DSGW-210-F-1 Smart Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

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DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub is specifically designed to meet the need arising from the growing trend of connecting different types of devices in various ways. By supporting multiple wireless standards (BLE 5.2/Zigbee3.0/Matter/Z-Wave 800/WiFi 2.4&5G/4G LTE/Ethernet) that are in high demand today, on only a single hub, it offers an efficient IoT gateway solution for diverse indoor environments. As a future-proof and versatile multi-protocol gateway hub, it is adaptable to evolving markets and evolving technologies.

  • CPU: 64-bit RK3328
  • OS: Debian 11, Ubuntu 20.04, Android 11, Yotco 4.0 for option;
  • Optional RAM and eMMCstorage, support one TF card up to 128GB;
  • Interfaces: a WAN/LAN variable port, a USB2.0 port, a micro SIM card slot, a SD card slot;
  • Compatible with mainstream network servers like The Things Industries, AWS, Thingsboard,


Quick View of DSGW-210-F-1 Smart Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

The DSGW-210-F-1 IoT edge gateway offers versatile connectivity options and edge computing capabilities, making it suitable for various applications across multiple fields. Key areas include smart homes, industrial IoT, agriculture, energy management, transportation, healthcare, smart cities, and retail.

DSGW-210 Smart Edge Computing Gateway has successfully achieved qualification for Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Greengrass, thus accelerating the deployment and scalability of edge-to-cloud applications.

Silicon Labs Multiprotocol SoCs

Dusun IoT has build a long-term partnership with Silicon Labs and DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub uses multiple Silicon Labs’ wireless SoCs, especially for BLE, Zigbee/Matter, Z-Wave, etc.

Improved Performance

With multiple wireless protocol support, DSGW-210-F-1 Gateway Hub can act as a bridge to facilitate smooth communication among devices using different wireless protocols, in order for efficient data transfer and device management, faster response times and reduced latency.

Enhanced Integration

DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices,  simplifying the overall system architecture and making the deployment streamlined.

Features of DSGW-210-F-1 Smart Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

Wireless and Wired Backhaul Options

With wireless WiFi and 4G LTE as well as wired Ethernet backhauls, you have the flexibility to choose the one best suits your needs.

Multi-Protocol Gateway Hub

Built-in modules allow for seamless multi-protocol operation and enables flexible networking methods, serving as a central point for networks.

210 HA 6
dsgw 210 supporting multiple

Supporting Multiple OSs

DSGW-210-F-1 is a versatile IoT gateway platform capable of running various operating systems such as Debian 11, Ubuntu 20.04, Android 11, and Yocto 4.0 and applications catering to various use cases.


DSGW-210-F-1 gateway hub provides IoT gateway developers with the ability to build custom firmware starting from the bottom layer of the hardware, offering full control over the gateway’s functionality.

Modular Design

DSGW-210-F-1 multiprotocol gateway hub incorporates modular design and allows for customization and cost optimization by removing unnecessary connectors and features.


DSGW-210-F-1 multiprotocol gateway hub is pre-certified, saving significant time and resources for developers and manufacturers, speeding up time to market.

dsgw 210 pre certified

Inner Board and Package List of DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

ront side of DSGW-210 IoT gateway hardware
back side of DSGW-210 IoT gateway hardware
DSGW-210 IoT gateway dimension and sizes
Package List
Package List

Parameters of DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

CPU RK3328 Quad-core Cortex A53
System Debian 11,Ubuntu 20.04, Android11,Yocto4.0
RAM Up to 2GB
eMMC Up to 32GB
SD card Up to 128GB
Power Supply USB Type-C 5V/3A
Reset Factory reset button. To reset the Gateway to its original factory settings, press and hold it for more than 10 seconds
Switch On/Off power
Network Interface 1 * WAN/LAN variable
USB 1 * USB2.0
SIM 1 * Micro SIM card slot
SD 1 * SD slot
Indicator LEDs(RGB) 1). Power & battery LED 2). Wireless LED 3)LTE indicator
Antenna Zigbee/BLE PCB Antenna, Z-Wave/Wi-Fi FPC Antenna
Li Battery 5000mAH
Installation method Flat, Ceiling, Wall Mounting
RTC Real-Time Clock operated from an onboard battery
Hardware encryption ECC608B
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~65℃
Operating humidity 10%~90%
IP rating IP22

