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Purpose& Description

RK3328 Core Board adopts the RK3328 processor, which is a Cortex A-53, quad-core, 64-bit chip. It can be paired with multiple types of DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. Moreover, the Rockchip processor offers an onboard MALI-450MP4 GPU and a multi-media processor expressly designed to encode and decode 1080P and 4K Video streams and high-quality audio streams – perfect for commercial/industrial applications that will have customer and public-facing software. Onboard HDMI support also eases graphics software and hardware integration.

CPU Block Diagram

DSOM 010R 1

CORE Board Block Diagram

DSOM 010R 3

Product Display

DSOM 010R 2

Hardware Specification

Hardware Index
Size Length 44mm x Width 44mm x Height 3.0mm
CPU ROCKCHIP RK3328 quad-core A53
GPU Mail 450 MP2
RAM DDR4 standard 1GB(2GB batch optional)
Memory EMMC 5.1 standard configuration 8GB(16GB/32GB/64GB batch optional)
Power management RK805-1
Operating Voltage 5V 2A or more
Support system Andriod 7.1 / Ubuntu 16.04 / Linux + QT / Debian
Operating temperature -25 to + 75 degrees
Life span Continuous operating life is more than 5 years
Common Interface
USB2.0 Two USB2.0, one of which is OTG
USB3.0 To USB 3.0
UART 3 serial ports , one of which is debug
HDMI HDMI HD output supports 4K / 1080P display
CVBS Support CVBS output
I2S One 8-channel I2S interface
SPI 1-way SPI
I2C 2-channel I2C
GPIO Reusable GPIO up to 40
SDIO interface 1 SDIO interface wifi AP6212
TF card 1-way TF card
Ethernet The main chip integrates a 100M Ethemet chip
System Upgrade Support USB card local upgrade

Electrical Description

Item Minimum Typical Maximum
Voltage Supply Voltage 4.5V 5V 5.5V
Ripple --- 102mV ---
Current 365mA --- ---
Current Supply
(HDMIoutput, exclude other accessories)
Working Current --- 350mA 900mA
Standby Current --- 250mA ---
Standby power consumption Working Current 250mA(shallow dormancy)
Environment Relative Humidity --- 65% 70%
Working Temperature -25℃ --- 75℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ -0℃ 90℃

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