Customizable Bluetooth Smart Watch for Medical and Healthcare Solutions


CV06iR is a Bluetooth-enabled customisable smart watch composed of BLE SoC, accelerometer, temperature probe, heart rate sensor, and other features. It is compatible with Android and IOS 9.0 operating system, and can be used for track everyday activities including stepping count, heart rate and sleep quality monitoring, etc. Data sharing with Google Fit or Apple Health is available. To find out more features, you can read the smart watch specs.

CV06iR smart watch is made for OEM, ODM and white label purposes. It can be integrated into our remote health monitoring device solutions, which a medical portable BLE LTE gateway can help send health data to the designated cloud platforms. It can also be used for specialized parkinson’s disease monitoring. Dusun IoT is an IoT hardware development company with our own factory, and welcome to consult hardware solutions.

Smart Watch Hardware Features

Dusun IoT’s custom smart watch offers a plethora of advanced hardware features that deliver exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly functionality. Whether you’re looking for white label solution to enhance your brand visibility, or incorporate it into a holistic remote health monitoring solution, our smart watches are the ideal option to explore the possibilities and develop a personalized solution that precisely fits your brand vision.

Core Features

  • Memory (RAM+ROM+FLASH): 64KB+512KB+4MB;
  • Data Storage: 3 days;
  • Gravity Sensor IC: kionix-KX023;
  • Temperature Probe: Infrared Sensor;
  • Heart Rate Sensor IC: HRS3313;
  • GPS Tracking: Available;
  • Battery Capacity: 140mAh;
  • Working Time: 7 days;
  • Standby Time: 30 days;

Bluetooth Features

  • Bluetooth Chip: Nordic 52832;
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Bluetooth Range: 8~10 m;

Physical Design

  • Water Resistance: IP67;
  • Charging Method: Magnetical Charging Cable;
  • Watch Body Material: Tempered Glass+Zinc Alloy+ABS;
  • Watch Band Material: Metal/TPU/Leather;
  • Watch Body Dimensions: 51.7(L) * 37.3(W) * 11.5(H)mm;
  • Watch Weight (grams): 48g;
  • Watch Display Size: 1.30”TFT IPS;
  • Watch Display Resolution: 240*240dpi;
  • Colors: TPU (Black / Blue / Green / Purple / Pink), Metal (Black / Siliver), Leather (Black / Pink / Blue);
  • Outer Interfaces: Turn On/Off button, Home button, Charging Connector, Heart Rate Sensor, Infrared Probe.

Smart Watch Software Features

Our custom smart watch is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular operating systems, including Android and iOS. Numerous cutting-edge software innovations intended to enahnce the user experience are already included. A wide array of sports & heath tracking features together with smart assistant functions cater to the diverse needs of your customers. Partner with us to deliver advanced smart watch olution to elevate your brand’s presence in the market.

Compatible Operating Systems

  • Android 4.4 or above;
  • IOS 9.0 or above;

Smart Assistant Function

  • Alarm Clock (8 alarms);
  • Real Time Weather;
  • Heart Rate Warning;
  • Find Phone;
  • Brightness Adjustment;
  • Wrist Sense;
  • Camera Control;
  • Music Control (Preferred music player can be selected);
  • Multi-dial Options (4 watch faces);
  • Reset Device;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Turn ON/Off;
  • Metric and English Switching;
  • Vibration reminder with caller ID;
  • OTA Upgrade;

Sport and Health Tracking

  • Daily Activity Record: Count steps, track calories burned, and measure daily travel distance;
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring: Tracks deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time to gain insights into sleep patterns;
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitor heart rate manually in continuous or timed modes. In automatic monitoring mode, the watch detects data every 15 minutes, and an all-day trend chart can be generated in in the dedicated app.
  • Body Temperature Test: Measure your body temperature manually or automatically. Manual temperature monitoring supports wrist temperature mode and forehead temperature mode. Automatic monitoring will detect data every 15 minutes and sync to the dedicated app.
  • Multi-sport Mode: Switch to the appropriate sport mode (Hiking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football, etc) and track performance.
  • Sedentary Reminder: Remind of moving and stretching at regular intervals;
  • Goal Achieved Reminder: Set fitness goals and receive reminders when you achieve them.

Where Can Custom Smart Watches Be Used?

OEM & ODM Smart Watches

Branding and Logo Customization
Branding and Logo Customization
Hardware Customization
Hardware Customization
Software and Firmware Customization
Software and Firmware Customization
Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development
Prototype Creation and Testing
Prototype Creation and Testing
Manufacturing and Quality Control
Manufacturing and Quality Control
After sales Support and Maintenance
After-sales Support and Maintenance

Compatible Smart Gateways for Medical Deployment

DSGW 340 1

DSGW-340 is a BLE WiFi LTE gateway that allow users to take it anywhere. When at home, hospital, or other fixed locations, the gateway can send BLE health data to the cloud via WiFi, while in outdoor environment, the LTE connectivity will work to keep uninterrupted data transmission.

dsgw 021 dual band 3

DSGW-021-6 Bluetooth roaming gateway supports roaming technology and allows in-hospital patients move as they enjoy, unrestricted by Bluetooth's short broadcast range.

DSGW-030 Smart Home Automation Gateway

DSGW-030-2 BLE WiFi gateway has a small form factor without compromising its outstanding functionality. It can be positioned anywhere without detracting from the elegance of your room.

Use Cases of Custom Smart Watch

Custom Smart Watch FAQs

What Is the MOQ For custom smart watches?

This Depending on the particular project needs and customization choices, there are different minimum order quantities. Please provide us the specifics of your project, and we will get in touch with you to determine the MOQ that will work best for you.

How can I integrate smart watch with Bluetooth gateway?

We have a group of skilled FAE engineers who can work with you to integrate your custom smart watch, so don’t worry. In close collaboration with you, we will ascertain your needs and preferences before developing a solution that supports your goals. Here is an example on how we integrate pulse oximeter with our Bluetooth gateways.

Can I order a sample of a custom smart watch before committing to a major order?

Of course! We are aware of how crucial it is to assess a sample before placing a sizable order. We may send you a sample smart watch. This will let you to evaluate the smart watch’s design, functionality, and quality before proceeding with its full manufacture. Please be aware that a sample fee may apply.

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