DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth WiFi Gateway Hub

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The DSGW-030-4 is a Zigbee BLE gateway hub powered by a high-performance WiFi-enabled 580MHz frequency MT7688 processor  and support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n  standard, laying the groundwork for seamless connectivity. Meanwhile, it also supports both Bluetooth 5.2 and Zigbee 3.0. to connect a wide range of smart home devices and implement full control. DSGW-030-4 has also been integrated with ALINK’s SDK and is compatible with Ali IoT’s cloud and. Lead time is a half-week.

  • Operating System (OS): Linux@ OpenWrt
  • Processor: MTK7688 (MIPS24KEc at 580MHz)
  • RAM: 64MB Available Space: 16MB (Development space for the user)
  • Flash Storage: 16MB
  • Supports IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11g, IEEE 802.11b protocols
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.2, Zigbee3.0, Wi-Fi 2.4G


Overview of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

DSGW-030-4 is a Zigbee BLE gateway hub crafted to elevate customers’ connected living experience. Developed with a powerful Wi-Fi enabled 580MHz frequency MT7688 processor at its core, this hub fully supports IEEE 802.11 (b/g/n) standards for seamless wireless connectivity and is purpose-built for smart home IoT gateway applications.

With the DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth hub features versatility by employing both Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.2 technologies. It enables seamless connection and control of a diverse range of smart home gadgets, from intelligent security systems and interactive appliances to smart lighting solutions, synchronizing all elements of your smart home ecosystem.

The DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth gateway is outfitted with ALINK’s SDK integration, providing smooth interoperability with Ali IoT’s cloud services in addition to its excellent connectivity choices. Users are now able to easily manage and control their smart home devices remotely, from any location, at any time, thanks to this connection.

The DSGW-030-4 WiFi Zigbee Bluetooth gateway is completely programmable to leverage the potential of customisatio. Users can adapt automation scenarios and custom rules to suit their unique tastes and preferences.

Features of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee BLE Gateway

Tmall Genie Voice Control

Waking up Tmall Genie by voice to control intelligent devices in your home

More Equipment More Imagination

Whether it’s a Wi-Fi smart device, a Zigbee, or a Bluetooth smart device all can be linked on the ALINK Smart Gateway

Internet Of Things Platform

The IoT platform provides SDKs for device-side development that have encapsulated the protocols for device-side interaction with the IoT platform. You can use the device-side SDKs directly for development.

dsgw 030 4 genie voice control
alink s 7

Stable Zigbee Signal Wider Coverage

Built-in dual antennas for a stronger signal, better wall penetration, and wide coverage

Zigbee 3.0

Faster device response and smoother control

Higher security / High compatibility / The network is more stable / Low power consumption

75M Signal Coverage Excellent Performance

The wireless distance can reach 75 meters (open), and the Zigbee signal has strong penetration stability

Hardware Overview of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Hub Gateway

dsgw 030 ble zigbee
dsgw 030 hardware behind new

Block Diagram of DSGW-030-4 IoT Hub Zigbee Bluetooth Connectivity

dsgw 030 4 hardware block

Dimension and Package of DSGW-030-4 Gateway Zigbee Bluetooth Connectivity

dimension DSGW-030 Smart Home Automation Gateway
dsgw 030 package
Package List

Parameter of DSGW-030-4 Wi-Fi Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway

CPU MT7688
System OpenWRT
Flash 16MB
Interface 1 * 10/100 Mbps WLAN/LAN variable port
1 * Micro USB port
Indicator LEDs • The Zigbee/BLE LED flashes when a signal is received.
• The Network LED indicates RED when no establishing a network connection.
• The Network LED indicates GREE when a network connection is established.
Power Supply • Input:100V~240V AC/50~60HZ
• Output:5V/1A, Micro USB
Reset Factory reset button. To reset the Gateway to its original factory settings, press and hold it for more than 10 seconds
Installation Flat, Ceiling
Weight TBD
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Operating humidity 10%~90%
IP Rating IP 22

Application of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

Use Cases of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

kitchen automation

Kitchen Automation

home energy monitoring

Home Energy Monitoring

home health monitoring

Home Health Monitoring

Developer Documents of of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

Connectivity Model List of of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

Category A ( In Stock)
Feature RAM Flash Wi-Fi 2.4G Bluetooth 5.2 Zigbee3.0 Z-Wave
DSGW-030-4 64MB 16MB

Distributor Purchase

alink s 11 2
Family Control Centre

Up to 32 stable sub-devices directly connected to one gateway

Smart Home
Connection Hub

You can connect your devices via the

Ali Smart App for intelligent scenarios

FAQs of DSGW-030-4 Zigbee Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth IoT gateway bridge the data of non-IP BLE beacons/sensors to the cloud servers via WiFi. It facilitates BLE end device status reporting at fixed terminal, maybe every 15-20 minutes. When using BLuetooth IoT gateway, most home automation execution is completed on Cloud, and and the latency is the drawback.

Typically, BLE mesh gateways are utilized with smart IoT devices that have to be controlled remotely. Along with status monitoring, these devices need to be remotely operated, like lights, switches, blinds, and other fixtures. Bluetooth mesh gateway uses two-way communication as opposed to the one-way Bluetooth IoT gateway discussed above.

If the execution requirements are satisfied, it will report status to the cloud server; The server will process the execution and then deliver commands to the downlink BLE mesh devices. When the Internet is unreliable, the automation will fail. Explore more on What is a Bluetooth gateway.

While Bluetooth mesh devices will only appear under one BLE mesh gateway, regular Bluetooth devices can appear under many Bluetooth gateways. In addition, it is also possible to utilize a Bluetooth mesh gateway as a Bluetooth gateway. But a Bluetooth gateway cannot be used as a BLE mesh gateway.

Zigbee utilizes two-way communication, just as the Bluetooth mesh that was stated earlier. But we have to say Zigbee does a fantastic job with real-time responses and offers a wonderful experience for short commands. To ensure that Zigbee home automation executed when the external network is disconnected, you must also set up a dedicated local Zigbee hub to use.

Zigbee hub (it can also be called as Zigbee MQTT gateway) can report the status of sub Zigbee device to the cloud via WiFi or the gateway itself to judge whether it can be processed directly. When a command can be processed, it is transmitted to the sub Zigbee devices. When a command cannot be processed, it is forwarded to the server, which will processes it and then sends the command back to the sub Zigbee devices. Explore best Zigbee gateway hub here.

Additional information

Product Type

IoT Gateway

Chip Platform


CPU Name






Back-up Battery




System support


Operating Temperature



Ceiling, Flat

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