Use Cases of DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

Developer Resources of DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

[QUICK START] DSGW-210 Smart Programmable Gateway Quick Start Guide V2.0
[SDK] DSGW-210-Debian_sdk_RV1.1.7 V1.1.7
[WEB Description] Web-Description-Gateway-OldLuci .pdf
[WEB Description] DSGW-210-Web-Description imageRV1.2.3
[Language C Sample Code] Zigbee_sample_code_Amber_host_EZSP_V8.tar V8
[Language C Development Guide] Zigbee sample code ezsp development guide v1.0 V1.0
[Language Python Sample Code] DSGW-210_Python_sample.tar
[Language Python Development Guide] DSGW-210 Python Development Guide V1.0 V1.0
[Firmware packaging] DSGW-210-Debian_image_RV1.2.0 V1.2.0
[Zigbee module firmware] DSM-04B-zigbee_image_RV8(EZSP)Version:ezsp ver 0x08 V ezsp ver 0x08
[Ble module firmware] DSI-0177-AMBER-BLE-NCP_AV3.2.4.0129 V 3.2.4
[Z-wave module firmware] DSGW-210-Zwave_image_RV7.18 Version:Z-Wave 7.18 V Z-Wave 7.18
[Burning tool] AndroidTool_Release
[Upgrade_tool] DriverAssitant_v4.91 V4.9.1

Connectivity of DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

Category A ( In Stock,)

Feature Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G Bluetooth 5.2 Zigbee 3.0 Z-Wave LTE CatM1 LTE Cat1 Li Battery LTE Cat4

Distributor Purchase

FAQs of DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub

About multiple wireless protocol coexistence and signal interference challenges, Dusun IoT is an expert in handling this issue. You can check our R&D page to view our capability. We had a case study on multiple Zigbee gateway development, in which we introduced our methods on how we ensure that signals between the diverse modules remain free from interference. About 2.4G wireless protocol signal interference, please view the article on how to manage wireless coexistence.

As we mentioned before, DSGW-210-F-1 Multiprotocol Gateway Hub support multiple protocols and can serve as a central hub for connecting devices or networks that use different protocols, making them communicate and interact with each other.

The built-in multiple protocol modules handle the translation and conversion of data packets between different protocols, converting their messages to a universal language and ensuring compatibility and interoperability between devices or networks.

Although the terms “gateway” and “hub” are often used interchangeably by a lot of people, they refer to different concepts in the context of networking. 

A gateway acts as a translator performing protocol conversion function. In the context of the Internet of Things, a gateway is commonly used to connect IoT devices to the internet or a cloud-based platform.

A hub is a device that connects multiple devices within a network. A gateway usually have hub-like capabilities, such as connecting multiple devices to a network, but it also serves a broader purpose of facilitating communication between different networks.

Yes, current smart home ecosystems are interconnected by a variety of IoT devices using different protocols, including Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, WiFi, etc. Among these, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and BLE are non-IP protocol, meaning they do not have direct internet connectivity.

In order to connect these devices to the internet and enable remote control, monitoring, and integration with other services, a gateway acts as a translator or bridge between the non-IP devices and IP-based networks. For more introduction, please view our article on Why IoT Gateway is Necessary to Smart Home?

Additional information

Product Type

IoT Gateway

Chip Platform


CPU Name






Back-up Battery

Lithium back-up Battery


RJ45, SIM Card Slot, TF Card Slot, USB 2.0

System support

Android, Debian, Ubuntu, Yocto

Operating Temperature



Ceiling, Flat

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