Zigbee Devices: Find Out Which Ones to Get (The Comprehensive List for 2024)

The three different types of Zigbee devices are named Zigbee Gateways (also known as coordinators), Zigbee Routers, and Zigbee End Devices. To assist you in selecting Zigbee items appropriate for your IoT project, we have included a comprehensive list of Zigbee devices in this post.
Comprehensive Zigbee Device List
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Zigbee devices are widely used in various sectors due to their inexpensive cost, low power consumption, and capacity to handle a large number of devices in a single network. The need for Zigbee devices is anticipated to increase as more and more objects become “smart” and linked. Zigbee devices are classified into three types: Zigbee Gateways (also called Zigbee coordinators), Zigbee Routers, and Zigbee End Devices. In this article, we provide a complete list of Zigbee devices to help you choose Zigbee products suitable for your IoT project.

What are the types of Zigbee devices?

A complete solution, Zigbee normally functions in accordance with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and makes use of wireless mesh network technologies. It is a wireless technology built on standards made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks.

zigbee in smart home application
zigbee in smart home application

Below is a list of common Zigbee IoT devices in each category:

Zigbee gateway/ Zigbee coordinator

A ZigBee gateway is a device that allows data to be sent between a ZigBee network and devices on another network. The Zigbee Gateway serves as a link between the Zigbee network and other networks or devices, allowing for communication and data exchange. Further functionality, such as the ability to remotely manage devices in the Zigbee network, monitor network activities, or execute bespoke applications, may be provided by the Zigbee Gateway.

A Zigbee Coordinator is the core of the Zigbee gateway. The Zigbee Coordinator serves as the network controller, establishing and administering the Zigbee network. It is often the first device to be installed and is in charge of creating the network by assigning network addresses to other devices, setting network characteristics, and managing network traffic. The Zigbee Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact for all network devices and is responsible for the network’s security and integrity.

Some famous Zigbee gateways/ Zigbee coordinators:

  • Dusun Zigbee gateway
  • Xiaomi Zigbee gateway
  • Caseta Smart Bridge
  • Aqara Hub
  • Tuya Zigbee Hub
  • OSRAM Lightify gateway

Take Dusun IoT’s two Zigbee gateways as examples:

DSGW-210-A-22 Zigbee WiFi hub is powered by the cutting-edge EFR32MG21 Zigbee SoC. With its robust wireless signal and interference-resistant capabilities, it is able to work as a centralized hub and a command center that connect, communicate, and control smart Zigbee sensors, actuators, and devices effortlessly.

DSGW-030-1 Zigbee WiFi gateway uses MTK7688 WiFi processor and Silicon Lab Zigbee chip to provide stable and reliable performance.

It also supports ZHA, ZLL, and packet transparent transmission, real-time monitoring of Zigbee devices via MQTT

Dusun Zigbee gateway is capable of integrating BLE/Z-Wave/Matter/Wi-Fi/LTE 4G/Ethernet connectors in an incredibly compact design, allowing users to mix or match components as needed. Zigbee gateway can act as a bridge between Zigbee protocol smart devices (relays and sensors) and the WiFi-based devices, matching up to 40 end devices in tree topology and unlimited number of remote Zigbee-based devices in mesh topology.

These Zigbee hubs also support open-source operating systems like OpenWrt, Linux Debian, and Android, enabling them to self-develop software and applications. The global supply network of Dusun IoT can accommodate a wide range of particular requirements for private labeling, R&D, and Zigbee cellular gateway customization.

dusun pi

Zigbee router

A Zigbee Router can communicate with other devices and the coordinator, and it can also run the software. Both beacon and beaconless modes of operation are viable for a network. When in beacon mode, Zigbee routers send out broadcasts at regular intervals; in between beacon transmissions, devices can be turned off if desired. It is important to note that Dusun IoT launched the WiFi Zigbee Router gateway to maximize performance by seamlessly integrating the IoT gateway and Router capabilities. This product may offer all the features you require.

Some famous Zigbee router brands:

  • Philips Hue
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Dusun IoT
  • Amazon Echo Plus

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DSGW 020

Zigbee end device

A Zigbee End Device in a Zigbee network is a device built for use in the Zigbee system. Battery life is prioritized, therefore it often has little processing power and memory and enters a low-power sleep mode when it’s not in use. Sensors, switches, and light bulbs are all examples of Zigbee End Devices. Most Zigbee End Devices run on batteries and are built to last for a very long time without being recharged or replaced. In order to talk to other gadgets on the network, they must use Zigbee Routers or the Zigbee Coordinator.

smart home solution villa photo

Zigbee sensor

A Zigbee sensor is a device that receives input from the physical environment, processes the information before transmitting it, and uses built-in compute resources to carry out predetermined tasks when certain input is detected. Smart sensors make it possible to collect environmental data more precisely, automatically, and with fewer errors interfering with the information that is successfully recorded.

