5 Must-Know Tips on Bluetooth Gateway Devices: Connecting Your Devices with Confidence

The Bluetooth Low Energy gateway device combines Bluetooth 5.2 with WiFi/LTE 4G/Ethernet communication protocols, and can be applied flexibly to a variety of Bluetooth data transmission or indoor positioning scenarios. Bluetooth gateway devices can implement remote control of BLE Bluetooth devices, scan and capture data sent by BLE end devices, and sending it to a remote server via a backhauls like WiFi/LTE 4G/Ethernet.
5 Must Know on Bluetooth Gateway Devices
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In general, the Bluetooth gateway enables Bluetooth connections between Bluetooth sensors/beacons, allows for data interchange, and data transmission to the cloud. This article is going to give answers to the most frequent queries our customers have proposed.

1. Types of Data Transmission Between Bluetooth Gateway Devices and Bluetooth Sensors/Beacons

There are two ways to transfer data between Bluetooth gateway devices and BLE end devices: scanning, collecting, and reporting Bluetooth data, OR connecting and controlling Bluetooth  end devices, and sending data to a predefined server.

Scan, Collect and Report

The Bluetooth gateway devices can work in Scanning state to detect BLE beacons’ signals with its coverage, and upload the scanned Bluetooth data to the designated server through WiFi/LTE 4G/Ethernet backhaul.

Connect, Transfer and Control

If the Bluetooth gateway is in the connection mode, the transmission of Bluetooth data is bidirectional: Bluetooth data can be uploaded to the server through the gateway, and the server can also send control command data to the Bluetooth gateway and then to the Bluetooth device, so as to realize the remote operation. This situation is commonly seen in smart home automation, like the remote control of Bluetooth door locks and Bluetooth lighting, etc.

If you require this operating mode, get in touch with Dusun IoT’s FAE engineers, who may assist in modifying the gateway’s software.

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2. Commonly Used External Interfaces

WAN/LAN variable network port: Bluetooth gateway devices may operate in a variety of working modes using either a WAN or LAN network port. The LAN port can be used, for instance, if the Bluetooth gateway functions as an AP (Access Point) client. The WAN port is available if it is utilized in gateway mode.

  • Power port: The Bluetooth gateway devices can support PoE power supply, DC power supply, or lithium battery power supply.
  • Reset button: The Bluetooth gateway devices can reset to factory defaults if the reset button is pressed for more than five seconds.
  • LED indicator lights: It can show the Bluetooth gateway device’s operational status, including the WiFi connection’s state and the gateway’s power supply.

3. UDP/TCP, Which One to Transmit Data?

The Bluetooth gateway must upload the data to the server using the TCP and UDP protocols after collecting the Bluetooth data packets. What exactly do TCP and UDP protocols do?

TCP Protocol

TCP, full name Transmission Control Protocol, offers dependable and connection-oriented byte stream services. There are TCP server and TCP client set by TCP protocol. A TCP connection, aiming at completing the communication between the server and client, must be established before they may exchange data. In addition, to ensure that data can be transported from one end to the other, TCP offers services including overdue retransmission, rejecting duplicate data, verifying data, and flow management, although the transmission pace is only moderately fast.

UDP Protocol

The full name of UDP is User Data Protocol, which is a simple datagram-oriented transport layer protocol. UDP does not offer dependability; it only forwards datagrams, but with no assurance that they will arrive at their intended location. The transmission speed is very quick since UDP does not need the client or server to establish a connection before sending the datagram, and there is no timeout resend mechanism.

The complete line of Bluetooth gateway devices from Dusun IoT supports TCP and UDP for sending data to the background server.

4. Three Types of Working Modes of Bluetooth Gateway Devices

There are three operating modes available for the Bluetooth gateway devices: bridge mode, gateway mode, and AP client mode. In accordance with the usage environment, users can configure the suitable operating mode according to their specific uses.

Bridge Mode

When the Bluetooth gateway is operating in bridge mode, it may wirelessly connect to the router’s signal and independently send a new wireless WiFi signal.

Gateway Mode

When the Bluetooth gateway is operating in pure gateway mode, it can assist in forwarding network request and response messages.

AP Client Mode

AP client mode has a wide range of applications and strong adaptability. It is also called as master-slave mode. 

The Bluetooth access point working in this mode will be regarded as a wireless client by the master AP. It may both connect to the hotspot of the upper-level router and function as a wireless hotspot itself. The advantage of the AP client mode is that it facilitates unified management of the network.

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The majority of the Bluetooth gateway devices offered by Dusun IoT provide a WAN/LAN variabl network port. When the Bluetooth gateway works in AP client mode, the network interface is a LAN port; when the Bluetooth gateway works in gateway mode, the network interface is a WAN port.

5. Antennas of the Bluetooth Gateway Devices

The antenna, which is a crucial component of the Bluetooth gateway device, is in charge of transmitting the Bluetooth signal. It may be separated into omnidirectional and directional antennas depending on the directionality.

Omnidirectional Antenna

The omnidirectional antenna radiates equally in 360 degrees on the horizontal pattern. Generally speaking, the gain increases with decreasing lobe width. Omnidirectional antennas are appropriate for applications requiring wide coverage in short distance.

The advantage of configuring the omnidirectional antenna in the Bluetooth gateway is that the signal coverage is consistent, and and the signal blind spots are relatively small. Bluetooth devices can be positioned anywhere you choose during the process of Bluetooth scanning. All of the Bluetooth gateways offered by Dusun IoT include omnidirectional antennas.

Directional Antenna

A directional antenna radiates in a certain range of angles on the horizontal pattern. Similar to omnidirectional antennas, the gain increases as the beam width decreases. Directional antennas are suitable for applications with long communication distances, limited coverage areas, high target density, and high frequency utilization.

