart locks, voice assistance and smart lighting. 


Managing and monitoring all smart devices is challenging. That is why a centralized hub or an IoT gateway must connect all these devices to cloud software. It makes managing the property much easier by establishing swift access to useful data and the ability to update systems and software. Connectivity aids property owners in making informed decisions faster. 

Community Management

A property management system helps building operators and staff automates various recurring tasks, such as responding to tickets, collecting rent and offering property services like dog walking and plumbing, that allows them to focus on helping residents live better lives.

Essential Smart Apartment Devices for IoT Vendors

Smart devices are about making life easier and more secure. A lot of smart devices are available in the market today. We’ll discuss the top four that excellent choices for IoT vendors to add to their toolkits.

Smart Gateways

Smart Gateway is a centralized hub that establishes a connection between all smart devices using cloud technology. Property managers can easily automate and provide safety, energy management, load control and many more using a smart gateway.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats automate the maintenance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. They allow you to control your home’s heating and cooling. Even when you are not home, you can maintain the apartment temperature for your pets plus maintain optimal energy consumption and save up on bills. 

Smart Locks 

Smart locks allow you to use a password to lock your door without needing a physical key. Smart locks are more than just keyless locks, though. They offer superior security:

  • Remote access control over their doors, allowing you to open doors for your relatives or family members even without being home, or lock doors from afar.
  • Set different passwords for each member of your family.
  • See who comes in and out of your apartment using a mobile app.

Smart Switches

Smart switches can be used to control lights, ceiling fans and other hardwired appliances. In fact, you can turn on and off any device that is connected to a smart switch from anywhere. You can also integrate voice commands with smart devices and program them to automate actions. Smart switches can turn off the lights automatically during the night for you. You can also use them to turn off lights remotely when you are away from home and forget to turn them off before leaving. 

7 Benefits of Dusun’s Smart Apartment Hardware

Dusun smart apartment hardware provides tons of benefits for IoT vendors who sell and install such devices for property owners. Our hardware is built to offer you a competitive advantage over other IoT vendor companies. These benefits include:

  1. Ready-to-use Products: When you choose Dusun smart apartment hardware, you don’t have to invest extra time and money in the integration. Our smart IoT gateways come with Tuya integration which helps you to get down to business rapidly and easily.
  2. Security Certification: Dusun smart devices meet the highest of standards and certifications such as FCC, CE, CCC and UL with wireless certification.
  3. Open API: Our open API interface makes us flexible, and it helps you facilitate the docking of various systems and platforms. 
  4. Zigbee 3.0 Communications Protocol: All Dusun smart devices complement with standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol, helping IT vendors make connections easier. 
  5. LUCI Configuration: With the Dusun gateway, accessing the cloud on devices gets easier because it comes with a standard LUI configuration page. 
  6. Reliability and Longevity: Dusun smart devices are designed to secure your reputation. That is why we offer a range of high-quality and long-lasting products and solutions.
  7. Optimal Connectivity Between Devices: Dusun smart hardware is known for its optimal connectivity. It establishes a robust connection between devices, making things effortless for IT vendors and their clients.

Upgrade Your Smart Apartment Device Toolkit With Dusun 

We can assist you if you want to get new clients, retain customers and increase your revenue. Dusun offers a wide collection of smart home devices. Let us help you enhance your smart apartment device toolkit with on-demand smart devices and solutions. View Dusun’s Smart Apartment Solution today!


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