Bluetooth WiFi Gateway Overview: All You Need to Know about It

Bluetooth WiFi gateways are developed to wirelessly collect data from Bluetooth devices and then send it through WiFi networks to the cloud. Bluetooth gateway with WiFi connectivity can gather accurate data from BLE beacons and sensors, and transmit it via WiFi to hosted IoT web server applications, which are designed for industrial automation, smart buildings, and asset management solutions, so as to provide security alerts, tracking, location, and specific reporting.
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A Bluetooth WiFi gateway provides a flexible and efficient way to connect Bluetooth-enabled devices to Wi-Fi networks and enables Bluetooth devices to communicate with devices and services that use Wi-Fi. In a word, a gateway with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity bridges two wireless technologies and expand the capabilities of Bluetooth devices in IoT solutions. 

The Bluetooth WiFi gateway offers flexible local and distant control options. Bluetooth WiFi gateways can be used with smart sensors in smart home applications to automatically control the entire house. For instance, if you return home at night, the light will go activated as soon as the gateway’s PIR detects your movement.

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So, How Does a Bluetooth WiFi Gateway Work? 

Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway consists of three main components: the Bluetooth module, the Wi-Fi module, and a development board. The Bluetooth module enables communication with Bluetooth devices, while the Wi-Fi module allows the IoT gateway to connect to a Wi-Fi network and communicate with other devices and services. The two modules are connected via UART serial port. The working principle of a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway is as follows:

Bluetooth Device Discovery

The Bluetooth WiFi gateway works by scanning for available Bluetooth devices and discovers any devices in range. When it discovers a device, it caches the data structures of the device’s Characteristics and Services.

Bluetooth Data Transfer

After discovering the Bluetooth device, the gateway establishes a connection and begins the data transfer to and from the device. In this situation, Bluetooth device needed to be paired with the Bluetooth WiFi gateway, and the gateway will automatically registers the Bluetooth device.

Wi-Fi Data Transfer

The gateway transforms the data into a format compatible with the common Wi-Fi network in order to deliver the endpoint information of the Bluetooth device to the cloud server through WiFi network.

Reverse Data Transfer

The gateway may also receive data from the cloud-based service or other Wi-Fi-enabled device and convert it into a standard format to send over the Bluetooth network to the Bluetooth device.

The MQTT request for the data structure is processed by the Bluetooth WiFi gateway, which responds to the majority of these requests by using the cached data. However, if the Bluetooth device makes a request for actual data, the gateway will connect to the Bluetooth device and immediately receive the requested data.

Functions of Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway

The primary function of a Bluetooth to-Wi-Fi gateway is to facilitate communication between Bluetooth-enabled devices and Wi-Fi networks. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth WiFi gateway can link and communicate with numerous devices simultaneously. Other features include the following:

  • Multiple network integration: Bluetooth WiFi gateway is a devices supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth communication. This allows it to work with both WiFi and Bluetooth networks simultaneously and has the flexibility to switch or choose between two networks as needed.
  • Single-point & Mesh communication methods: Bluetooth WiFi gateway can supports not only point-point but also many:many mesh communication, which allows for forming a network to increase coverage and dependability.
  • Remotely controlled by WiFi: Bluetooth WiFi gateway can be controlled remotely using a WiFi backhaul. This implies that you can use your smartphone or computer to control the item at any time from anywhere from the world.
  • Local Bluetooth control: Bluetooth WiFi gateway can also be controlled using Bluetooth when you are in close proximity to it.
  • On-premise operation: When there is no external network connectivity or the network fails, the Bluetooth WiFi gateway can still perform local control. It can send the user’s instructions to the devices at home through local Bluetooth or WiFi to carry out its usual tasks and operations.
  • Protocol conversion: the Bluetooth WiFi gateway may also perform protocol conversion. For example, it may convert Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol to HTTP or MQTT protocols used in cloud-based services.

What to Consider When Selecting Bluetooth WiFi Gateways?

Bluetooth WiFi gateway is an important tool to connect your non-IP IoT sensors and tags/beacons to the cloud network. High-quality Bluetooth WiFi gateways may provide a dependable and secure network, enabling the smooth operation of your IoT solutions. Therefore, it’s important to select a reliable Bluetooth WiFi gateway. What elements then should be taken into account?

  • Signal reliability: the performance of BLE SoC is the key to create and sustain stable connections with other BLE devices. You can check the Bluetooth modules’ parameter to estimate its capability. Wall penetration and anti-interference ability is of great importance when used in some specific scenarios.
  • Wi-Fi Backhaul: WiFi is a well-known fast direct link to the internet — throughout a home, school or office. It help transport data to the Internet when used in Bluetooth WiFi gateway. It’s recommended to consider its bandwidth and data rate. Get to know best WiFi module for IoT device development.
  • Bluetooth range: the range of a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway depends on multiple factors, including the strength of the Bluetooth signals, the environment (like walls and device enclosure), and the type of antenna used in the gateways. Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth gateways are approximately 150 meters in open filed.
  • Hardware Encryption: when deploying Bluetooth IoT solutions, it’s necessary for enterprises to deal with IoT security issues. It is worth the investment to use high-level encryption to improve network communication security on WiFi and Bluetooth terminals and avoid hostile intrusion.
  • Simultaneously connected device quantity: for IoT solution implementer, the more BLE endpoints a Bluetooth WiFi gateway can access, the lower his or her installation costs will be.  The exact amount may vary depending on the available bandwidth; we have an article (5 must-know about Bluetooth gateways) that discusses this, and you are welcome to speak with one of our FAE engineers online in the Dusun IoT forum.
  • Compatibility with companion APP: in order to use Bluetooth WiFi gateway, users may require mobile APPs that perform device addition, device reset, third-party control, and Bluetooth (single point & mesh) group control in order to fulfill diverse applications. All of the Bluetooth gateways from Dusun IoT are programmable and enable firmware customisation.