There are many types of Zigbee Sensors, including Light Sensor, Leak Sensor, Smoke detector, PIR Human sensor, and so on. Zigbee sensors can detect motion and a number of environmental variables, including temperature and humidity. Dusun smart Zigbee sensors can be utilized in a variety of settings, including security, energy management, and home automation.

dusun sensors

Zigbee switch

Lights and other devices connected to the Zigbee network can be managed with the help of Zigbee switches. They provide wireless control and automation to help make your home or business smarter. They have many potential uses, from commercial lighting control and smart home to IIoT. Using Zigbee switches makes it easy to turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, and complete remote control, so arranging Zigbee switches reasonably can help reduce energy consumption.

Dusun smart Zigbee switches can be used for wireless control of devices like intercoms, garage doors, access systems, garden doors, and more in addition to the aforementioned Internet of Things use cases. Also, it enables functionalities for transmitting data, such as RS485 (UART or Modbus) send to Zigbee or Bluetooth. 

For instance, a Dusun Zigbee switch can couple with a Dusun Zigbee gateway and link the indoor telecom via a telephone line. When the downstairs doorbell is rung, the mobile app will receive a notification and the user can utilize the app for remote control.

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Zigbee door lock

A smart lock known as a Zigbee door lock allows for remote control operation over a Zigbee network. These locks are a practical choice for enhancing home security because they are often battery-powered and are simple to install on existing doors. You may remotely lock or unlock your door, monitor its status, or create access codes for family members or visitors using a Zigbee door lock.

Compared to conventional locks, this offers more flexibility and ease. In order to offer a complete home security system, many Zigbee door locks can also be connected to other smart home appliances, like security cameras and alarms.

Renters may benefit from greater security and convenience if smart apartment solutions are combined with Zigbee door locks. Rents are raised for apartment management, energy is saved, and in exchange, vital information about the resident population is gathered. As a producer of hardware for smart apartments, Dusun IoT offers a service that gives tenants access to a house that fits into and adapts to their lifestyle.

The smart ZigBee gateway establishes a connection with the customer’s or a third party’s smart apartment platform so that the smart home gadget, including the smart ZigBee door lock, may be operated and controlled remotely.

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zigbee door lock

Zigbee wearable device

Zigbee wearable devices are medical devices that patients wear to track their health remotely. These Zigbee wearables use sensors to collect data on various vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. These wearable remote patient monitoring devices combined with IoT gateways can benefit patients, healthcare providers, and the general population from treatment outcomes to healthcare costs. 

These Zigbee-based wearable devices include Blood pressure monitors, Glucose monitors, ECG machines, Pulse oximeters, Fall detectors, and Smart watches.

Zigbee wearable device

Zigbee gateway collects data from Zigbee wearable devices like blood pressure monitors, ECG machines, and blood glucose meters and delivers it to the cloud for analysis and storage in remote patient monitoring. The Dusun DSGW-030-1 Zigbee WiFi gateway uses software-defined and real-time computing to address all healthcare needs. It accelerates healthcare AI systems that have to adhere to strict throughput, latency, and power-efficiency requirements.

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What factors need to be considered before buying Zigbee device?

While we have picked the finest Zigbee devices for you, you need still to make sure that the Zigbee devices you purchase are compatible with your network, match your demands, and provide consistent performance. There are 4 critical factors that you should consider:

Compatibility of the Zigbee devices

Before making a purchase, you need to determine whether or not these Zigbee devices are compatible with the Zigbee network that you already have.

Usage scenario

The range of Zigbee devices is relatively limited. If it is used in a large building or outdoors, the problem of the insufficient signal range may occur. Therefore, please confirm whether the range of the device is sufficient to meet the needs of your IoT scenario. If it is not suitable, you can consider buying multi-protocol gateway supporting other IoT protocols, such as BLE protocol.

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Power supply 

Consider the power source of the device, whether it is battery-powered or requires a wired connection. A battery-operated device may be more convenient, but you’ll want to keep an eye on battery life to ensure the device continues to function properly. Most Zigbee gateways from Dusun IoT support PoC power supply to ensure that the device can operate normally even in unexpected situations.

Brand reputation

It is a necessity for you to consider the reputation of the Zigbee device manufacturer, and look for IoT gateway vendors who provide high-quality Zigbee equipment. In addition to obtaining CE, FCC, IC, FAC, WPC, KC, and SRRC certificates, Dusun IoT’s Zigbee products have also obtained official certification from the Zigbee Alliance (now be called Connectivity Standards Alliance).

Although price is also a factor you should consider when choosing a Zigbee device. Cheaper Zigbee devices may not be the best option, as they may lack important features or be of lower quality. Dusun IoT is committed to providing you with a full range of Zigbee devices for years, including Zigbee gateways, Zigbee end devices, Zigbee sensors, Zigbee switches, and Zigbee wearables.

These Zigbee devices have been tested by the market and are characterized by high-cost performance and high performance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the side form or chat. An experienced engineering team will recommend the most suitable Zigbee equipment and solutions for your project.

Zigbee devices FAQs

Is Zigbee superior to Wi-Fi?

The Zigbee protocol outperforms Wi-Fi in terms of range and stability thanks to its mesh network. Each device is connected to the others in a mesh network without a hierarchy. Your connected devices’ range is increased by this absence of hierarchy.

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