Smart IoT Products

Dusun provides wireless smart products and other related products for IoT solutions to fulfill various demands in different IoT fields. Building your IoT solutions with our devices.

Meet Our IoT Device Products


Dusun provides gateways to enable IoT solution developers to do secondary development. The gateways are open-source, embedded operating devices that include the major protocols to facilitate the development of IoT connected products.

Smart Control

Our smart control products including smart locks, digital cabinet locks, widely applied in the smart home, office management, and smart building.

It includes devices enabling full integration of security control, identification, and flexible remote control for office, home, building.

Sensors & Detectors

Various kinds of sensors and detectors we offered to support your IoT solutions. You can land application quickly by using our standard sensors.

The Zigbee certificated sensors are easily integrated into customers' platform through our IoT hubs. 

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