How to Configure Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Gateway?

Configuring a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway involves several steps, including setting up the Wi-Fi network connection, pairing the Bluetooth devices, and configuring the gateway settings. Here are the general steps for configuring a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway:

Connect the Gateway to the Wi-Fi Network

The first step is to connect the gateway to a Wi-Fi network through a web-based interface or a mobile app that allows users to enter the Wi-Fi network name and password.

Pair the Bluetooth Devices

Once the gateway establishes the connection to the Wi-Fi network, users can pair the Bluetooth devices with the gateway. It typically involves putting the Bluetooth device in pairing mode and searching using the gateway. After device discovery, the gateway will establish a Bluetooth connection and begin the data transfer.

Configure the Gateway Settings

Depending on the specific implementation, the gateway may have several configurable settings, such as the data format, protocol conversion, security settings, and remote control settings. Users can configure these settings through the gateway’s web-based interface or mobile app.

Test the Connection

After completing the configuration, users should test the connection between the Bluetooth devices and the Wi-Fi network to ensure that data is transferring correctly. They need to monitor the data transfer, check for errors or dropouts, and adjust the configuration as needed.

In case of any ambiguity, you can consult the gateway documentation (Dusun IoT Support Center) or seeking assistance from the Bluetooth gateway manufacturer or a technical expert to ensure the correct configuration. 

Bluetooth WiFi Gateway Recommendations

Bluetooth WiFi gateway allows one-way or bidirectional communication between BLE end devices (door locks, IoT blood pressure monitors, ESL electronic price tags, medical wristbands, temperature sensors, BLE positioning tags, etc.) and cloud platforms. Here we recommend some popular Bluetooth WiFi gateways of Dusun IoT.

DSGW-030-2 Bluetooth to WiFi Bridge

DSGW-030-2 is a Bluetooth WiFi bridge using a 580MHz MTK7688 2.4GHz WiFi SoC as CPU, which support 802.11b/g/n standard, plus a ERF32BG21 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC for robust Bluetooth performance (Bluetooth mesh supported). DSGW-030-2 BLE to WiFi bridge aims to help users access the BLE device through the Internet, without the limitation of Bluetooth range.

DSGW-090-2 Bluetooth Ethernet Gateway with PoE Power Supply

Similar to the DSGW-030-2, the DSGW-090-2 Bluetooth Ethernet gateway uses a MediaTek 580MHz WiFi SoC, but it also relies on an ERF32BG21 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC. This gateway has a pretty enclosure with a PoE power supply and a ceiling mounting bracket. Users are free to put it on the ceiling without affecting the home’s aesthetic appeal as a whole.

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DSGW-092-2 ESP32 Bluetoth WiFi Gateway

DSGW-090-2 ESP32 Bluetoth WiFi gateways uses a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth combo chip ESP32-D0WD-V3. It is a dual-core SoC combining two processor cores for improved multitasking and faster processing performance. It is suitable for use in smart home, home elderly monitoring system, and IoT RPM remote patient monitoring solutions.

DSGW-081-2 Bluetooth Modbus WiFi Gateway with RS485 port

DSGW-081-2 Bluetooth RS485 WiFi gateway is intended for use in industrial IoT applications. It has a fast and power-efficient ARM Cortex-A7 core NXP i.MX6ULL processor with a maximum frequency of 900 MHz. This robust gateway may be utilized for IoT solar panel monitoring, IoT elevator predictive maintenance, and smart IoT HVAC solutions thanks to Bluetooth and Modbus connectivity.

Use Cases of Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Gateways

Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways find vast IoT applications where Bluetooth devices need to communicate with cloud-based services or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Here are some prominent use cases of Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways.

Smart Home Automation

Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways play a crucial role in home automation by allowing Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smart locks, thermostats, and lighting controls, to communicate with a Wi-Fi network. It enables users to remotely control and monitor their devices through a mobile app or a cloud-based service, making it easy to manage and automate various aspects of their home environment.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways are used in healthcare monitoring applications to connect Bluetooth-enabled medical devices. These devices include blood glucose meters and blood pressure monitors, to a Wi-Fi network, allowing patients and healthcare providers to monitor and track health data in real-time.

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Asset Tracking

In asset tracking applications, Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways connects Bluetooth-enabled asset tags to a Wi-Fi network, allowing users to track the location and movement of assets in real-time using cloud-based software.

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Retail Analytics

In retail analytics, Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways can collect data from Bluetooth-enabled beacons and sensors in a store, such as a customer traffic patterns and product interactions, and send that data to a cloud-based service for analysis and reporting.

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Industrial IoT

In industrial IoT applications, Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways connects Bluetooth-enabled sensors and controllers to a Wi-Fi network, allowing users to monitor and control industrial processes and equipment remotely.

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Summary of Key Points

A Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway bridges Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, allowing data transfer between the two. Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways come in various forms, including standalone devices or modules that can be integrated into other systems.

Setting up a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway requires Bluetooth-enabled devices, a Wi-Fi-enabled device, a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway, and an internet connection. Some common challenges when setting up a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway include interference from other devices and network configuration issues.

Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateways have a range of use cases, including in IoT systems, smart homes, and healthcare, and offer benefits such as increased range and better connectivity.

If you are looking to purchase Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway, you can look at Dusun IoT’s Dual Band Wireless Router. With a built-in 600MHz processor, this router gateway provides powerful data handling capacity to improve wireless transfer efficiency. Welcome to request a quote and ask for samples!

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