4 Mainstream Using Scenarios of Bluetooth Gateway Devices

Now that we are aware of so many insider facts about Bluetooth gateway devices, let’s explore the scenarios they can used in.

Scan, Gather Data and Upload to Remote Server

This is the most popular application of Bluetooth gateway devices, and it is also the most frequently consulted by Dusun IoT customers.

The Bluetooth gateway scans and captures the data of a large number of Bluetooth devices and uploads them to the background server, which brings great convenience to Bluetooth end device management, data statistical analysis, etc. Home elderly monitoring, remote patient monitoring, fitness data monitoring of students, etc.. are typical uses cases.

Bluetooth Indoor Positioning

The Bluetooth gateway can be used as a positioning base station to play a role in the indoor positioning system. Take vehicle asset tracking business case as an example. Bluetooth gateway with AoA function can help locate a vehicle’s position in real time on a map. Each vehicle’s parking bay position can be known in real-time so dealers are able to plot it on an indoor map. Also a real time stock count needs to be available at any point in time.

Along with iBeacon devices, the Bluetooth gateway may also be installed in stores, convention centers, airports, and other locations. IBeacon creates people real-time location data based on the three-point positioning principle. The gateway receives the signals given by the iBeacon devices, analyzes them, and then uploads the results to the cloud platform for identification. The indoor positioning algorithm is executed by the position engine to create a map of the personnel’s real-time positions within the space and further improve route planning.

Read AoA Locator’s Parameter here.

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Bluetooth Device Presence Monitoring

Equipment maintenance in the industrial sector frequently makes advantage of the Bluetooth gateway’s real-time detection of BLE end device signals. The Bluetooth gateway, for instance, might be fixedly positioned in the maintenance area. When a maintenance worker wearing a Bluetooth bracelet enters the scanning range of the Bluetooth gateway, the background server can activate the camera and film the whole maintenance procedure. The Bluetooth gateway sends a signal to the background server to turn off the camera when the signal disappears and maintenance staff exit its scanning area.

Turn on or off the BLE Device via a Remote Control

The Bluetooth gateway can remotely turn on or off a BLE device, making it ideal for applications in smart homes. Through the Bluetooth gateway, users may establish a connection to the remote end using a wireless local area network or mobile cellular data, and then remotely control the opening and shutting of BLE devices. Note that this application requires a Bluetooth gateway to connect to a Bluetooth device instead of scanning and grabbing data. All Bluetooth gateways of Dusun IoT can be connected to Bluetooth devices by modifying the internal firmware.

Environmental Surveillance and Alarm

The Bluetooth gateway can collect the signals of temperature and humidity sensors (other sensors are also available) in real time, and then upload them to the cloud platform for unified monitoring. Users can also view the detected temperature and humidity data in real time on the mobile phone or PC, which is convenient for timely detection of problems and early warning. Preventive treatment.

Real-time information from temperature and humidity sensors (other sensors also available) may be collected by the Bluetooth gateway devices, which can subsequently upload them to the cloud platform for centralized monitoring. On a computer or mobile device, users may monitor the observed temperature and humidity data in real time, which is useful for quick problem identification, early warning, and take preventive treatment.

Electronic Shelf Tags Management

The Bluetooth gateway may connect downward to control the ESL electronic price tag, and upward through WiFi/LTE 4G/Ethernet to analyze and identify the data of the ESL electronic price tag and upload it to the cloud platform. The electronic price tag on the shelf automatically updates the price after receiving a command to do so from the cloud platform, which transmits the command to the Bluetooth gateway, which receives and transfers it to the electronic price tag. The price change managed by the Bluetooth gateway is more labor-saving than the conventional price change mode.

FAQs of of Dusun IoT Bluetooth Gateways

What should I do if I wish to use Bluetooth connection rather than Bluetooth scanning?

You need to modify the software of the Bluetooth gateway devices according to the parameter information of the your Bluetooth end device.

How many devices may be connected to the Bluetooth gateway simultaneously?

The mechanism of the Bluetooth gateway connecting the Bluetooth device is the same as that of the Bluetooth module connecting the Bluetooth device. One Bluetooth module can connect up to seven Bluetooth slave devices simultaneously, therefore, Of course, if you connect and control Bluetooth slave devices in a rotating manner, you can connect and control many Bluetooth devices, but not at the same time. Regarding the specific number of devices, welcome to visit Dusun IoT community and consult our FAE engineers online for advice on the precise number of devices, which may also rely on elements like bandwidth.

What kind of data may be handled by the Bluetooth gateway?

The Bluetooth gateway processes the Bluetooth MAC address, RSSI signal value, and broadcast content of the BLE device in scanning mode. In Bluetooth Connection mode, the information transmitted by the Bluetooth gateway includes control commands or customers can customize it in accordance with particular IoT solutions.

Can BLE devices from any vendor be connected to the Bluetooth gateway?

No, you must adjust in accordance with the parameters of the BLE devices that are connected. The communication configuration of each BLE device manufacturer is different and needs to be developed separately.

Do I need to develop the firmware version of the Bluetooth gateway by myself?

Customers can utilize the Bluetooth gateway device’s standard firmware if they simply need to gather data and perform indoor positioning, instead of connecting or remotely operating BLE devices. If information from BLE devices, etc. has to be filtered, you may also need to tweak a few Bluetooth programs based on standard firmware.

It is necessary to customize and develop the firmware in accordance with the connected Bluetooth device if the customer wants to connect and control the Bluetooth devices, such as controlling the brightness of the Bluetooth bracelet or remotely switching the Bluetooth lamp, etc.

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